Encyclical Letter

A Newaeon Newsletter Supplement

Independence Day 1996 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Half a year has gone by since the last EL in December of 1995 E.V. and although there are those who wish Newaeon and I would go away, we remain - independent and ever vigilant.  Our aim is to further establish Thelema in society, defend Thelema and Our Father the Beast 666, Aleister Crowley, as well as to expose the lies of pseudo-thelemites who misrepresent the Master Therion and his Work in an effort to use them to gratify their own petty egos in a most unthelemic manner.  A task not easy to accomplish while plunging merrily into debt!

The Ordo Templi Orientis
The Phyllis Seckler Letters

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
Office of the Grand Prior of the United States

3371 Yost Lane #103
Dumfries, VA 22026

24 June 1996

Dear Mr. Kelly:

Thank you for your recent letter requesting information concerning the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (note that the Order in the U.S. uses "Sovereign", not "Supreme" as stated in the book).

As explained in the material included with this letter, membership in our Order is by invitation from one of the members of a priory or a commandery of the Order.  Should membership be something that you are interested in pursuing, and should you consider yourself qualified therefor, that is, are you a Christian with high ethical and moral principles, I would be happy to engage in further correspondence with you on that subject.  Obviously, to be accepted as a member of the Order, you must be able to travel to the site of events being conducted by a priory or commandery.  Should you be located at some distance from one of our locations, that might be difficult.  However, persons of good will have followed that course of action, and, over time, have helped create new commanderies and priories far from our initial New York - New Jersey location.

Thank you for your interest in our Order.


Donald R. Perkins, G.C.
Knight Grand Prior IX

PS: I have no contact with Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis or Typhonian O.T.O.  In fact, I have never heard of them.  We are a non-secret Christian, charitable Order.  The two groups mentioned don't sound like we wouls [sic] have any reason to be in contact.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  Response to a letter of inquiry I sent after finding this address:  The Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, P.O. Box 2176, Washington, D.C. 20013-2176 in a paperback anthology entitled Tales of the Knights Templar, edited by Katherine Kurtz, Warner Books, Inc., 1995 E.V..  I was not, by the way, seeking admission into the order.  While I possess one of the necessary qualifications, undeniable "high ethical and moral principles", I am, of course, certainly not a Christian.  I only wrote to find out about another Templar order in existence, and to share that information with you.]


Article 1 of the United States Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech and Religion.  More importantly here, the Thelemic Rights of Man, Liber OZ LXXVII, states that "Man has the right to think what he will:  to speak what he will:  to write what he will" and reasserts the Law of Thelema, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."  Furthermore:  "The word of Sin is Restriction" and "thou hast no right but to do thy will."  [CCXX I.40, 41 and 42.]  And yet those who call themselves Americans and Thelemites do everything in their power to restrict information and prevent interested parties from hearing a point of view that might be necessary to the discovery and accomplishment of their Wills, interfering as well with the True Wills of those who wish to assist others in making informed choices based upon a weighing of facts, a study and comparison of various points of view, rather than to simply accept without question the dictates of petty fascists who falsely claim to be Thelemites.  A case in point:  recently, with the permission of the proprietors, I placed informational sheets entitled THAT AWFUL BEAST, ALEISTER CROWLEY and REGARDING THELEMA in two local shops, Mystic Spirits Bookplace at 815 Copeland Way, Shadyside, PA 15232 [412-681-3700] and the Eye of Horus at 1305 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 [412-481-7887].  These sheets, printed very professionally by an associate, provide the interested party with a solid foundation of knowledge regarding both Aleister Crowley and Thelema.  Of course they are also advertisements inviting individuals to subscribe to The Newaeon Newsletter and encounter a point of view they may not yet have encountered.  The choice, of course, of which viewpoint to accept and which to reject, of who to believe and whom not to believe, is always the student's.  It is your choice.  However, if a point of view, an opinion, certain information is kept from you; if you are intentionally denied information, if that information is forbidden or taken away from you before you can even receive it, then your Will To Know is thwarted and your ability to make an informed choice is hampered.  That is precisely what was recently done by individuals who claim to believe in freedom, fairness and honesty.  Before interested parties could pick up the Newaeon sheets left at the local bookshops, they were scooped up and quickly disposed of so that knowledge of Newaeon and The Newaeon Newsletter might be kept from others.  [What could they be afraid of?  The Truth?]  This is not the first time.  And the culprits are easy enough to determined.  A not so bold individual of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is strongly suspected in one instance, and a member of the S.O.T.O. in the other.  This, however, is certain:  the petty thieves are not Thelemites, they are cowards and without doubt liars, and by such actions they only prove the strength and validity of Newaeon's point of view and the great need for the work that I do.


