August 2000 to May 2002 E.V.

By G.M.Kelly

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


A feature that changes upon a regular basis on the Castle of the Silver Star is the Personal Note, and in the past, when it was replaced by a new one, that was that.  However, within each Personal Note there was often material that I thought best to keep on the web site and include within the Sword of Horus section as addenda to earlier articles.  These are those excerpts as of this date, the anniversary of Our Father Aleister Crowley's death, December 1, 2002 Era Vulgari.

Do what thou wilt shall 
be the whole of the Law.

Home From The Office

The photograph of yours truly was taken on September 19, 2002 E.V. in my apartment.  I sometimes forget to remove my security badge and when I dress in black my co-workers often refer to me as "Father Kelly", after which I dispense the appropriate blessing in Latin.  You will note that contrary to the lie that Caliphate toadie Kevin Bold spread widely, that I am completely bald, as if this were somehow horrible beyond belief, ignoring the fact that Aleister Crowley shaved his head, I am not completely bald.  I am, however, growing somewhat follicularly challenged as time goes on.  This is the first time that this particular digital photograph has been published.

August 2000 E.V.

Who is G.M.Kelly?

According to some people who have accused me of lying, I am an individual who has been incarcerated more than once.  This was one of many of the rumours that has been disseminated in an effort to discredit me.  In point of fact, I have never spent so much as a minute in any jail or prison, even as a visitor.  I have never been charged with a crime, and the truth of the matter is I am probably more law abiding than most police officers, lawyers and judges.  Likewise it has been said by members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. that I was once a member of their sham order, had been kicked out, and that I am now merely trying to get even with them, that what I write in regards to this abomination to Thelema is nothing more than "sour grapes".  Naturally the truth is otherwise.  I was never unwise enough to join this gang, although I did for two years subscribe to their original publication, The O.T.O. Newsletter, and like all subscribers called by them an Associate Member to inflate their membership numbers with this lie, this highly and intentionally misleading phrase.  As to why I write what I write, ego and personal feelings have nothing to do with it.  I am merely doing my Will, or at least that part of it which demands this action that I often refer to as "taking out the garbage".

The latest rumour, the latest lie told about me is that I am dying of cancer.  Wishful thinking on the part of those whom I have written of and exposed.  You know, a lie told by those who accuse me falsely of lying.  Unfortunately for them, at 49 years of age, even with a bad, once-broken back and rather overworked, I am in excellent health and should live long enough to see all of the people I write about incarcerated, institutionalized or interred.

Now that I and Newaeon are on the Internet these people, scum that would have you believe they are magicians, adepts and masters so that they might use you to gratify their egos and inflate their bank accounts, are posting messages in various egroups, bulletin boards and so-called newsgroups under my name, misrepresenting me and again trying to discredit me.  Of course, thinking themselves quite clever, they are in fact merely proving me correct while proving themselves moronic and stupid as their actions, although anonymously or pseudonymously performed in a cowardly fashion, also prove that I must be having some effect if they feel that they must stoop so low and take such pains to desperately try to discredit me in this fashion.  Keep in mind this important fact:  I have only one e-mail account


later changed in accordance with my ISP upgrade to


and again changed in September 2006 E.V. to


and once more in April 2017 E.V. to


Anything posted anywhere on the Internet under my name with any e-mail address other than gmkelly93@comcast.net after the 10th of April 2017 E.V. was not posted by me.

You should also know that I have been very busy of late and this is the reason uploads to this site have been delayed.  I am currently employed by a partially Federally funded County, State and City co-operative effort to freely assist job seekers, and, on top of my other duties, I have quickly become the computer, Microsoft and Internet troubleshooter for staff and clients having problems.  I find this amusing as I still consider myself a knuckle-dragging technological Neanderthal.  I am, of course, still pursuing a career as a writer, while passing up the opportunities to be published by the publishers that others in the occult community associate themselves with so that they may see their names in print and brag about being published authors, spending all of their time and money promoting their own books, and being ill-paid if they are paid at all, their books mostly circulated only within the relatively small occult community.

I am in the process of overhauling my entire life and all of this is very time consuming and exhausting.  However, I hope to publish Volume VII of The Newaeon Newsletter sometime in the future while maintaining this web site, and plan to put out one or more Encyclical Letters before then.  However, this depends upon circumstances and opportunities and the forces that have control over these matters.

So, my friends, do not too quickly accept that which is said about me in an effort to undermine my work, discredit me and "get even".  The mere fact that lies and rumours are being told about me goes a long way to prove my words correct and effective.

[The article above has been only slightly altered to reflect any changes that have occurred since the original publication of this Personal Note.  For the most part it is as it was originally.]

April 2001 E.V.

Childish Harassment Continues

Meanwhile, as is the case periodically, David Bersson has been harassing me via e-mail.  I understand he's also mentioned me more than a few times in more of his nonsensical, vindictive, petty "articles", after railing against the "Christists" he is certain are out to get him, sharing the same paranoia his "master" Marcelo Motta suffered with, making pronouncements against me in his typical style - accusations without a shred of proof, expecting everyone to simply believe what he says, have "faith" in his words as if they were the "gospel truth".  Regarding his e-mail attacks against me, it should be noted that while I write justified and righteous editorials and commentaries and publish them in the appropriate manner, I never assail people with personal attacks, and I never attack them at home, via 'phone calls, the U.S. Mail nor via e-mail.  Individuals like David Bersson, however, are not so ethical or mature.  And he lacks two qualities essential for a Thelemic magician, a "king of the earth":  honesty and courage.  Bersson's S.O.P. is to create a number of false identities, opening up different post office boxes, although more so, now, because it is so easy and cheap, various free e-mail accounts, and to launch his attacks from them.  The latest was a barrage of personal attacks sent to my e-mail account from his various personas, all praising the great and wonderful Wizard of Bersson [i.e. he was praising himself and trying to make it appear as if others were praising him ... that's how desperate he is for praise] and cursing yours truly as an insane lunatic not worthy of any attention, but giving me quite a lot of attention in the process.  I have obviously become the satan of Bersson's tiny universe.

