Encyclical Letter

December 1995 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


"I answered the multiple choice question correctly [re. Kevin Bold in the 1994 E.V. Samhain EL. -ED], but it was, after all, a giveaway. Bold really is a repulsive creep, as absolutely sure of himself and his beliefs as any flat-earther, and with a warehouse full of equally plausible and reasonable arguments to back up his assertions. This is a fairly typical characteristic of the paranoid schizophrenic: the possibility of getting him to change his mind about anything or admit a mistake or admit that he is wrong about the most insigificant detail is an absolute impossibility. Notice how, when challenged by several people about the virus, he just dropped the subject completely.

"It also seems rather 'bold' to me to attempt to restrict access to Thelemic documents on the grounds that no one should get to read them without giving money to the CPOTO [the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. -ED]. Doesn't Bold know that MAGICK is for ALL - not just dues-paying members of a self-serving hierarchy of sanctimonious and authoritarian losers, who alone will judge when you are 'worthy' to 'receive' a document? I thought Crowley - along with several legions of scientists - had demolished the Faustian idea that some knowledge is Dangerous and has to be kept from the great unwashed masses For Their Own Good or lest it fall into the Wrong Hands and be misused. What other excuse can there be for keeping Liber Agape etc. on the 'restricted list'? - except, of course, greed.

"I thought that was why so many people had a tendency to turn to the Craft or Thelema - that is, precisely because of those very characteristics that the Roman Church hierarchy, the Protestant fundies, and the CPOTO exhibit in common, which boils down to one word: CONTROL! At least the priests have been trained and ordained; at least the preachers have been to seminary (most of them); but the caliphate muck-a-mucks have absolutely nothing at all except a position of authority that is entirely an artificial construct based on nothing. In other words, they are nobodies with nothing going for them, and yet they assume the right to exercise authority over anyone foolish enough to place himself under their control on no other basis than the bald assertion that 'I am the Boss!' (backed up, of course, by a chorus of Kevins, chanting, 'He is the Boss!').

"Illustration on page L: Surely Kevin is not that jolly and good-natured! Surely he is surly and nasty looking. That stupid and pasty, perhaps, but not that good humored. [The reader is correct. -ED]

"I hereby place Kevin Bold on 'bad report' with the human race. In spite of the fact that the World owes him an apology for daring to doubt, some of us, that he is always Right about everything. Right right right right right right right right right right! Right and without flaw! Right in his paranoia! Right in his insane accuastions! Right about everything! What an immense sense of satisfaction that must give him."


"... Kevin Bold ... With him representing the CPOTO in Pitt[sburgh], what the hell do they need you for? He has done/is doing more to drive people away from the organization (so-called) than you could ever hope to do. Of course, he is unfortunately driving them away from true Thelema at the same time, so maybe G. M. Kelly is needed, after all!"

6 NOVEMBER 1994 E.V.

"Enjoyed the [1994 E.V. Samhain] EL, Kelly. Bold's still at it I see. You know, I think the problem (one of the problems) with the c.o.t.o. is the way they promote inferiors to positions of authority before they're ready. Bold's case in glaring point. He's someone, and frankly I have every confidence that Thelema could make him a productive citizen if it were properly applied, but he's someone who should be learning, not teaching. He frankly is still at the stage where he should be cleaning out the latrines in the master's house, not leading a 'camp' or whatever. That the c.o.t.o. fails to address this is, well, it's what you'd expect from the way the group is run. But hell, the idiocy of letting someone who's as green as Bold be in a position of authority... I mean damn, Kelly, what could they be thinking? I think we both know what's going on: the c.o.t.o. wants to keep up the appearance that they're a big organisation, with a lot of 'camps' and whatnot. So they let anyone be a 'master' just to inflate the statistics. How stupid. But you know, it may not be right to blame Bold. Certainly he has problems, but they're problems the c.o.t.o. has failed to address; and now they're exacerbated by putting him in a position of power. He's never been taught what it means to be a magician working in Thelema. He doesn't know any better. And he probably never will, now, because he's a 'camp master' on his merry way to becoming an 'adept'. He doesn't need to study or work for it, because he's a member of the c.o.t.o.. Hell, he's probably in the 'A..A..' too! And it's sad, because that's not what Thelema is about. It isn't the way Crowley taught it. Of course the attitude does seem to have been prevalent with his disciples throughout his life. But Crowley made object lessons from their failures, and reported on them in his writings, just like you're doing. But I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Bold, since after all he was attracted to Thelema, I would hope that means his will is in the right place; he just made the mistake of swearing oaths to a bunch of wasters: a bunch of wasters who've ultimately let him down.