Volume I, Number 1 of The Newaeon Newsletter was published on the Winter Solstice of 1977 E.V. and it was around then or shortly thereafter that I began corresponding with Phyllis McMurtry/Seckler, a.k.a. Soror Meral, of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  Recently [see the EL of Dec. 1995 E.V.] Bill Heidrick, a.k.a. Frater Emet 441, responding to material circulated by way of the internet without my knowledge, claimed that I had been taking unfair advantage of Phyllis during that correspondence, making the excuse that she was suffering through some bad times.  The truth, of course, is much simpler.

In 1975 E.V. I was on my 1st Great Magical Retirement, the fruits of which are many, and during that time I acquired the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot Deck wherein I found the so-called Caliphate card.  Suddenly I was aware of what might have been an existing legitimate continuation of Crowley's O.T.O. and eventually, with hope that this was so I made contact with this group and began corresponding with Phyllis, Heidrick and Helen Parsons Smith.  My intention was simple:  I wanted to ascertain their legitimacy or lack thereof.  If I would have found the group genuine and sincere I would have joined and become a hard-working member, which they and other members often tried to coax me into doing.

College of 
Thelema Logo & Letterhead

P.O. Box 2043
Dublin, Calif.
June 11, 1979

Dear Mr. Kelly,

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

     Thank you for your letter of June 4, 1979, very refreshing and I thank you for weeping along with me!  I too, have reached a sort of Kamikaze stage and am busily attacking abuses of the Thelemic system from within - as far as possible.  Probably they will soon state I am not a member of O.T.O.!  This does not matter one bit as the College is genuine and more and more people are coming to know of it.  I enclose a statement about the College which is just for your information and please do not publish as I do not as yet have all my teachers trained and can't handle an influx of people as yet.  But - I am looking forward to a bright future!  If one is genuine and sincere and honest, it gets about, does it not?

     Don't worry about printing the rebuttals - even if you don't, it doesn't matter.  Thing is, there are some of us who are going to do something about various liars, alcoholics, thieves and what not now cluttering up the O.T.O. and sadly, I think also the A.·.A.·. which I have been working desperately to clean up because here is a genuine line.  I have the story of Jane Wolfe, by the way, in my I.T.C. for summer, Vol II, No 5.  That is, it is serialized and I have begun it at long last.  Jane made sure that all would be easy for me to do this before she died.  She was my teacher, you know, for 20 years, also my best friend.

     Helen Parsons Smith is o.k., just terribly busy.  She is doing a mammoth job of publishing A.C. with hardly anything to go on at all.  I admire her tremendously!  No, Helen does not do anything according to me - she is her own Star - may she ever prosper!

     I enclose a check for $6.66, if this is still your price, but would like to ask that you select the appropriate number of issues of your NEWAEON Newsletter, of any year whatever, that you consider the best you have done.  I can't do this all the time, as I once explained to you, but would be interested in seeing some of your work.

     May you prosper - and it is good to know someone else is genuine!

Love is the law, love under will.

P. Seckler 

Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral)

P.S. Please notice the change of name.

I simply wanted information.  I had to subscribe to the now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter before they would even respond to my letters and as a mere subscriber was then listed as an "Associate Member".  It is how they inflate their membership list.  Whether Phyllis was under any undue stress or not is a moot point.  Certainly she was having her trouble with both Bill Heidrick and the first "Caliph", her ex-husband, Grady McMurtry, a.k.a. Hymenaeus Alpha.  I was not using her.  In fact, it is quite clear in many of her letters that she was trying to use me to assist her with the internal power struggles going on in the gang.  [Why, I could have actually been considered not only for membership, but as the next "Caliph", to be used, of course, as a puppet figurehead.]  Obviously that backfired on her.  Big time.  And only because of Heidrick's recent squawking have I decided to pull out and publish some of Phyllis' letters to me - letters not copyrighted and that were given to me and are therefore gifts and my property, to be used here in a review of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..

Keep in mind that Phyllis was never the suffering saint she claimed to be, but she does offer an insider's view.  Pay special attention to the second paragraph above.

P.S. If you want to attack what is being done with the O.T.O., there is plenty of material for this in Bill's O.T.O. Newsletter.

11th Degs.  ordinary homosexuals
Letters to the prisoners - quote from LIBER AL "we are not for the poor and sad," "pity not the fallen" and on and on.  Fortune telling at the Renaissance Faire for money - enclosed you will find my paper sent around at the Equinox without comment.  Now it is a Supreme and Holy King - and BLUE EQUINOX for all the ordeals such must stand.  Grady couldn't.  He is alcoholic and a slave to that and to other things.
Now, if you know the writings of A.C. very thoroughly you could have a grand time.
Recent 7th deg. - a witchcraft trick played on G. and this person gave no property to O.T.O.
If you want me to supply you with more, then keep my name out of it?????? One need only read what Bill writes, find the correct quote from A.C. and one is off and flying!