I responded to all of these petty attacks in the same way:  directly to David Bersson to tell him what an idiot he is, and that was the end of that round of his typical infantile vendetta.  It constantly amazes me that anyone, even naive individuals in their early twenties who are more than willing to overlook glaring character faults in the hope of finding a master to lead them through the New Æon, would ever accept David Bersson as their teacher, their guru, their "master".  He is so obviously a slave to his own insane ego and if master of anything, a master of baiting.  And I don't mean baiting people to lure them into a trap!  When he tries that he inevitably succeeds only in falling into his own trap.  He is a joke.  A bad joke.  But I mention all this here for a reason, and it is not because he has in any way contributed to the complications in my life that have interfered with my work on the Castle.

In the messages Bersson has sent me, thinking he had worded them so cleverly that he wasn't breaking any laws, but nevertheless giving me material that proves that he has indeed been breaking laws for which I could have him arrested, he has threatened to, among other things, harass me at work.  I've invited him to try.  I push a button and security holds him for the police.  Well, like I'm really shaking in my cowboy boots.  Aside from the fact that I could deal with him in my own way without even breaking into a sweat, it's pitifully obvious that he is a coward and that the closest he might come to real courage is to talk one of his poor misguided young devotees into acting against me in some illegal manner.  Or just write another nonsensical "editorial" about me with his usual false and absolutely unsubstantiated accusations.  And if David Bersson had any real courage, he would face himself honestly, recognize his vindictive insanity, and sincerely seek to turn the dross of his base personality into pure spiritual gold.  But I think that's a bit more than we can ever expect from David Bersson in this incarnation.  He will never honestly admit to his insanity and ego-centric delusions of grandeur.

What prompts me to even mention this round of harassment is one particular message supposedly from one Jacob Lot, who, interestingly, makes all the very same errors in grammar, punctuation, et al, that David Bersson makes.  These errors are all very unique to Bersson and frequently pass through editorial work performed by his minions uncorrected.  In this message he threatens to harass me at work, naming the organization I work for in a vain attempt to frighten me and amaze me with his vast knowledge of matters.  Uh huh.  He's absolutely pathetic.  Aside from the fact that he made two errors in the name of the organization, it's quite obvious that he got his knowledge from Brooke.  Remember, the lovely young misguided girl I had a pleasant chat with, the one who worked then in a local department store not far from where I work?  I gave her one of my business cards.  Obviously making no secret about where I work, knowing that she was one of Bersson's devotees beforehand.  The only thing that actually amazes me is this:  Why has it taken Brooke so long, several months, to share this information with her "master" David Bersson?  For surely he acted upon the information as soon as he received it in a vain attempt to appear to be in possession of secret knowledge in order to impress me.  I am inclined to think that she didn't even show him the card way back when and that he got his hands on it by means unethical.  Be that as it may, he also wrote the following in that same e-mail message, and I cut and paste directly from it here:

To:  [unknown], gmkelly
From:  "Jacob Lot", INTERNET:jacoblot@hotmail.com
Date:  2/17/01, 2:39 PM
Re:  Yo, still working downtown at [NAME DELETED FOR ORGANISATION'S SAKE] ? No matter, I have your photo

How have you been Kelly? Still slandering everybody?
What is it? Did your mama mistreat you? Raped as youngster?
That asian girl that you gave the flowers and card to was sooo sweet!
She wouldn't go out with you cause I told her all about you!
She had your flowers in her mouth while I screwed her in the ass.
Funny, huh?

Well, take care and who knows, maybe I'll say hello to you around the area
of Kaufman's downtown Pittsburgh when I come visit again....or maybe...I'll
just kick your irish wimp ass? Just kidding!
Would I do a terrible thing like that?
Go here and ponder, little wimp ass!

----------------------- Internet Header --------------------------------
Sender:  jacoblot@hotmail.com
Received:  from hotmail.com (f99.law14.hotmail.com [])
    by sphmgaab.compuserve.com (8.9.3/8.9.3/SUN-1.9) with ESMTP id OAA22850
    for [gmkelly@compuserve.com]; Sat, 17 Feb 2001 14:39:50 -0500 (EST)
Received: from mail pickup service by hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC;
    Sat, 17 Feb 2001 11:39:49 -0800
Received: from by lw14fd.law14.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP; Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:39:48 GMT
X-Originating-IP:  []
From:  "Jacob Lot" [jacoblot@hotmail.com]
To:  gmkelly@compuserve.com
Subject:  Yo, still working downtown at [DELETED AS ABOVE]? No matter, I have your photo
Date:  Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:39:48 -0000
Mime-Version:  1.0
Content-Type:  text/plain; format=flowed
Message-ID:  [F99AmEaJswFCHOzyfyz00004332@hotmail.com]
X-OriginalArrivalTime:  17 Feb 2001 19:39:49.0114 (UTC) FILETIME=[63A195A0:01C09919]

NOTE:  The name of the organization I work for has been deleted simply because I am quite certain they would prefer I not mention it in this place, otherwise, the only other editing I did above was to replace a few of these > and < with straight brackets [ and ] because the former are used in the writing of HTML code and I did not wish to confuse anyone's computer.

