by Frater M.E.D.

"Give 'em Enough Rope...."

Part II

McMurtry and the Caliphate Pseudo-O.T.O.

"For whoever desires the Grail has to approach that prize with the sword.  So should a prize be striven for." 
                  - Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbachh 

"Ultimately, Freedom must rely upon the sword." 
                  - Liber CCC, Khabs Am Pekht, EQUINOXX III.1 

"For so long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong.  But when it is recognized it is dissolved.  When it is revealed it perishes." 

"Ignorance is a slave.  Knowledge is freedom." 
                  - The (Gnostic) Gospel of Philip 

In The Magickal (sic) Link, Grady McMurtry and Bill Heidrick's ill-produced, error-filled newsletter for their pseudo-o.t.o., Vol. II, No. 11, November 1982 E.V., a report was made upon what they sarcastically called "The Great Edmonton Bust". 

The piece screamed "religious persecution" and spoke of how unjustly Grady and gang were treated by Customs officers when entering Edmonton, Canada--but the piece revealed more about them than they intended.  What else can one expect of these Inepts? 

Upon entering Edmonton on August 4, 1982 E.V., Grady, as he reports, was directed to Immigration where he was asked if he believed in Christ.  Something was up to be sure and if Grady were indeed an Adept he would have handled things adeptly.  He is not, however, an Adept and his flippancy (not to mention his aged, out-dated hippy look) was inappropriate for the circumstances.  His lack of tact, diplomacy and simple common sense escalated a minor, if touchy, situation into a major confrontation with the authorities. 

Apparently these authorities were mainly interested in the idea that Grady might be a drug trafficker.  Whether he is or not we will not here speculate.  It is his mastery of ineptitude and the theory that "like attracts like" that is here at issue. 

As Grady himself had written:  "Edmonton had waited for this day for a long time", thus implying that he has long been suspected of drug trafficking. 

Drugs were not found on Grady (a bit of luck for him), but they did discover a residue in his pipe and on him were found "10 chargers of ISI Laughing Gas (N2O, made in Austria & commercially packaged)".  Grady was arrested for this, he was incredulous, he was flippant when the authorities said that "They might be explosives."  But was it not logical for those men who must guard air travellers and fellow citizens?  Besides, such things just might explode under certain conditions and upon an airplane that could end in disaster.  It was very careless of Grady to carry such things on a plane across a border and into another country. 

During the questioning and the search, some of Grady's disciples, identified as Eugene, Helene and Maria, were waiting for him in another room.  Supposedly these three were turning to leave peaceably when Helene, "in her exasperation accidentally knocked over a desk box of Customs brochures", whereupon, according to Grady, a RCMP Private "attacked her with a ferocity beyond belief, grabbing her in a neck lock." 

About the "attack" Grady says "The first I heard of this was the RCMP Private coming back into the holding where I was being held behind closed doors with a lady's fingernail slash a mile long down his right forearm & suitable embellishments on his scalp." 

The way Grady tells the tale the Customs and Immigration authorities were acting like Nazi SS and that his three disciples were completely calm and innocent and unjustly attacked while he himself was being persecuted because of his religious beliefs.  But one can hardly expect objectivity from Grady--and his cry of "This is religious persecution" sounds like a way of diverting attention from the true purpose of his detainment--the suspicion of drug trafficking. 

One:  Edmonton Customs and Immigration officers are probably not very interested in religious teachers and students.  There must be a large number of people devoted to various kinds of religions and cults that pass their way every day, so much so that the whole subject of religion must be boring to them by now.  If indeed one of the officials asked Grady if he believed in Christ he was probably asking it as a curious person rather than as an official.  The real purpose of the "Great Edmonton Bust" seems to be to find proof that Grady is a drug trafficker, and these authorities would not have been after Grady, as Grady himself implies they were, unless they had thought that they had good reason to suspect him of this.  By screaming "religious persecution", it seems to me, Grady hoped to stir the blood of would-be Thelemites reading the Link so that they would forget the obvious point of this bust--the charge of drug trafficking. 