     I understand your anger - strong Mars and Aries, isn't it?  But one doesn't deprive another Thelemite of life as that would be interfering with the Will of another.  But one can fight as brothers - so up and at 'them is what I must do and if others want to take the cudgel, why fine!  I have fought so much, some accuse me of being peeved at Grady.  But me, I am upset at lies and dishonesty and claiming of Grades which are not earned and so on.  I happen to have been born a quite honest person and have been up to Thelema ever since I was 20 - over 40 years.  I think Germer and A.C. would turn over in their graves if they knew what was going on.

     Oh, and analyze Bill's sophistries about fortune telling for money - he was forced to defend himself in this way by this enclosed paper of quotes from A.C.  His reasoning wouldn't get by anyone who was intelligent but we have lots of little ones who can't reason - would you be capable of pointing this out to them?

     Abuse of drugs and alcohol - quote Commentaries of LIBER AL on this and LIBER ALEPH.  "Mind you abuse them not".  and also 1st Deg. O.T.O. ritual where candidate promises not to abuse anything like this which would interfere with his true Will.

     Anyhow, I don't know if you have already written on some of these subjects - but would be glad to learn if you are interested.

     I keep wondering when this mess will be cleaned up - as I can not do it alone.  Or do we have to wait until the signs of incompetence and bungling are even stronger?

     All the best -



     I would hate to describe to you the mopping up operations that have to go on in both O.T.O. and A.·.A.·. due to a few blundering fools - but so it is.  But let me reassure you that there are some very great potentials in the members of O.T.O. and that in due time the growing pains may be over and that Order might function as it should.  Meanwhile, I am almost the only one who dares poke fun or write protests and rebuttals as there is nothing anyone can do to harm me.  If they delete me from O.T.O., it gives them a black eye which they will never live down.  If they ask me to work closer with them, I shall fight to the death so that A.C.'s work is carried out as he wrote things should be.  Others in O.T.O. are afraid for their status and so if they aid me, it must be done on the quiet.  But there are some who will aid - and they begin to see more clearly why they must fight for their own freedoms.

     I don't at all mind sending you xerox copies of my paper for A.·.A.·. from Jane Wolfe and of hers from To Mega Therion if you will give me your written promise not to use either of these xerox to claim you are a member of the Jane Wolfe branch of A.·.A.·. or give these xerox to any other person so that they can make spurious claims.  In fact, after you have seen them, I would like to request that they be returned. [added by hand in the margin:  "and that you haven't made copies."]  I am sorry that this is necessary as I have had a devil of a time to clean up this branch of A.·.A.·. due to Grady's ego-maniacal abuse of his paper from me.  He took on students without my consent and when he had never passed the Grade of Probationer.  I am responsible for all that happens to the Jane Wolfe branch and now there is a horrible mess created by Grady and some others and it has been hell to refute spurious claims, etc.  I would have stayed in the background and an unknown member of A.·.A.·., working quietly as is my habit and inclination, if it hadn't been that the pure and true workers of this branch have to be protected - in fact, the whole branch itself has to be cleaned up. I know of no other way than with a little adverse publicity here and there and this means I must come out a little more into the open.  Even an occult crazy here and there thinks he is in the true A.·.A.·. through Grady's behaviour and horrors!  what [sic] am I in for?

     Dammit!  Crowley's work must go right!  "Obey my prophet" etc.  So on this score I am sure we see eye to eye.  A little of my history of 40 years in Thelema will pop up now and again in I.T.C.  I don't know if you want other explanations?

     All of Grady's letters of authorization in the O.T.O. Newsletter are genuine.  But Grady used to be of fine material and when A.C. met him he was only about 22 or 23.  Also, the horoscopes of the two men were very sympathetic.  A.C. was put to great strain to find someone to succeed Karl.  Grady was the only one around who seemed plausible.  But I think that G. has foully betrayed A.C.'s trust in some ways and have said so, openly.  Naturally, this has not made me very popular to those who want power and see ways to get it through Grady's weaknesses.  What a pity!  Am I the only one who can fight it, I often ask myself?

     I have quite a bit of information on Motta - knew him personally.  Read his letters in the archives (now stolen) and still have some of his letters to me.  A very respected member of the Occult community says Motta is now a megalomaniac and insane and I concur with this and saw the seeds of such a development long ago.

     I agree with what you say about Bill as editor, etc.  He is overworked, though.  And there are other troubles which I think may have to remain an internal fight for the moment.  I am glad you find the Lodge heads so ignorant.  They may have to be wiped out or put in their places one at a time.  It would have been better, I think, to let the O.T.O. grow very slowly and train people to be of higher Grades truly, instead of thrusting this stuff on them which they have no idea how to live up to.  (Horrible sentence!)  The slow growth was my idea but Bill seems to think rapid growth aids his own power and Grady likewise.  Bill is the power behind the throne and manipulates Grady - not the way you have it.