The cowardly infantilism speaks for itself, but there is more to this that David Bersson's female followers should take into consideration.  Obviously, again, Bersson by way of his Jacob Lot persona was trying to impress me with his possession of private knowledge about my life.  Well, it was no big secret that I admired the 45 year old Asian woman who worked at the same department store [not Kaufmann's] as Brooke and, I was told, another one of his young and naive female devotees.  But again I wonder what took these young ladies so long to tell Bersson about this.  The event he is referring to occurred many months before he sent the above e-mail message.  As for the specifics of the above:  The lady in question wouldn't go out with me simply because she is married and the flowers I gave her were pink roses, in celebration of her anniversary.  We only spoke two or three times, and since she informed me that she is married I had from that point on no interest in having a relationship with her since "fooling around" with married women is simply a p.i.t.a. requiring one to do things I simply don't do, such as lie.  What is most important to note here is the dishonour Bersson/Lot pays to women in general.  It is more than doubtful that he did that which he claimed to have done, that the happily married woman would even consider it, but the above shows how Bersson is willing to insult an innocent woman, degrade her in speech, insulting all of Womanhood in the process, just for the sake of petty vengeance.  The "man", and I use that term loosely in the case of David Bersson, is completely without honour, he has absolutely no respect for women, he is obviously bereft of manhood, and proves himself in no way a noble Thelemic "king of the earth".  He is a vulgar, unprincipled, cowardly, misogynist, and any woman who so much as gives him the time of day degrades and insults herself.  I truly hope this gives what few female followers he has cause to stop, think and reconsider their association with this crude pig.

By the way, I assume that he mentions that he has a photograph of me so that again I will be amazed at how he comes in possession of private things - never mind the fact that a lot of people have photographs of me, that there is always one on this web site and that I have published others from time to time - and I guess I am supposed to be afraid that he'll use the photograph for some good old fashion image magic to strike out against me, evoking a destructive "Dark Current", or some such silly nonsense.  Like I said, dryly, I'm shaking in my cowboy boots.  Above and below he can find newer photographs of me, more recent ones for David to add to his collection - probably has photographs of all of his "enemies" Scotch taped to a wall above an altar with burning black candles and sacrificed mice and birds rotting in a bowl.  The guy is delusional.

July 2001 E.V.

Childish Harassment Still Continues

In the cowardly fashion typical of pseudo-thelemites who have no notion of manhood or the nobility associated with being a "king of the earth", someone, and we can pretty much guess who, was posting idiotic messages in my name at


I responded to some of them by posting to the message board and in my last posting suggested to the owner that he remove all of the G.M.Kelly postings, particularly the fake ones I did not post, partly so as not to allow himself to be made an accessory in a possible slander and defamation of character law suit.  I also suggested that in the future he compare messages that give an e-mail address - mine was given in the body of the messages - with the address from which the message came, and if they do not match up then he should consider the message bogus, not from the individual it purports to be from, and not allow it on his message board.  I have since received a message from him apologizing and informing me that the phoney G.M.Kelly messages would be removed from the Internet, and welcoming me to post on his message board.

What follows are but a few examples of the messages that were posted on this web site in my name.  It is obvious that this unthelemic coward who no doubt poses as a Thelemite was trying his damnest to set people against me and encourage law suits to be filed against me.  Of course anyone who would file such a suit without first checking with me would end up losing a great deal more in the process when I countersued for harassment, fraud and so forth, but most likely it would never get to that stage.  The petty, immature individual responsible for these phoney G.M.Kelly postings simply lacks the intelligence to realize that he cannot cause as much trouble as he would like, he can be traced and identified, and successfully prosecuted, while ultimately all he succeeds in doing is to prove me a righteous individual, my assessment of his character and the character of people like him correct, and add further weight to my words so that what I write has an even greater effect on the minds of readers, thus effectively he is working against himself and those like him.

Here's an idiot satanic cult claiming to be the Secret Chiefs of Crowley!!!!!!!!

Posted by G.M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 7:09 pm

Here's a branch of the church of satan so stupid they think the're Aleister Crowley's Secret Chief's.  If I wasn't such a civilized and superior fellow, I'd have them shot at dawn.  What a bunch of stupid creeps!!!  This shows you the low level of intellect these Satanists are!  Give me a break!  http://churchofsatan.org/interact.html

COMMENT:  Aside from the fact that there is nothing about this posting that is in my style, I have not even bothered to check out this web site.  Perhaps I will at a later date, but I have more important things to do at the present time.  By the way, I included the mailto code that was "behind" my name, simply changing the style of brackets above so as not to confuse the computer which uses > and < to indicate HTML code.

William Breeze IS NOT the real head of the O.T.O.!!

Posted by G. M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 6:42 pm

For those who don't know William Breeze he's supposed to be the Head of a fake branch of the O.T.O. called the C.O.T.O.. Recently he has moved to Germany from Texas.  What is it, Breeze?? Tax fraud?  They discovered you're gay?  You're afraid of you're "evil twin", David Bersson?  I'm putting you on the wanted list!  Would you like to make something out of it, dickface?  Mess with me and I'll take you're crimminal ass to court!!  My friends should go here for a good laugh!!  http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/7069/breeze1.html

COMMENT:  This charlatan posting under my name tried to mimic my sentiments, but did so very badly.  A simple comparison of what I've written on the Castle with these posted messages should make it clear to anyone with any intelligence that I did not post these messages.  Directing readers to files on Newaeon's web site is, in part, a crude attempt to make these postings seem legitimate.

The Church of Satan and Aton's daughters are both whores with VD in the occult community-want proof?

Posted by G. M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 6:23 pm


COMMENT:  Please note Anton was here incorrectly spelled by this moronic charlatan as it was elsewhere in his postings to this message board, and this is just one of the ways he can be identified.  As for Anton LaVey's daughters, they might actually enjoy being called "whores", whether they are or not, and whether or not they have a venereal disease, I do not know nor is it any concern of mine.  Obviously the charlatan posting in my name is a misogynist, another thing that helps to identify him, and he hopes to create some friction between myself and LaVey's daughters - um, no pun intended.  One thing this idiot doesn't seem to have considered is that in his efforts to misrepresent me and make trouble for me, in an effort to make his postings seem legitimate, he managed to advertise the Castle of the Silver Star and direct people to this site.

