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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

You have just clicked on a file that has not as yet been uploaded to the Newaeon site.  Please be patient.  Gradually the site will be filled out and eventually everything that has been written in The Newaeon Newsletter and the supplemental Encyclical Letters will appear here in the Castle of the Silver Star.   

I should mention that I am a knuckle-dragging technological Neanderthal and at the age of 47* I am just now beginning to cope with this technology.  After typing over twenty years of work onto disks using an antiquated "craptop" that was kindly loaned to me, this site was begun by Soror Rhia, who suffered some abuse for assisting Newaeon.  If she had not assisted me in this project, the web site would not now exist.  

And while I have your attention, I would like to here thank Soror Rhia for helping me to get this project started.  I would also like to thank Frater Sa'aR 330 and his lovely wife, Sprite, for providing me with a computer, a very generous gift that has enabled Newaeon to launch itself into cyberspace.  Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge the following individuals:  Frater Paulos 247, Soror O.156, Soror Jeanne Anubis, Frater Plutonius, as well as Brothers John H., David G., Lane M., Hal von Hofe (Frater IDOMME) and many others including my sister Lin Clark and my cousin and friend Denny Martin for their assistance and friendship that has in some cases spanned more than years, they have enriched my life for decades.  While my finances are always meagre, I am a wealthy man because of them.  

To return to where you came from, simply click on the Back button.  If you wish to return to the home page, please use the link below.  And thank you for visiting the Castle of the Silver Star.  I hope you return to read new material as it is uploaded.  Just check the date in red at the top of the home page which will be changed every time something new is added.

*2008 E.V. Note:  at 57 I still consider myself a knuckle-dragging technological Neanderthal, but one who has somehow developed an understanding of technology that has made me the Go-To-Guy at work when someone has a computer, Microsoft or Internet problem.  After I've solved the problem the grateful person I've assisted comments upon my great knowledge and skill whereupon I inform the person that until that moment I had had no idea as to the nature of the problem nor the manner in which it could be solved.  It was merely a matter of exercising a modicum of knowledge and a maximum of reason.  However, most amusing to all is when I simply lay my hand on the computer and with a southern accent call out, "I He-yal this computer in the name of Bill Gates!"  After which the issue is resolved.  I don't know if it's magic, dumb luck or if there is actual techno-magical power in the name of Bill Gates, but it never fails to get a laugh.

Love is the law, love under will.

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