.   .   .

     This must be it - respected member of the sword swinging profession!

Love is the law, love under will.


Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral)

There is very little need for me to say much here.  The letters from Phyllis say it all.  In them you see the lack of real fraternity on everyone's part, the underhanded manipulation, as well as the back stabbing and all that one would expect from a pack of half-mad, underfed, rabid dogs.

"Is a God to live in a dog?  No!  but the highest are of us." [CCXX II.19]

Also keep in mind that a lot of the old dogs are still running the show and as the saying goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks!"

Bill Breeze, a.k.a. Hymenaeus Beta, the 2nd and current "Caliph"?  Will he cure the ailing order?  Not possible.  The patient, the Ordo Templi Orientis, died with Crowley and Germer and only the disease lives on like a cancer feeding off of the hopes and dreams of whacko occultists, con artists and sincere but often misguided and naive students.  You cannot clean up a cancer.  You can only eradicate it.  Wipe out the sickness - burn the infection out of existence.  Then and only then will it be possible to start afresh - only by removing the wrong of the beginning.  Bill Breeze?  It seems obvious to me that his real and perhaps only interest is to publish Crowley's works and by so doing ride Crowley's coattails to gratify his petty ego.  We may all, to some small degree, benefit from this by acquiring Crowleyana, but in point of fact Breeze and the Caliphate gang restricts more information than they make available, and of course, while Breeze and company are making this small amount of material available they are forever, or at least for many decades to come, further tarnishing the memory of Aleister Crowley and the reputation of Thelema, thwarting the natural and healthy growth of a philosophy so badly needed in the world today.  The trade off is not acceptable.

The following are excerpts from Phyllis Seckler's letter to me of August 13, 1979 E.V..  She often felt compelled to give me advice.  Some of it was good simple common sense which I appreciated although it was not necessary in my case.  Interestingly enough, although not quite surprising, she often failed miserably to act upon her own good advice which she so freely gave away.  She often, for instance, cautioned me in regards to ego, but fell victim to her own.

There is herein some reference to graphological analyses I had made of McMurtry's and Heidrick's handwriting and shared with her.


Dear Kelly,

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

.   .  .

     As to Bill, he could be more than he is, as he wishes to conform to G's idea of things and thus plot to be next Caliph.  I stopped him once and shall continue to work against this eventuality.  He relies on sophistry so much that I often wonder if straightforward honesty has become an old fashion virtue!  But then, perhaps I shall disown the whole of the present O.T.O., even though I have been in it for 40 years.  Believe me, I am tempted as I don't think the circus that goes on is any good for my own work.  Yes, I do agree with the majority of opinions in your analysis about Bill - yes, the vulgarity is there and the pride and you can't tell him anything much about his mistakes as he is a Leo and that type simply doesn't want to hear about such things.

     Yes, Bill is a prey to his own ego and his honesty that could be is lost in the shuffle.

     If Bill is not really doing his will, then neither is Grady and this is why they are making such a mess of things.  Long ago I thought that when A.C. gave G. his magical name and appointed him as a Caliph, that this blew for this life, whatever may have been G.'s real Will.  He is nothing but a stupid soldier, really, but with some intellectual ability and cunning (the knife in the back kind) which somehow seemed to impress A.C. when G. was only about 21 or 22.  Remember that intelligence and intellect are two different things.  G. does not have very much of the former.  Yes, G. is devious and unstable and comes up with false conclusions, etc.  Yes, he takes the expedient way, to the great detriment of O.T.O.  He gives out grades in O.T.O. and A.·.A.·. without ever seeing if the individual has done the work.  (He was thrown out of Jane Wolfe's branch of A.·.A.·. for this and other things in May of 1979 but this does not deter him.  He goes on giving out false and phony certificates and grades and so on.)

     Well, I am too close to the problem and after I have blown my top a few times, I come up with no answer at the present except silence and let the Gods take care of his stupidity and disnonesty.

     Physical problems, yes, due to the alcoholism, kidneys, hemorhoids, heart, high blood pressure.  Mental troubles, yes.  Yes, he lacks the qualifications to reach his dreams, which are far beyond his capacity.  Vanity and boastfulness until one soon gets sick of hearing it.  No, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get rid of G. for the O.T.O. for quite some time.  It seems that the O.T.O. to date deserves him as no one wants to move against him.  In my mind, this is not the real O.T.O.  But then where might the real one be?

     Very excellent work, indeed.  I must admit that my form of Astrology is not so concise or pat ...

.   .  .