Its Wiccans like you that are a good excuse for Salem!!

Posted by G.M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 11:10 pm , in reply to "Re: Here is proof that the Wicca movement is a fraud---and they all lie about their history {20.html}"

Kiss my white Irish ass, you silly, uneducated Wiccan.  Many Wiccans, are in fact, involved with the Black Art.  How could they be a true Pagan cult if they were invented by Thelemites, you ridiculous little twerp.  I'll have you know I'm G.M. Kelly and I demand respect from you, you little dork!!

COMMENT:  The infantile charlatan, trying to stir up trouble for me with the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, also attempted to cause problems for me within the Wiccan community.  I have always enjoyed good relations with the Wiccan community, despite differences of opinion, and I spent a good many words on defending the Craft during the height of the latest Satanic Panic.  I would not normally use the term "Black Art" to begin with and I certainly would not use it in connection with Wicca.  And while some of their modern rituals seem to be traceable to Crowley or Crowleyean influence, it has never been my assertion that Witchcraft was invented by Thelemites.  The mere fact that this idiot is trying so hard to create a war with many fronts between me and various groups proves how desperate he is to "get even" with me.  It also proves that I have been having some quite noticeable effect upon his con games and he is desperate to discredit me or have me silenced.  Thus his childish acts of slander and defamation of character, completely unworthy of a Thelemic "king of the earth", serves to compliment me and assure me that my efforts are indeed having the desired effect.

Reverend Scott Drake is a fraud---he's never been a member of the Church of Satan

Posted by G.M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 1:36 pm

People should avoid a two bit con by the name of Rev Drake.  He's not a member of the real Church of Satan but passing himself off as a legitimite member.  I've heard he's a friend of that con artist Charles Rossi who thinks he's superior to everyone.  Both are frauds and have inferior intelligence.

COMMENT:  The charlatan even tries to stir up trouble between myself and individuals I do not know.  I have no idea who Scott Drake is.  If we ever crossed paths I can't for the life of me remember it.  The name Charles Rossi rang only a dim bell in my memory, then in checking my e-mail files for something else altogether I ran across that name.  Seems that Charles G. Rossi has written to me - most inanely rude e-mails proclaiming David Bersson to be a "real" Master of the Temple.  I wonder, does the above posting indicate that David Bersson had yet another falling out with a member of his small cult following?  When one of his group wises up and cuts him- or herself loose, Bersson's usual response is to slander his once devoted disciple as much as possible, the Internet being his preferred weapon of choice these days.  At any rate, whether or not what this lunatic is here claiming in my name is true I don't know, but the fact that he uses them in this effort to discredit and create problems for me is also a means of identifying him.

Most Wiccan woman are worthless sluts without a clue what class is...

Posted by G.M. Kelly {mailto:gmkelly@compuserve.com} on June 2, 2001, 1:31 pm

I live in Pittsburgh where the Wiccan community exceeds the numbers of those who study and practice the black art.  As a consequence of this, the famous big shit of the O.T.O., David Bersson seems to date a lot of Wiccan woman.  I personally can't see how he could sleep with such worthless frauds.  All they do all day is talk, b###h, moan and complain about magic without really doing any serious work.  Wicca is a fraud, by the way, it did not start from any culture.  It was invented by Thelemites attempting to create a magical link to the Law of Thelema.  Although I am too superior a human being to slap the shit out of a Wiccan slut--I admit I've pondered such acts with satifaction!  After all, they are for the most part worthless little sluts (many of them are dirty lesbians striking out at men) who never waste their entire lives staring into glass balls pretending to have powers that they are incapable of.  David Bersson, that big shit in the O.T.O. dated a Tarot reader at the IN TO THE MYSTIC in Pittsburgh.  Nice tits but I had the impression she was still another worthless little dabbler.  Get a life, Bersson!  Admit you just wanted her for her body!  A typical relationship from a big shit Society O.T.O. member.  Am I supposed to be impressed by Wiccans and David Bersson.  Shit!

G.M. Kelly
King of evil

COMMENT:  Certainly I would not refer to myself as "King of evil", as anyone with intelligence and even the slightest familiarity with me would know.  And the further this completely out of control, obsessed lunatic goes, the more revealing he becomes.  That is to say, the more he reveals himself.  There is, again, the gross misogyny, and yet the desperate attempt to make David Bersson appear to be quite successful with women, to be surrounded by women.  Note also that the writer refers to Bersson as being "the famous big shit in the O.T.O." - very revealing indeed since I would never refer to David Bersson as either "famous" or a "big shit", nor would I ever refer to him as a member of any kind of "the O.T.O."  I would naturally refer to "the pseudo-o.t.o.", or more properly in his case, the "S.O.T.O.", another pseudo-o.t.o.  The word "famous", by the way, would appeal to someone suffering from delusions of grandeur.

It is rather pathetic when someone who claims a high degree of attainment must stoop to such low, petty, childish levels to "get even" and so desperately try to cause trouble for another individual.  This abuse of the Internet, and libellous slander and defamation of character, this legal fraud, condemns this lunatic in more ways than he can understand.  And what trouble has it caused me?  None, really.  I had to spend a little time responding to an e-mail or two, post a few responses to the message board, and that's really about it.  He, on the other hand, managed to advertise the Castle of the Silver Star and validate some of the judgments I've made on the web site.  Now what's that phrase again?  Oh yes, "the slaves shall serve".  In serving his slavemaster ego, he serves me well.  What a complete and utter ass he is.