We do not necessarily agree with the drug laws, but they ARE the laws of the land and it would be wise to obey them.  It is difficult to do one's Will behind the restrictive bars of a prison.  And it is just damn stupid to carry drugs of any kind across borders.  At issue, again, is Grady's ineptitude, not the rights and wrongs of drugs and the laws governing their distribution and use. 

Two:  I have received some rather immature, wild and nearly insane letters from several of Grady's disciples and I have met more of them than they realize, and from what I have come to expect of the McMurtry Inepts I doubt very sincerely that Helene was all that innocent.  It is more likely that the lady in question, "in her exasperation", DELIBERATELY knocked over the desk box and then went on a wild rampage.  By the description of the wounds she inflicted upon the probably bewildered Private, he got the worst of her uncontrolled rage (probably spurred on by fear) and that he HAD to restrain her.  I have no doubt that he did injure her somewhat in the process, but I doubt he did so deliberately.  She struggled and he was a bit shocked and himself frightened by her unexpectedly violent attack. 

My analysis of "The Great Edmonton Bust" is this:  Grady should have been intelligent enough not to carry containers that could indeed have exploded while on a plane.  His attire and flippancy was certainly no way to tactfully diffuse the situation, but could have only served to make it worse.  One, if not all three, of his disciples showed the usual lack of self-control and raving lunacy that is quite common among most members of Grady's gang, and the situation was made worse still.  The Master Inept and his Junior Inepts.  Like attracts like.  And because of their mutual ineptitude think of the bad name they give those of us who truly aspire to Thelema.  Probably the only thing that kept the situation from getting any worse was the trip to the bathroom Grady probably made before the plane landed. 

Three:  The result of this unnecessary fiasco was the establishment of the "Caliph's Defense Fund" to take care of the legal fees involved in defending these "innocent" people.  This time and in the future.  In other words, Grady and company will act like asses, get themselves into a lot of expensive and unnecessary trouble, and then they expect to be bailed out of it by all those good dues-paying members--and there are fewer and fewer of them all the time as they are dropping out of the pseudo-order at an ever increasing rate.  Apparently, however, these dues-paying members of the pseudo-o.t.o., the majority of them at least, are actually beginning to see just what kind of an Inept Grady Louis McMurtry is.  Because the gang has incorporated they must, by law, do certain things, one of which is to make public their fiscal records.  According to their 83-84 fiscal report, published in Vol. IV, No. 5 (May 1984 E.V.) of The Magickal Link, the "Caliph's Defense Fund" had taken in an entire $17.28--bet that was a blow to the old ego! 

You would think that would tell the old duffer just what most of his disciples REALLY think of him--perhaps it does, and perhaps it does not matter to Grady so long as his few closest disciples, for their own selfish reasons, continue to provide him with food, pot, shelter and all of the (insincere) admiration his ego can absorb. 

It is just a matter of time now. 

If Grady lives long enough he will certainly get justly caught breaking some drug law--and won't that look good...  Already his gang is getting into trouble and that gang is breaking apart due to internal struggles for power, ego conflicts, and, in some rare instances, good sense dawning upon those who made a wrong turn on the Path by joining up with Grady and crew and are now seeing the Light. 

The Inepts, these false-thelemites, Grady and gang, seem to do nothing right, have no idea about what common sense, rational behaviour, tact and diplomacy are all about, and every time they encounter a minor difficulty they escalate it into a major incident and the result is that the already unjustly darkened public image of Thelema and Thelemites is soiled even more, making it tougher for all true and sincere students of Thelema. 

Are we going to allow these Inepts to represent--to misrepresent!--Thelema and us?  Are we not up against enough opposition already? 

(TNN.IV.2.6-8, MAY 1985 E.V.)