     I had a good laugh at the Bertreaux treatment.  The more these people are made to look ridiculous, the better the point gets across!  Yes, that is good, your work in this respect is very useful as there are too many confused beginners floating around - and they are not smart, either.

     This R. and R. has tired me - I'll sign off.

Love is the law, love under will.

Phyllis signature

REPEAT:  Says Phyllis Seckler, Soror Meral of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., "In my mind, this is not the real O.T.O."  And she is not some twenty year old who only recently joined for the parties.  Despite her many faults, she is one of the few remaining members of the original Agape Lodge of the genuine Ordo Templi Orientis.

Here is something to further heat up this devilishly hot summer!

A word about drugs:  I waited until I was between 29 and 31 to experiment with cocaine, hashish and marijuana, and I found them of no value to me.  The taking of illegal drugs is NOT a requirement for all would-be Thelemites and the "strange drugs" mentioned in The Book of the Law DOES NOT refer to the common drugs we are all acquainted with, and technically speaking, even Granny's miracle cold relieving chicken soup is a "drug".  Furthermore, if for no other reason, the sale of prohbited drugs is illegal and unthelemic.  I personally do not agree with most of the laws prohibiting certain drugs such as "grass", especially while cigarettes and alcohol are permitted by law, and are far more harmful and responsible for many more deaths.  However, one does not break the laws of the land that one does not agree with; one changes those laws in the legally prescribed manner.  Certainly it takes longer.  Certainly it is more difficult to change a law than it is to break a law.  However, in real life there is no glory in being an outlaw.

If Phyllis Seckler's allegations which follow are true, and I have no reason to believe that they are not and every reason to believe what she says in this place, it is a shameful event.  It should be known that such activities are not what Thelema is all about.  A genuine Thelemite is not a law-breaker.  A true Thelemite is a law-maker.


Dear Kelly,

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

     Greetings of the Autumnal Equinox!

     Please excuse the delay in answering your letter of Sept. 9 as I have been in a very hectic series of events this Sept. Equinox!  There were student upsets which demanded letters immediately and there were actions taken against me from Grady's O.T.O., mostly Bill H. involved.  All these things demanded replies, and swift ones at that.

     I am going to send to you some of my circular letters.  A few are repetitive as I had to knock sense into some mighty stubborn heads!  Two letters which might be of interest to you concerned my first protests at having to repeat a bread and salt ceremony and affirm allegiance to the Caliph.  I burned O.T.O. on my replies.  In this reply, I also stated that none of them were members of the Jane Wolfe Branch of A.·.A.·., (that is, neither Grady nor Bill H.).  There has been an on-going fight to clear the J.W. Branch of A.·.A.·. from the lies, frauds and deceptions stemming from Grady.  Oh, I was able after all, to find copies of these letters.  Well, after you have had a good laugh, just file them away and don't use as yet (that is, if you think they are useable).  But if so, wait for me to say so!  Next Tues., Bill H. may prevail against me and vote me out of the Caliphate branch of O.T.O.  But this concerns me not one bit!  I am laughing pretty hard with how he has stupidly played his hand of cards so clumsily.  No one can remove me from O.T.O., as the letters state!  However, it is a known fact, all over, due to my publication of these papers and private circulation, that G. is not of the Jane Wolfe Branch of A.·.A.·. and neither is Heidrick, though the latter got Grady to sign a probationer's form for him!  They both are really fuming!  Isn't this fun?  I have tried to arrange the notices and copies of letters in sequence - so if anything is not unraveled by what is in them, feel free to ask.

     I asked you a lot of rhetorical questions in my letter to you prior to your answer of Sept. 9 and I must say I like most of your answers!  However, I think everyone on the path must watch out for the little ego's appearance.  This is well symbolized in the GOLDEN DAWN by Regardie by the 8 headed snake that climbs up the Tree with every step the Aspirant takes.  It is always with us until the Abyss is crossed and the little ego crushed for good.

.   .   .

     As to the stolen Crowley - Germer materials.  I have one or two very interesting clues which point to Bill H. but have no outstanding proof!  So don't let on as yet that this is the case until I give you some proof.  However, the Yi Ching keeps letting me know things about "The Clan" and that the materials will come back, if I don't strive too hard, and stuff like that.  If Bill H. has them, they are safe for the present.  There might come a time (I hope) when I could make him disgorge them.  It remains to be seen.

     The fight from the inside is very funny.  I sometimes crack up so much, my ribs ache.  I love the fact that you have a sense of humour too.  Oh, no doubt, if the two of us were in a roomful of people and we started in on the shams in the O.T.O. or in Motta's work, or whatever, we could have a ball!

     I want to get this letter and its enclosures off today, and will look up Motta's letters in storage.  So please be patient until I see if I have anything of value for a laugh, etc., until I can read through and then xerox.  When done, I'll send a xerox on p.d.q.