Here's another photograph of yours truly at the top of this page for David Bersson's collection, to be added to the others he probably has pasted to the wall above a laughable "black magic" altar.  He seems to treasure these photographs so much.  Perhaps I should autograph it for him.  Thought you too might be mildly interested in a photo from time to time - to give you a better idea as to the individual behind the name of G.M.Kelly.  Trust me, it's not that I think I'm all that handsome that you simply must have photographs of me.  I am feeling rather old and worn out these days and never considered myself terribly handsome even when I was young and "cute".

The Aiwaz-Thelema E-group



And the new Anti-OTO-Action group for victims of OTO cult violence:


It has been some time since the destruction of the genuine Caliphatewatch e-group, mostly by Caliphate saboteurs in an effort to prevent people with legitimate complaints about the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. from telling their stories and making contact with others who have been seriously wronged by the gang, encouraging yet other wronged and mistreated parties to speak up.  However, for several months now new e-groups have arisen, created and monitored by different individuals, with essentially the same purpose:  exposing the lies of the Caliphate gang and offering individuals who have been wronged by the gang a forum to tell their stories, share their experiences, and discuss the things that the Caliphate does not want discussed, wishes to sweep under the rug or otherwise cover up.  Naturally unthelemic freedom-restricting fascistic representatives of the Caliphate's pseudo-thelemic gang have used every dirty and unfair trick in the book to have these e-groups shut down, again and again.  Unfortunately for them, these e-groups seems to be like the famed Hydra.  Chop off their heads and more quickly grow back in their place!  The damn things just won't die.  Too bad for the Caliphate gang.

No sooner does the Caliphate have these e-groups unfairly shut down than they reappear on the Internet in a slightly altered form.  I may have to enter the Castle's Site Manager more than a few times after writing this to update the above URLs, so bear with me if these e-groups disappears again.

Most recently the following announcement was sent to me via e-mail regarding the newest of the two e-groups listed above.

Subj:  [Aiwaz-Thelema] Fwd:  Anti OTO Action
Date:  6/27/2001  2:40:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:  salmacix@excite.com (^NePheSh~TeMohPaB^)
Reply-to:  Aiwaz-Thelema@yahoogroups.com
To:  Aiwaz-Thelema@yahoogroups.com

--- An OTO-Support-Group@y..., "^NePheSh~TeMohPaB^" {salmacix@e...} wrote:

Dear List,

The subject tag of this elist, as well as the purpose of the elist, has been changed.  We have discovered that there are far less people who wish to act against the Caliphate and far more individuals who've been abused within that order and have not found a support network of others who have had similar experiences.  For this reason, I have changed the elist to a cult-abuse support net for previous OTO members or current members undergoing abuses by the Caliphate.  Please feel free to unsubscribe if this doesn't apply to you.

Henceforth, the list shall be directed at complaints about OTO action or personal experiences pertaining to abuse people have received, and a support network of other compassionate individuals who can assist victims of OTO violence to help in their recovery.  It is sort of an AA group for the OTO, however, we do not practise a "12-step program" due to the high nature of individuality among persons who join the OTO and are Thelemic in nature.  This elist will not tolerate caliphate members joining and throwing attacks at other members of the list who they feel are only opposing the OTO as a form of hate.  Many people who are surviving victims of violence must first react by making hateful remarks about the perpetrator of the violence, in this case the Official OTO bodymasters for the most part, in some cases body Mistresses, as well as the higher eschelon and other members.  Any people joining this list for the purpose of directing abuse at individuals will be immediately removed and banned from the list.

Sincerely yours,


These e-groups have undergone many changes, many incarnations, and during that time a great deal of interesting material has appeared on the Net, including "secret" documents the Caliphate would rather their membership and outsiders never saw.  Unfortunately for the Caliphate gang, these documents have been shared with a number of people, myself included, and sweeping all of this under the rug in a typical Caliphate cover-up is not going to work well or for long.  This especially because not only are ex-members speaking up and sharing these "secret" documents with the world, but also because more than a few of these righteously disgruntled members of the Caliphate are high-ranking members in possession of a good deal of information that is both revealing and damaging to the group which falsely calls itself the Ordo Templi Orientis.

My suggestion is to check out, and if it is your will, to join these e-groups, and learn further the truth about the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.  If they are again removed from the Net, check back here at the Castle and I will have posted somewhere, probably in "The Sword of Horus" section, the latest e-group addresses or URLs, for the Caliphate can't keep these people down.  They'll be back.

November 2001 E.V.

The Caliphate

This is a subject which must be dealt with more extensively at another time, but briefly there's a battle being waged in the British court system over the Crowley copyrights, few though they actually are, and the combatants are Bill Breeze and the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. versus Anthony Naylor (Mandrake) and P. R. Koenig.  Breeze, of course, wants to have absolute control over the publication of all Crowleyana and the Caliphate's efforts to remove all Crowley material on the Internet not under their control is going into overdrive.  One result of their efforts to "corner the Crowley market" is obvious to everyone looking for books by Aleister Crowley for they are getting more difficult to find, and, when editions "sanctioned" by the Caliphate are found on bookshelves they are outrageously priced.

And Caliph Hymaneaus Beta, William Breeze?  At a time when he could face charges of fraud and racketeering, he suddenly moves from Austin, Texas to Germany.  One excuse for this move given by members of the Caliphate is that he had been receiving death threats.  Well, hell, welcome to the club, Bill!  For decades now I have received death threats from lunatics, many of whom proved to be members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., and I never felt the need to run and hide in another country.  If indeed this excuse were true it would only prove the so-called Frater Superior to be a coward who would rather run and hide than stand and fight.  That is to say, not a Thelemite.  Now I see in the Spring 2001 E.V. issue of The Magical Link that while the "O.T.O. International Headquarters" address is Postfach 33 20 12, D-14180 Berlin, Germany, Breeze has moved to Prague, in the Czech Republic.  I wonder, is this what an American should do when terrorists are striking out at America ... run and hide in another country?  Of course, Mr. Breeze's fears have less to do with the Taliban than they do the United States Justice Department and the IRS.