"... Old Billy boy Heidrick is one of them; I catch a couple of his messages every now and then [on the computer chit chat networks -ED]. He was telling someone what it's like to be an 'ipsissimus', you know, the usual you'd expect from Heidrick. Mostly crap. You aren't missing anything [by not having a computer and direct access to the networks -ED].

[Re. the Bold article:] "Wonder where he gets the idea circulation size is a judge of the magazine's worth? He probably gets his circulation of 'about a thousand' by counting all the members the c.o.t.o. claims it has (he does after all send a copy to 'all US OTO bodies'); he probably only mails out about 67 complimentary copies, give or take a few.

"Liber Agape is all over the place. Bold's not supposed to have it anyway. We better go take his copy away from him. It shows how green he is that he doesn't even know what's going on.

"Computer virii don't spawn from a text file (ansii bombs, yes), and frankly they aren't even taken too seriously in the computer community any more. For the most part they're only a nuisance. If you back up regularly, and scan all incoming files, they should be no problem. So Bold's ignorant there too. [Remember that Bold heard that TNN and the ELs might be placed into the computer networks for all to read virtuallly for free - a project I would be glad to Okay, just ask - and to discourage people from reading this material he told the lie that that downloaded information would carry with it a computer virus that I, apparently, infected the information with, although why I would do that is beyond me. -KELLY] [1997 E.V.: And now here it is, sans virus, of course!]

"'Ouroboros Camp' sounds typical. Drugs used in the 'temple'... perhaps they'll soon be religiously persecuted by the police. Mr. Short should blow off the c.o.t.o. altogether I would think. All the petty fighting, inside politics, restriction of information, quashing of all inquiry, ...how christian of them! And now Bold's gone and tattled to Billy ... tsk tsk tsk ... you know, it just crossed my mind that Bold will probably turn out to be too much of a pain in the ass even for the c.o.t.o. higher-ups to bear. Bet he gets canned soon. [1997 E.V.: Mr. Short has since told the Caliphate to perform an anatomically impossible feat, and Mr. Bold has been rather quiet of late. Booted? Muzzled? We can rule out the acquisition of wisdom.]

"Re Godwin's book [Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia]. I re-read that introduction, and you know, I think Crowley is not so much being disparaging to Jews as he is being misread. He says: 'We do not here refer to the alleged forgery of the Qabalah by Rabbi Moses ben Leon - was it not? - but to the general position of the ethnologist that the Jews were an entirely barbarous race, incapable of any spiritual pursuit.' And he then goes on to relate all the bad things that have caused so many cries of 'Anti-Semitism' over the years. But he clearly precedes this with: 'Another line of argument is the historical.' He is presenting the argument of 'the ethnologist', not making these assertions as if he considered them to be facts. He even closes the section with 'To this criticism there are but two answers', and he answers the criticism of 'the ethnologist', not his own.

"I don't think I'm being an apologist here either. It's just not a valid argument that Crowley is asserting these fanciful and obvious distortions as if he actually held this to be fact. 'Human sacrifices are to-day still practiced by the Jews of Eastern Europe...' This is not a position Crowley would have seriously held, I firmly believe.

"I've never read this article by [Sir Richard] Burton, 'The Jew', so I can't say for sure, but I would suspect Burton made similar comments that perhaps Crowley is parodying. I really don't see the 'ethnologist' strawman as being held as a serious position here. Crowley stood it up to be lampooned."

15 FEBRUARY 1995 E.V.

"Please forgive me for not replying to your letter and various ELs that I've received from you over the past two years. I didn't mean to seem like a cad, or whatever the word is for someone lacking in cordiality, manners, and what not. It seems I just got burned out on the whole Magical affair. I look at it this way: I started on the Magical Path full of wonder and innocence, with no one to tell me what to expect, and all that goes with a newcomer to Magick. Well, there were the A.C. books and discussions with people, and there was that brief stint with the Caliphate bunch. You were right about a lot of things concerning them and other groups having to do with Magick and magic and metaphysics and the whole 9 yards. I was just spinning my wheels, it seems, but I'm not going to say that I wasted my time too much. So I didn't have any direction or system to work with. To this day, I still don't know how to do any Thelemic rituals! I do the LBRP and LRH every now and then, but my heart's not really into it. ..."