     The Lee Heflin story is an interesting one.  In 1969 he joined O.T.O. briefly in the summer.  Financed a trip to England to get the Thoth paintings photographed so that they could print the Thoth Deck.  Financed it through drug dealing, by the way.  When Heflin came back, it was discovered that Yorke had given him the highly secret papers on the 8th, 9th and 10th Deg. of O.T.O.  (These are now published, some in THE SECRET RITUALS OF THE O.T.O.)  Well, Lee was contemptuous and threw these papers across the floor at G.  Then there was an argument about something or other and Lee resigned and stalked off.  G. then tried to get the Thoth deck published via the acid heads , etc. of S.F. and no one would do it.  Lee had in former days during the Haight -Ashbury events, played with the head of CChuck Apel.  The latter then supplied G. with an overdose of acid - claiming to get G. across the Abyss in 2 weeks.  It unhinged G. and from that day to this, he has been obsessed from his own inner demons.  How much Chuck played with his head is up to speculation.  G. won't say - denies it.  But from that day on, G. claims Chuck and Lee H. are demons in human shape.

     G. gives other signs of unhingement.  A very interesting story.  If I should write the history of what really happened in those six years with G., the world would be appalled that such a man could claim to be Caliph and Supreme and Holy King of the O.T.O.!  He sometimes acts so stupid!  And yet, where his own welfare is concerned he can be as wily as a fox.

     There is a great deal in your Point of View which is extremely admirable.  I agree with most of it, except when I get tired of fighting occasionally!  Anyhow, I must get on with the day's work.  All the best to you.

Love is the law, love under will.


Phyllis Seckler, (Soror Meral)


Dear Kelly,

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

.   .  .

     I wish too we had concrete evidence on the stolen A.C. Germer materials but I also realize my suspicions must not blind me to other possibilities.  I'll let you know more on this history when I get it.

     Can't document drug dealing, you know.  It was a highly secret fact of the time, kicked around among the few of us who made up the then infant Caliphate O.T.O.  I suppose if I printed it, I would be sued for libel.  Well, just don't sue me, Kelly!  The drug then pure, easy of attainment, and used by all, was LSD.  If Heflin dealt with anything else, I am not aware of it.

     Again, I can't document Grady's trouble with acid.  Only my diaries.  He destroyed his own!  I destroyed all the rest of the acid in the house.  Paranoia about the law, I guess.  G.'s mind had already been partly upset by a Dr.'s prescription in Washington D.C. of an amphetamine to keep G. awake on the job.  The Dr. did not insist G. get off alcohol.  What a stupid ass!  G. simply had for a long time, a bad case of hypoglycemia.  I read up on it and tried to educate him.  Maybe I came on too strong, but I got nowhere very much.  "What fools we mortals be"!  But knowing this, do we stop fooling?  Not on your life!

     Thank you for the offer to go over what history I am able to write.  But, as usual, in my stubborn Taurus-rising set of mind, I shall do such work myself.  However, your suggestions as to documentation are invaluable and I sure appreciate those.  This puts me on the alert to find such proofs, prescriptions or whatever.  I may need other bright suggestions from you, too.

.   .  .

     Well, I must stop and get out to the P.O.  Lots of work to do today.  All the best to you.

Love is the law, love under will.



Phyllis Seckler, (Soror Meral)

Caliphate response?  Will they claim that poor old Phyllis was temporarily insane and when she stepped out of the shower she discovered it was all a dream?  [Reference to an episode of the television series "Dallas". -ED]  Will they now spread further lies about me to discredit what I have written in this EL?  But I did not write it - Phyllis, one of their own, did!  Will they admit to wrongdoing in the past and claim it will never happen again, that it has not happened since?  We know better...  Or will they be silent and act lofty and above it all?  It really does not matter.  The fact is that the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is not the genuine O.T.O. that died with Crowley and Germer.  It and its members, generally speaking, are not Thelemites.


Dear Kelly,

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

     Greetings of the Winter Solstice.

     Thank you for the seasonal card.  This is a terribly late letter, but I got involved - first travel to So. Calif. in the interests of Thelema, then more travel after that over Thanksgiving, then a lot of work, correspondence, etc.

     Well, last time we were on the conclusions I jump to.  You really ought to study Astrology and then you would understand Gemini people do a lot of jumping to conclusions, right or wrong.  "Tis one of our weaknesses!  I knew after I had written my letter that the conclusion was wrong, but did not want to rewrite so sat back to see what the reaction would be.  Yes, I take things personally, another weakness due to the horoscope.  All this is in answer to your letter of Oct. 16.  So, all a person can do is to battle their weaknesses as much as possible, but first you must know what the weakness is.