At a later date there will be more to say about Breeze and the Caliphate, but for those of you who tend to believe the propaganda that they dish out, there are some e-groups and web sites you may wish to check out, not only for anecdotes of firsthand experience with the "Califakes", but also for rare Crowleyana that this pseudo-thelemic group strives to have absolute control over, trying to stop everyone else from providing the works of Aleister Crowley to all students and aspirants for a nominal price if not indeed freely.


Any of the above may disappear at any given moment without notice, perhaps later reappear, or be replaced by one or more new ones.  I'll try to keep the above list updated and ask that in particular the people in charge of these groups and web sites assist me in this endeavour.  By the way, the above URLs are not links, but you can sweep and highlight them to copy and then paste to your address bar.

DECEMBER 1, 2002 E.V. NOTE:  Particularly disturbing is the fact that while many of these e-groups are removed from the Internet, some remain but have fallen into the hands of the very entity that they had originally been created to combat.

Needless to say the Caliphate has often tried to shut some of the above down, succeeding in having them pulled from the Net for at least brief periods of time, or managing to otherwise encourage their hosts to order certain postings removed.  They have often succeeded in coming between people and causing rifts which have caused bad feelings between some of these people, but which have also resulted in a multiplication of these web sites and e-groups.  These pseudo-thelemites prove themselves to be anti-thelemically fascistic in their efforts to suppress and restrict, interfering with the Rights of Man and the True Will of individuals, employing threats, lies and deception, hypocritically claiming to be genuine representatives of Thelema the whole time.  Breeze and his gang would have you believe that they are the only representatives of Thelema that you should go to so that they can acquire more fee- and dues-paying members.  After all, moving from a large house in Texas to Germany and then to the Czech Republic costs money.  Carrying on litigation in an effort to exercise absolute control over the works of another man is also an expensive venture.  And Billy needs YOUR money to make more for himself.  So, when someone posts a message on the Net detailing his and more often her bad experiences with the Caliphate, Breeze, Heidrick, Scriven and company have hissy fits and do everything in their power to quell the coming storm, and, in true Storm Trooper fashion, march all over the First Amendment rights of American citizens and students of Thelema.

However, the inevitable is manifesting.  Despite efforts to shut people up, people who were once members of the Caliphate as well as others who have experienced the hypocrisy of the gang are managing to get their stories out.  The opposition to Caliphate fascism is increasing.  The days of this mockery, this insult to Thelema are numbered.

May 2002 E.V.

The Caliphate vs. The E-Groups

In the last Personal Note I listed eight e-groups where individuals, both ex-members and non-members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., could go to discuss their less than pleasant experiences with the gang and share anecdotes with others.  Some of these e-groups also freely provided individuals with rare Crowleyana.  So naturally, with methods akin to those used by Scientology and the Roman Catholic Church, the Caliphate, masquerading badly as a Thelemic Order, has been at work.  E-groups have been shut down, people have been silenced - "The Truth is Out There", but when it comes to the machinations, failures and lies of the Caliphate gang you can be sure they will do everything in their power, such as that really is, to prevent you and everyone else from learning the truth.  And Crowleyana:  if they could have their way, and believe me, they are trying to make it so, no one, and I mean no one, would be able to obtain the works of Aleister Crowley except through the Caliphate, putting your hard-earned money into their unworthy pockets.  One of the results of this Caliphate greed and tyranny is that Aleister Crowley's works are becoming more difficult for the general public to find and in many cases far too expensive for the average student to obtain.  Caliph Hymenaeus Beta, Bill Breeze, and his cohorts seem to be trying to maintain Thelema as a small cult so that they can retain control of it, profiting from it.  This defeats the purpose of Thelema:  to revolutionize and rejuvenate human society and the world.  This is but one reason I say, without equivocation, that the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is not only unthelemic, but also antithelemic.  More false to the teachings of To Mega Therion and The Book of the Law than the Roman Catholic Church is to the seminal teachings of Jesus.

Back to the e-groups:  the individuals who run them and those who join and participate should keep in mind that ego is a personal demon that must constantly be kept in check, subjugated to one's will, ultimately one's True Will, and they should constantly guard against the emotional manipulations of those who seek the termination of these e-groups, pitting one individual against another.

According to the last word I received on March 26th of this year, 2002 E.V.,


still offers The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. by Francis King to interested students of the Ordo Templi Orientis, disgusted with the unthelemic restrictions of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., and the only remaining e-group is


Any of the above may disappear at any given moment without notice, perhaps later reappear, or be replaced by one or more new ones.  I'll try to keep the above list updated and ask that in particular the people in charge of these groups and web sites assist me in this endeavour.  By the way, the above URLs are not links, but you can sweep and highlight them to copy and then paste to your address bar.

Jeroen's web site had been removed from the Internet some time after this Personal Note was first posted, but it is back up on the Net now (12th of June 2002 E.V.) - dissolved and reformed.  Solve et Coagula.

Childish Harassment and Slander Maniacally Continues

While I have been extremely busy, literally working from sunrise to sunrise many days, trying at fifty-one to get my finances in order, dealing with the illness, death and burial of my mother, and a host of other trials and tribulations we humans go through, struggling to make time to deal with many things and write a third novel to try and sell with the first two works, the pseudo-thelemites have continued their campaign of slander and harassment against me.  Mostly their efforts have been mildly amusing and ineffectual.

David Bersson, for instance, by way of one of his cult follower personae, sent to me a picture of a Nazi officer with my face crudely pasted in the appropriate place.  I was of course supposed to be angry, but in point of fact I knew that sooner or later someone would be childish enough to do this sort of thing and I barely cracked a smile.  My brief reply was simply to the effect that it was a rather droll attempt at insulting humour, poorly executed, and that the uniform of a Nazi officer would be more fittingly worn by Bill Breeze and his "Storm Trooper" officers and soldiers in the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., and for David Bersson and his small cult following, straitjackets are in order.  I think my reply was for Bersson disappointing and not well taken.