1 JUNE 1995 E.V.

"Yes, I agree, based on the recent postings on Thelema93 e-mail conference I would say that the Caliphate O.T.O. may be trying to distance itself from A.C. and take Crowley out of Thelema (that's sort of like taking the raisins out of Raisin Bran, isn't it? Sorry, I'm in a funny mood tonight!)"

5 JANUARY 1995 E.V.

"Now, I did get a reply from Eshelman [of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. -ED] about the Jane Wolf A..A.. lineage and how it was possible if she never made it past Probationer. Here is what he said: 'It is absolutely incorrect that Jane ever broke ties with A.C. (or vice versa). Her correspondence with Crowley continued up until the point of his death. They remained very close. She was very involved in the Magick Without Tears project, and some of the letters - Letter 61 comes immediately to mind - weere written directly to her.' Also: '...At the time Jane wanted to admit Phyllis Seckler as a Probationer, she wrote to Crowley, her immediate superior in the Order, pleading Phyllis' case and saying that, although she knew that she (Jane) was only a Probationer, was there some way Phyllis could be admitted. Crowley wrote back that she had been a Neophyte "ever so many years ago" (I believe I have that phrase quoted correctly), and apologized for not bothering to tell her. He then told her to certainly go ahead and admit Phyllis.'"

COMMENT: Of course this is all hearsy from an unreliable source with reason to lie or twist the facts, plus at this time Crowley was growing desperate to see the O.T.O. and the A..A.. established in the world before he died, and he found himself constantly forced to gratify the petty egos of the so-called Thelemites of his day just to get anything at all done. Furthermore, all of this means nothing without the documentation that was so important to A.C., and any documentation that might now show up claiming that Jane Wolfe had been a Neophyte, since the first time I shot down Phyllis Seckler's bogus A..A.. form and claims would most likely be just as bogus if not outright forgeries.

[Re. the information this gentleman was finding via computer:] "The Liber AL Help is particularly helpful since you can hypertext jump from the main text to the Old and New Comments as well as to scanned images of the original manuscript! It is interesting to note that the fellow who put these on Internet recently had to withdraw the Liber AL Help to remove the New Comments since the [Caliphate pseudo-] O.T.O. claims to have rights to it!"

In relation to the above and for review:

"Power and Authority"

Cara Soror,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Thanks very much for your last letter. I expected no less. As soon as anybody gets into a position of authority, even on a very small scale, their troubles begin on a very large one.

Imagine, if you can what I have been through in the last quarter of a century or more. My subordinates are always asking me for advancement in the Order; they think that if they were only members of the 266th degree everything in the garden would be lovely. They think that if they only possessed the secrets of the 148th degree they would be able to perform all those miracles which at present escape them.

These poor fish! They do not understand the difference between Power and Authority. They do not understand that there are two kinds of degrees, altogether different.

For instance, in the theory of the Church of Rome a bishop is a person on whom has been conferred the magical power to ordain priests. He may choose a totally unworthy person for such ordination, it makes no difference; and the priest, however unworthy he may be, has only to go through the correct formulae which perform the miracle of the Mass, for that miracle to be performed. This is because in the Church we are dealing with a religious as opposed to a magical or scientific qualification. If the Royal Society elected a cobbler, as it could, it would not empower the New Fellow to perform a boiling-point determination, or read a Vernier.

In our own case, though Our authority is at least as absolute as that of the Pope and the Church of Rome, it does not confer upon me any power transferable to others by any act of Our will. Our own authority came to Us because it was earned, and when We confer grades upon other people Our gift is entirely nugatory unless the beneficiary has won his spurs.

To put it in a slightly different form of words: Any given degree is, as it were, a seal upon a precise attainment; and although it may please Us to explain the secret or secrets of any given degree or degrees to any particular person or persons, it is not of the slightest effect unless he prove in his own person the ability to perform those functions which all We have done is to give him the right to perform and the knowledge how to perform.