     Magickal Childe:  I have heard from other sources that it is not exactly because they are wrapped up with a N.Y. O.T.O., but that; even before this event, they were unreliable and crotchety.  But I see that in your paragraph you also discovered this, so I don't understand why you should object to their being tied in with Grady's group?

     Yes, I know very well Xmas is a pagan holidy but was taken over by the Christians because they could not fight Pagan customs with direct action, but had to do it underhanded, so to speak.

     Yes, the O.T.O. is sometimes a comedy, but there are a group of us who deplore the state of affairs and hope something can be done and are doing it quietly, too, as best we may under the circumstances.  The situation can't last forever, since the nature of the Universe is Change.  If the O.T.O. goes down anyhow, at least we will have gained some experience, and since life is a device for gaining experience, what does it matter if the O.T.O. as an institution lives or dies?

     By the way, if you do consult the cards on this issue, let me know what you get?  Also, I hope to forestall Bill as the head clown - cross your fingers on this one.

     Yes, I do dread the absurd situation might discredit Thelema.  But perhaps there is some way to get around this.  At least one can try.  Also, one does not know in its entirety the grand plan of the Intelligences set over this.

     As to your Magical attack.  I have not heard of any bad fate for anyone I know.  All seems o.k. around here.

Since I never launched a magical attack against anyone, this is no doubt in reference to a magical attack launched upon me by someone unknown that, of course, had no more effect than to amuse and delight me as a roller coaster or a fun house ride amuses a child.

     Yes, in regards to Grady, I too came to the conclusions he was pathetic some time ago.  It seemed to me he had a will of his own somewhere which was completely overshadowed by what A.C. laid on him, for which he was not prepared.  But the Intelligences don't mind destroying a few people if en route, they can establish Thelema over the whole world.  So perhaps martyrdom is for a great many - look at the wars, etc.

Even people who claim to be Thelemites make a scapegoat of Aleister Crowley, blaming him for the foolishness and weaknesses of others.  And her view of the "Intelligences", by which it seems she means the Secret Chiefs, maybe "the gods", is rather Christian in the worst way.

     Mrs. Germer was badly unbalanced even before Karl's death as he believed in magical attacks all over the place and so she believed them too.  they both insisted their phone was bugged and their walls implanted with tape recorders, etc., even before Karl's death.  In the last year, Sascha told me, they did not dare talk to each other of certain subjects in the house but passed written notes.  I also saw her reactions to perfectly normal concern from the people of her community.  She distrusted everyone.  But all this will appear in my future story and I dislike very much to write it before I have to.

There were instances that indicate that Sascha Germer had indeed been somewhat mentally and emotionally unstable, however, Karl's paranoia may not have been completely unfounded as the F.B.I., for instance, in those days, had been very invasive, investigating many groups and even the sex lives of various individuals.  Germer had also had more than his fair share of trouble with the Nazi Party, which would have not only given him some legitimate reason for concern, but which would have also attracted the attention of the early Federal Bureau of Investigation.  I make no apologies for any degree of paranoia the Germers may have suffered from; I merely point out here some of the reasons for that paranoia.

     Thank you for the addresses of the So. American O.T.O.'s and I have now a student expert in conversational Spanish.  But at the moment I see no reason to investigate these groups.  Thanks also for the Italian O.T.O.  I wonder how all these people came into manifestation?

     The news here does not tell of any decease of Herr Metzger of Switzerland, so presumably he still exists.  They respond only to letters in German, I understand.

     Have a good Saturnalia!  All the best.

Love is the law, love under will



Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral)

Let us finish with Phyllis Seckler.  If nothing else, her letters prove that the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is not the fraternal order that it pretends to be, that it is not in fact very Thelemic, and it is rotten to the core.  The foundation of the group is rotten and so it cannot support the hopes and dreams that many sincere but misguided students put into it.

Nothing has changed in all these years.  It is as rotten as ever.  Bill Breeze cannot make it all better.  In fact, it is quite obvious that the Caliphate gang and Thelema are only important to him as vehicles for his ego.  Aleister Crowley is the Tree of Knowledge and individuals such as Breeze and his gang are merely the parasitic growths that attach themselves to the mighty, suck them dry and grow fat on the efforts of another.

Such as these are but the burnt out husks of wayward and fallen stars.  There is but one Star to turn towards - That One Star In Sight.


I had originally intended to publish some of the letters I received from Bill Heidrick around the same time I was corresponding with Phyllis Seckler.  Upon rereading those letters I have decided against this.  Why?  Well certainly not because of what Bill wrote in his letter of March 30, 1980 E.V., to wit:

"...watch your own act a bit.  You made a lot of misstatements of fact in that little mud fling you sent us.  Don't expect a law suit; it wouldn't be worth the money.  Others might not think that way.  See a lawer [sic] before you insult someone with more money than brains.  It is illegal to print a letter without permission.  One can lose one's dirty little shirt that way.  Next time you want to vent your jealousy on O.T.O., please take the trouble to read the Newsletters you have. ...