Meanwhile, there are individuals still spreading lies and rumours about me via the Internet, in e-groups and chat rooms, such as, for instance, the following:

Subject:  Re: [lam-l] Sword of Horus
Date:  Fri, 29 Mar 2002 10:35:03 -0800
From:  "David R. Jones" (jdnolan@budget.net)
Reply-To:  lam-l@yahoogroups.com
To:  (lam-l@yahoogroups.com)
CC:  (gmkelly@compuserve.net)
References:  (F231BKYnfpVKzZDTCEl00006852@hotmail.com)

Simply stated Kelly is incapable of rational thought. He is competant yellow journalist who's style is reminiscent of Geraldo and Pat Roberston. The simple fact is that Kelly has been upset for many years that the whole of Thelema hasn't seen him as its obvious leader and an ordained MOT. Since no one seems to want to make him the head of A.'.A.'., O.T.O. or anything else he has taken to scurrilous attacks on any and everyone who has contributed anything new or of substance to Thelema. He has a hard time getting the facts straight (I know firsthand of a number of incidences that he reports 2nd and 3rd hand and he has never once gotten the story right). He is incredibly paranoid and thinks that Bersson and the SOTO are trying to shoot him and the the O.T.O. and its leadership are conspiring against him; all of which is ludicrous on its face. A sad old man in general who apparently can't keep a job amongst other things and continually whines about it and blames others.

Briefly let me say that if you have not heard of David R. Jones before don't worry about it.  He is not as important as he believes himself to be.  In fact, one might say that in the above statement he is not so much speaking of me as he is himself.  I.e., "projecting".  Jones is one of those individuals who worms his way into e-groups and does his damnest to set one individual against another, fill the e-group full of lies, misinformation, and whatever else it takes to ruin things for everyone.  Some years back on the original Caliphatewatch e-group he attempted to appear unbiased in regards to the Caliphate gang, but it only took an insulting, apparently incorrect conclusion on my part, to force him into admitting his membership in that gang.

First let us look at the heading:  here he pretends to be fair and up front.  No, Mr. David R. Jones would never in cowardly fashion slander a man behind his back!  See how fair he is, sending me a copy of what he wrote.  But did he?  No.  He only wished to give the appearance of manliness and fair play.  He is well aware of the fact that my e-mail address is gmkelly@compuserve.com and NOT .net (by the way, this will still work, but the updated version is gmkelly93@cs.com), and certainly when the CC was returned to him he would have known this if it had been an accident.  Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, a long-time friend discovered his pack of lies on the Internet and forwarded a copy to me.

I am, according to Jones, "incapable of rational thought", a "yellow journalist", insultingly likening me to Geraldo Rivera and Pat Robertson, and further that I am outraged that no one has accepted me as a Magister Templi and made me head of a Thelemic Order.  You will please note that he offers no proof; he simply expects you to accept his word as "gospel truth".  Hardly very Thelemic, but oh so Christian of him to expect you to accept his word on faith.  The lack of "rational thought" seems to be Mr. Jones' problem more than anyone else.  And his cowardly attack of me seems more like "yellow journalism" than anything I have ever written, often backing up my statements with the very words, accurately quoted, of the people I have commented upon.  Furthermore, you who are reading the articles on the Castle of the Silver Star, does it appear to you that I care one way or another if anyone believes me to be a Magister Templi?  Do you see me frequently making this claim, crying out until I am hoarse to be heard by the world, using the term at every possibile opportunity?  Does it look like I have an overwelming need to be proclaimed the head of a Thelemic Order, that I am actively seeking the role of leadership?  In point of fact, it has never mattered to me in the least whether people acknowledge me as a Magister Templi, view me as an eccentric (if loveable!) crackpot, or anything else.  Whether I am or am not a Master of the Temple is not important to anyone but myself.  And I have never sought after or desired the role of leader.  Leaders are worked to death, constantly attacked, never allowed to have any peace, no time for themselves, and are very often destroyed by outsiders if not indeed their own following.  I have never wanted to lead or follow, but only to be left alone to do what I feel I must and want to do in life.  However, by the looks of it, people like David Bersson and David R. Jones, absolutely fixated on me, seem to want to thrust the mantle of leadership upon me.

Jones is essentially claiming to know the minds of every Thelemite on the planet, basing his judgment mostly upon the relatively few pseudo-thelemites that he knows.  In point of fact, I have been asked more than a few times to head this or that proposed Thelemic Order, and I have friends positively angry with me for not taking the reins of leadership in my hands.  One senior comrade-in-arms is upset with me, saying that I "hide (my) Light in a bushel".  Regarding the Ordo Templi Orientis, individuals like Phyllis Seckler, Soror Meral, implored me to join the Caliphate many years ago and I refused to hook my wagon to that falling, burnt out star.  Anyone reading the Castle should know that I think the Thelemicizing of the old æon Christian masonic Order of the Knights Templar, the O.T.O., was a very bad idea, and certainly I would never want to be the "Frater Superior" of it.  As for the A.·.A.·., that is a more complex matter and one that is beyond the understanding of individuals like David R. Jones.  Furthermore, a Master of the Temple ("MOT" above) is not "ordained".  He or she claims that grade, but is only wise to do so if he or she has successfully Crossed the Abyss.  Who would "ordain" the Magister Templi"?  David R. Jones?

Again expecting the reader to take his word for it, believe what he says "on faith", Jones claims that I attack people who try to contribute to Thelema for the good of all, when in fact I merely write legitimate editorial comments on those pseudo-thelemites who use Thelema to promote their egos and achieve their petty, personal goals, at the expense of Thelema, perverting Thelema.  Of course Jones' point of view is warped by Caliphate indoctrination and an ego that is outraged because I refused to recognize his presumed "genius".