The further you advance in the Order the more will you find yourself pestered by people who have simply failed to understand this point of Magical theory.

Another thing is that the business of teaching itself is a very tricky one; even such simple matters as travelling on the astral plane are not to be attained by any amount of teaching unless the pupil has both the capacity and the energy as well as the theoretical and intellectual ability to carry out successfully the practices.

I have thought it most important that you should impress upon everybody these points. It is absolutely pitiful to watch the vain struggle of the incompetent; they are so earnest, so sincere, so worthy in every way of every possible reward and yet they seem unable to advance a single step.

There is another side to this matter which is really approximating to the criminal. There are any number of teachers and masters and bishops and goodness knows what else running around doing what is little better than peddling grades and degrees and secrets. Such practices are of course no better than common fraud.

Please fix it firmly in your mind that with Us any degree, any position of authority, any kind of rank, is utterly worthless except when it is merely a seal upon the actual attainment or achievement.

This is one of the reasons why the older I grow and the more experience I have of human nature, the more am I convinced of the wisdom of the Chiefs of the A..A.., where association with any other person except your immediate superior or the one of whom you are yourself in charge is discouraged in every possible way.

There are of course exceptions. It is necessary, though regrettably so, for personal instruction in the practices to be given or received.

For all that, I wish I could show you 200 or 300 letters that I have received in the last twenty years or so: they tell me without a shadow of a doubt that anything like fraternization leads only to mischief. When you wish instruction from your superior, it should be for definite points and nothing else. Any breach of this convention is almost certain to lead to one kind of trouble or another. It may in fact be regarded as a defect of concentration if communication between any two members of the Order should take place, except in cases of necessity.

I know that it must seem hard to the weaker brethren of the Order that we should make so little appearance of success in the Great Work to which we are all pledged. It is so universal a convention that success should be measured by members. People like to feel that they have hundreds of Lodges from whom they can obtain assistance in moments of discouragement.

But a far truer and deeper satisfaction is found when the student has contentedly gone on with his work all by his own efforts. Surely you have had sufficient example in these letters, where in moments of despair one suddenly awakes to the fact that despite all appearances one has been watched and guarded from a higher plane. I might say, in fact, that one such experience of the secret guardianship of the Chiefs of the Order is worth a thousand apparently sufficient witnesses to the facts.

I would have you lay this closely to your heart, dear Sister, and moreover always to keep in mind what I have written in this letter so that you may be able to recognize when the occasion arises how much better evidence of the power and intelligence of the Order is this to being constantly cheered up along the difficult way by incidents such as it is possible to explain by what might be considered normal circumstances.

Finally, let me insist that it is a definite symptom of Magical ill-health when the craving for manifestation of that power and intelligence come between the worker and his work.

Love is the law, love under will.


[The above letter was quoted from the 1973 E.V. Llewellyn Publications edition of Magick Without Tears and if indeed the letter was originally addressed to Jane Wolfe when she asked Crowley to allow her to admit Phyllis Seckler into the A..A.. as a Probationer, it does not speak well of either lady. A.C. was obviously very tired and annoyed, feeling harassed and pestered, and it is almost as if he were saying: Alright, I will give you what you want if you promise to leave me alone, but of course it won't mean anything since you have not earned it!]


"In 1978 I began correspondence with G. M. Kelly and subscribed to his Newaeon Newsletter with its interludes of The Encyclical Letter (P.O. Box 19210, Pittsburgh, PA 15213).

"Now, Kelly has earned a reputation for criticizing groups and individuals who claim to represent Thelema and often has in return been criticized for his views. One of his 'pet-peeves' is the Caliphate O.T.O. but many others have felt 'The Sword of Horus', a Newaeon Newsletter feature, as well.

"I don't always see 'eye-to-eye' with Kelly on many things and over the years have had many disagreements (especially during my Bertiaux days!) but we have become friends and I have grown to respect his opinions even when I don't agree with them. He believes that it is his 'True Will' to defend Aleister Crowley and Thelema. As far as I can tell with my limited ability he is true to his Will.

"Now, don't expect me to defend G. M. Kelly any more than I have done already. He seems quite capable of doing that himself. I simply would like some honest, intelligent feed-back. I know someone on this list recently complained about the over-usage of 'As brothers fight ye!' quote (which I tend to agree with) but in G. M. Kelly's case I feel it most apropos.