"Just a passing shot here at the end; I hereby and expressly deny you permission to publish this or any other letter written by my hand.  It's not that I have anything to hide; I merely do not like you."

Well, and I say this with a very big grin on my face, Mr. Bill Heidrick can kiss my white Irish ass.  I and a lot of people are sick of the threats and attempted bullying from him and other members of the Caliphate gang.  He gave me those letters, they were a gift from him, they are not copyrighted, and they are now my personal property to do with them as I Will.  His words prove him to be a fearful little worm and a liar, for of course I was flinging no mud but simply and accurately presenting information students had a right and need to know, quoting in the context of a review.  And his accusation that I was jealous is a clear sign of his own out of control ego.  What is there about him, his little let's-pretend club or anyting else pertaining to the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. that I should be jealous of?  Should I be jealous of the fact that, generally speaking, they are more foolish than me?  Am I supposed to aspire to be one of the glorious INEPTS of the Caliphate boys club?  Nuts.

There is one reason and one reason only I am not publishing Heidrick's letters here:  despite the fact that he believes himself to be quite the intellectual and authority, there is nothing in his letters worth publishing.  I never received a scrap of useful information from Bill.  This is, by the way, a common complaint intelligent individuals who have corresponded with him have made.  He is a big bag of hot air.  B.S. is his stock-in-trade.  If one wants to get anything interesting from Bill one must peruse a publication that he has edited with characteristic ineptitude.  Or better yet, read something he has written for public consumption.  Take for instance something collected via computer by an associate of mine:

"From:bheidrick@aol.com/93/Andrew Haig asks about disclosure of the ritual as well as the oath prior to the ceremony for OTO candidates requesting such information.  ... Specific instances of deliberate fear and terror are avoided in O.T.O. ritual.  ... Two instances of deliberate induction of fear related to OTO initiation come to mind:  In one, the candidate is required to do a harmless action in public before taking the next - posting a notice with home address and nname initiation.

I am told that this is done for the 2nd Degree.  It is certainly an invasion of privacy that can lead to trouble for the individual.

The other example is similar, harmless except for cosmetic considerations, and permanent - required in order to enjoy the rights and privileges of the degree already initiated.

I have been informed that this refers to the 5th Degree tattoo over the heart.  That is to say, one is BRANDED like cattle, and whether one wants it or not, one's body must be violated in this fashion.

... One other area of potential fear.  I mentioned the penalties for violation of oaths.  Two IXth degree members did in fact die of medical conditions before 1965 e.v. which remarkably approximate an initiation penalty - following actions which approximate violation of some of the oaths of initiation.  Speculation sometimes verging on superstition has persisted over the years about these cases, and that speculation can be alarming to some O.T.O. members.  There has never been any question that physical intervention by human action was involved in these strange instances, but people will talk.  In fact, given the life styles of the individuals in question, such a medical condition at advanced age is not unusual.  I will not discuss the matter further, out of respect for the memory of our brethren.  ... Blah, blah, blah.

Did their lifestyles involve drug abuse, I wonder?  Gee, wouldn't that be a surprise?  And of course, the paragraph that is supposed to dispel fear actually, as no doubt it is REALLY intended to do, INSTILLS that fear.  Don't be a bad boy or the Caliphate death ray will zap ya!

Golly, I wonder if bully boy Bill will be upset?  Does this "constitute bad report"?  A favourite phrase of his in letters to members who have displeased him and the sham powers that be in the Caliphate gang.

I fear we are not finished with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  And no doubt they are not finished with me!  I had better lock myself up in a psychic fall-out shelter!  Nahh.  I think I will just wrap this EL up and have a bologna sandwich - for I feel depleted and must fill up to justify Heidrick's expected remarks.

One final word here:  not only are the letters I publish my private property to use as I Will, but upon rereading the most damaging of them I realize that not to make them available might constitute the withholding of evidence.  Should I commit a crime out of fear of Bill Heidrick?  And should I fear the petty threats of a worm like him in the first place?  Of course not.  Besides, fear is failure and the forerunner of failure.  Catchy little phrase!

If the Caliphate, Heidrick, Seckler, Breeze or anyone else in that rotten little gang wants to make a big deal of this Encyclical Letter, well fine.  Just imagine what might come out in court!  For instance:  speaking of the employment of fear in rituals - c. 1975 E.V., N.Y., a young fellow named Danny, Jim, the park at night and some 'ludes with beer, and ... well, I can play that game.  And I am always prepared to back up my bluffs - which is to say, I don't bluff.

Happy 4th of July.

Love is the law, love under will.