"Finally, for those interested, there is an article by G. M. Kelly on ftp.Lysator.liu.se/pub/magick/thelema/general entitled THE BEAST."


One must wonder about how well organized the gang is. Often I receive letters from members who are generally, of course, only subscribers to The Magical Link, asking me for contacts within the group I am not, never have been, and have often refused to be a member of despite invitations to join from individuals like Phyllis Seckler and Bill Heidrick. Just this past August, for instance, I received a request from a fellow who said he was a member of the "Hooded Man Encampment" looking for Caliphate contacts here in Pittsburgh. I naturally expressed my opinion regarding the death of the O.T.O. with Crowley's and Germer's deaths, how they most likely and regretfully decided to let the O.T.O. die since they were the last two rational, sincere members - Germer refusing to conduct new initiations in the old Pasadena, California Agape Lodge back in the 30's and 40's - and how the late Grady McMurtry and now William Breeze, Kenneth Grant, the late Marcelo Motta and his whacky successors insulted the memory of Crowley and the Ordo Templi Orientis by an act of necomancy, raising the dead thing to make of its rotting, animated corpse nothing more than a slave to serve their own petty, personal, ego-motivated desires, then I suggested he contact someone within the group for information regarding the Caliphate gang. All very politely and fraternally, of course.

Such is the efficiency and disorganization of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., as well as the degree of ignorance it likes to keep its "members" in, that those "members" feel they must turn to "the enemy" for even the most simple, basic information about the group that they have joined.

[NOTE: Of course since the time of this writing a disenchanted member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. gave me a computer, while another helped start this web site, and here I am, on the Internet! I still rely on others, however, to e-mail me excerpts from the various news groups and bulletin boards as I seldom have the time to muck around in these things.]

Bill Heidrick
of the
Caliphate Pseudo-O.T.O.

To the best of my knowledge, at least publicly, Kevin Bold has finally learned to shut up, stop lying and stop making a fool of himself. Or perhaps he was ordered to shut up. Maybe he was kicked out of the Caliphate gang and wised up, was institutionalized, incarcerated or interned. I do not know, I have not had the desire to go out of my way to find out, and I really do not care. I am just thankful that the insect has been swatted and we can forget about the nuisance now. However, a year's silence from G.M.Kelly tends to encourage even the worst cowards, charlatans, liars and con artists to ignore the golden rule: "'Tis better to be silent and be thought the fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

Feeling brave - only because he believes the infamous G.M.Kelly is finally out of the picture - William Heidrick has been at it again, proving true everything I have ever said about the Caliphate gang which falsely calls itself the O.T.O. and masquerades as a Thelemic order.

I do not have a computer. I will inevitably be dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age, forced by a technological society to at least work part of the time in cyberspace whether I like it or not, but for now I rely upon the information friends and associates with computers retrieve from the Internet and share with me.

After computer gibberish that makes me cringe, "From heidrick@well.com Wed Aug 9 11:40:20 1995/Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 15:15:02 -0500/.../Subject: Re: Re(2): spermo-Gnnostics...", Bill goes on about Peter Konig, listing all of his peculiar characteristics, faults, et al, most of which are true, many of which are petty of Bill to even list, and none of which are backed up with the least bit of evidence nor a single example. The great Frater Emet The Clown has spoken, although he would have been better off to follow the example of the legendary clown and remain silent. Heidrick near the end of his schoolboy antics went on to say by computer,

"I would place Peter somewhere between Francis King and 'G.M.Kelly' in style and manner, but with a reading comprehension level somewhere below the anthropodiea."

Now why drag Mr. King and I into this? Pettiness. Trying to fit us into the same class as P. R. Konig without in the least way proving that either of us belong in the same class as that very unique individual. If it were not for Francis King and his publication of The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O., the Caliphate gang would have very little in the way of rituals and they would certainly have no "secrets" to lure prospective dues and fee-paying members. This is, by the way, one of the major reasons the Caliphate is constantly blocking every effort to republish King's book. Currently, by the way, there is a fellow distributing this material on a 3.5" computer disk and asking people, such as me, to please make and distribute as many copies as possible, and there is at least one other fellow currently involved in making this material available to all to further take the breeze out of the Caliphate's sales - spelling error intended.

[1997 E.V.: I hear that the efforts of the latter gentleman mentioned above came to naught as his every move to republish the rituals was blocked. So much for "Mystery is the enemy of Truth", the U.S. Constitution, the Thelemic Rights of Man, and of course the freedom from restriction that is part and parcel of Thelema.]

And note also the extreme immature pettiness of Heidrick, characteristic of the childish Caliphate inepts. He cannot write simply G.M.Kelly. He must frame the name within marks to show that that's not really his name. Well, in fact, it is really my name. The G and the M are the initials of my given name. As an infant at the time, of course I had no say in this matter. Back in about 1967 E.V. I chose the name Kelly, partly because I am Irish and not English [no offence to the Brits], from whence came my given name. It is my nickname, my sister and other members of my family have called me Kelly since then, my friends call me Kelly, I introduce myself as Kelly, I receive pay cheques in the name of Kelly, and I do not even respond to any other name but Kelly. After all, if a person chooses to be called by one name as opposed to another, it is only polite to employ that name and in most cases it makes no serious difference. G.M.Kelly is, by the way, a legal name. And anyway, I do not see Bill and the other Caliphate kiddies writing Edward Alexander's name "Aleister Crowley", or Violet Firth's name "Dion Fortune", and so on and so on. Let's face it, Billy and his boy's club [to which a minority of mostly hysterical females belong ... for the boys who use them] have so little going for them and absolutely nothing genuinely "bad" to say about me that they have nothing but bad mannered childish behaviour to fall back on.

And finally, what was his remark really saying anyway? It was like saying "I would place Charlie Manson somewhere between the Pope and the Dalai Lama." My apologies to all three for the somewhat exaggerated but apropos comparison.

Another individual sent me a hard copy headed "From: SMTP%'thelema93-1@nosferatu.cas.usf.edu'21-JUN-1995 13:15:32.08 ... subj: Re: G.M. KELLY SLAMS SOROR MERAL/C.O.T.O. CHARLATTANS" [sic]. This is followed by more computer gobbledygook. The following material entered into the computer system, network, or whatever it is called, came from Bill Heidrick communicating with another individual.

"NEWAEON PRODUCTIONS/P.O. Box 19210, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 U.S.A./Vernal Equinox 1987 e.v."

"Right, thought so. This is the sort of trash that 'G.M.Kelly' dished on the lady after leading her on at a time of personal stress. Low, I calls it. He's (Multiple unseemly epithets regarding pre-cordate reversion to ancestry deleted.), and this is slime track."

"A letter, for instance, in which Crowley gave McMurtry, when the latter man was in his twenties, the temporary authority, provided that Karl Germer approved, which he did not, to relay Crowley's commands to the last remaining O.T.O. Lodge in Pasadena that was composed of individuals going" [As is on hard copy. -ED]

"Lies; see previous posts."

"without due election or appointment by either Crowley or"


"Speaking of Grady, Meral says that 'we had our difficulties and after six years I got tired of the expense so I moved him out' ... 'I couldn't afford him anymore.'"

"Simple truth."

"I hardly think Aleister Crowley (Baphomet, past O.H.O. of the O.T.O.) would agree with or approve of this!"

"I'm charitable. I'll agree with 'Kelly's' first three words, applied to himself. For that matter, the whole sentence, if applied to 'Kelly' instead of in context."

"Meral goes on to say that 'we have developed the IXth which is a synthetic grade ... a political degree given to members only as a reward even if they are not qualified for that degree and lack the knowledge of it."

"Matter of opinion. I don't agree, but some of the IXths who are no longer members might have added some justification to holding such an opinion."

"efforts to sell her poorly produced publication."

This from the fellow who printed this stuff on yellow sheets yet, held by a single staple when he could make his stapler work."

"Meanwhile she tells us that if someone cannot recite a chosen chapter of Liber LXV or The Book of the Law from memory they 'prove' themselves not to be members of the A..A.. since that is part of the early tasks of the Order."

"Liber 185"

"Jane Wolfe, an actress who obviously failed in Hollywood"

"Gratuitous insult. Jane did ok in Hollywood."

"briefly visited A.C.'s Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu."

"Lived there for a prolonged period. ... Continues dishing Jane in contradistinction to the facts. Nothing else to comment. All bile from his own stomach. Reminds me of the news shot of the Queen of England picking her nose. Is this the Thelema93 List or the Robert Novak Drool Counters and Perverts Fan Club? (I caught him doing it three times on live TV, but Jess actually caught him expelling his false teeth in mid rant.) No reflection on Soror Meral there, just 'G.M.Kelly' and friends.

"93 93/93 Bill Heidrick"

I know it is pretty boring chatter really, but typical of the babble one is likely to encounter on the Internet, in bulletin boards and by way of networks.

I have been told that a Marc Cohen posted some of my correspondence with Phyllis Seckler, a.k.a. Soror Meral of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., ex-wife of the late Grady McMurtry, a.k.a. first Caliph of the gang, but how this fellow got his hands on the material I do not know. No one, absolutely no one, has access to my files and so I must therefore conclude that the material was either given to him by someone close to Meral, or by Meral herself, or more likely the letters were stolen from her files. Such is the "fraternity" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.. Remember the thefts of materials from the Crowley/Germer library commited by members of the gang?

For the record, I have been merely reporting news, presenting information to those interested in Crowley and Thelema, and whenever I have had anything to say about individuals and groups I have backed up my statements by quoting, accurately and in context, those individuals and groups, just as I have above. Furthermore, back in the 70's, when I was just starting The Newaeon Newsletter, I corresponded with both Phyllis Seckler and Bill Heidrick. The letters were very revealing, but my motivation for corresponding was merely to accumulate information and make an assessment of the validity to the claim that they represented the Ordo Templi Orients. After all, both of them were desperately after me to join the Caliphate gang but could get me to do nothing more than subscribe to the then O.T.O. Newsletter [later replaced by The Magickal Link], and this I did only to gather more information so that I might make an intelligent, informed decision in the matter, rather than to just take anyone's word on blind faith alone. The proceedure is logical and what everyone should do - look before you leap. Of course Heidrick and the rest of the Caliphate gang do not really want people to investigate them carefully. They hope to trick and mislead people into joining without careful consideration, despite whatever they may say to sound reasonable and considerate. At the time I corresponded with Phyllis she was under no more "personal stress" than normal, and of course I was not leading her on. I was only gathering information and I would have gladly joined the Caliphate if they had indeed proven to me that they were legitimate and sincerely Thelemic. It is worth noting that to date I have not published the letters I then received from Phyllis and Bill, which, under the circumstances and all things considered, you must agree has been very civil of me. Of course, if Bill Heidrick is going to push the matter ... well ... I may be forced into something he and Phyllis would most surely regret. If only these Caliphate inepts could just keep their mouths shut!

I have also been told that the computer discussion was in part provoked by the posting of an article from the 1987 E.V. Vernal Equinox Encyclical Letter that one R. Masters posted. I cannot recall meeting or corresponding with the gentleman, so if we did meet it was a very brief encounter, and most likely the EL was put into the system without anything from me resembling permission.

After sharing the computer hard copy with Mr. David Godwin [author of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia, Light in Extension, The Truth About Cabala and How to Choose Your Own Tarot, Llewellyn Publications, P.O. Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383] he responded in a letter dated 6 August 1995 E.V. as follows:

"Congratulations on your Internet appearance. You must be a dangerous opponent indeed to draw the attention of the great and magnificent Hydrant - er, Heidrick. [I was thinking "High drek", but will refrain from using this impish play on Bill's name. -Kelly] I notice that he does not back up anything he says or present the tiniest shred of evidence, but just pronounces, with a wave of his pontifical wand - 'Lies,' and thereby dismisses it. That seems to be a very common rhetorical technique these days. '...leading her on at a time of personal stress' - and thereby finding out truths that Some People would prefer to have kept hidden, I suppose. I don't know how long Jane Wolfe was at Cefalu, but I would hardly call even a couple of years 'a prolonged period.' As for 'doing all right in Hollywood,' I do not find the name at all in Quinlan's Illustrated Registry of Film Stars. Maybe she did all right as a soda jerk. Oh, well, I can hardly be depended upon to be objective. After all, I am merely a Kelly dupe." [Or so Caliphate inepts label anyone who may in any way agree with me. -Kelly]

Love is the law, love under will.