Jones claims that my facts are all wrong, he knows, and once more expects you to accept his statement "on faith" alone.  And he claims I am paranoid merely because I made mention of ONE incident.  To wit:  at the very same time someone drove by my home two or three years back and took a shot at my apartment, David Bersson ran an e-group called "shootthebastard", locking me out of it and devoted to trashing yours truly.  On that e-group he even invited people to kill me.  The e-group was eventually closed down because of his encouragement of murder and violence.  The drive-by shooting, when I lived in the college town of Oakland, was obviously targeting me but so inept that it missed my apartment, taking out the windows of a car parked in front of my flat, and I wasn't even home at the time anyway, my light left on to deceive would-be thieves and vandals, which we had a lot of trouble with back then and in that place.  ONE incident related and I am paranoid?  Don't you think that that may be, psychologically speaking, jumping the gun just a mite?

Oh, he also bases his claim that I am paranoid on the fact, as he puts it, that I believe "the (sic) the O.T.O. and its leadership are conspiring against" me.  Well, here's an interesting fact.  Here he is a member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., this obvious also by the fact that he misrepresents the gang as "the O.T.O.", spreading lies and rumours about me behind my back, doing his damnest to discredit me, as do other members of the Caliphate gang.  It seems to me as if he is part of a concerted effort to discredit me, and yet while he's doing it Jones claims that it is not being done.  Does that sound "rational" to you?

And of course there have been the threats to sue me as well as out and out death threats from Caliphate members in the past, David Bersson of the largely imaginary S.O.T.O. even threatening to cut out my heart in a letter published on this web site.  Of course, the Caliphate has slacked off on the death threats, finding another cowardly way to attack me:  computer viruses.  Via the keyboard's Print Screen button I have saved enough virus scan results to fill a web site, far more than one would ordinarily receive as a matter of course, the sources sometimes pathetically obvious.  Does that sound like insubstantial paranoia?

The message below accompanied one attempt to introduce the virus into my system.  A short while back a one-two-punch was delivered at least twice.  First I received an e-mail with no message, merely an attachment, zipped, and in the attachment the virus was hidden, a different virus than the ones sent to me earlier.  At the same time I received a message from an unknown person applauding me, catering to my ego, praising me, and with that there was also an attachment.  The same virus.  I was supposed to be flattered, ego made to let its guard down, and lulled into a sense of false security, and open the attachment.  The individuals attacking me missed their mark for they aimed at a target that does not exist.  It is my habit to scan with McAfee ALL attachments, transfer to disk, scan with Norton at work on my County networked computer and Windows NT, and then only if given a clean bill of health open the attachment there.  I am considering Firewalls on my home computer as well.

By the way:  Bill Breeze and the Caliphate are engaged in a legal battle over the Crowley copyrights (such as they actually are) with Anthony Naylor and Mandrake Press in England.  Like me, Mr. Naylor has been forced to be very careful about opening up e-mail attachments sent, for suddenly he finds himself bombarded by attempts to infect his computer system with viruses.  I think the timing of these ungentlemanly, unthelemic, unmanly and cowardly acts of cyber-terrorism easily identify the culprits.

Subj:Worm Klez.E immunity
Date:4/25/2002 3:54:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    iamcdn_elie_may@hotmail.com (iamcdn_elie_may)
To:    gmkelly93@cs.com

File:serif.zip (42794 bytes) DL Time (115200 bps): < 1 minute

Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.It's very dangerous by corrupting your files.
Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most common AV software can't detect or clean it.
We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus.
You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come into your PC.
NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it.
If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'.
If you have any question,please mail to me.

----------------------- Headers ---------------------------------
Received: from  rly-xj05.mx.aol.com (rly-xj05.mail.aol.com []) by air-xj04.mail.aol.com (v84.16) with ESMTP id MAILINXJ43-0425155458; Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:54:58 -0400
Received: from  outbox.attcanada.ca (outbox.attcanada.ca []) by rly-xj05.mx.aol.com (v84.15) with ESMTP id MAILRELAYINXJ59-0425155434; Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:54:34 -0400
Received: from Lgogcvukg (prg-bc50-064.netcom.ca [])
   by outbox.attcanada.ca (Postfix) with SMTP id 24C97292F
   for <gmkelly93@cs.com>; Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:54:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: iamcdn_elie_may <iamcdn_elie_may@hotmail.com>
To: gmkelly93@cs.com
Subject: Worm Klez.E immunity
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Message-Id: <20020425195405.24C97292F@outbox.attcanada.ca>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:54:05 -0400 (EDT)

Certainly not every computer virus that makes its way to my system was sent by members of the Caliphate.  Computer viruses are among the host of problems we all face when dealing with the Internet these days.  However, a large number of viruses sent to me do deliberately target me, and certainly they were not sent by friends, while in reality my "enemies", those who would do such a thing, are relatively few and all within the so-called "Thelemic community".  No one else is in the least interested in causing me any harm.  If I were truly paranoid I would believe that everyone is out to get me, while in fact I am certain that only a handful of people even care about me one way or the other, and I have far more friends and associates than I do enemies.

Finally we get to David R. Jones' final lie in his e-groups posting.  He characterizes me as "A sad old man in general who apparently can't keep a job amongst other things and continually whines about it and blames others."  NOTE:  "apparently".  It is apparent to Jones, it seems to be true to him, simply because he wants to believe this is so, for if it is not then he must face some very hard facts about himself and the gang he has associated himself with, facts he simply cannot and will not face.

Reporting news, writing editorial commentary, is not "whining", nor have I ever made any attempts to blame anyone for anything but that of which they are guilty.  My financial woes, for instance, are entirely of my own making, my own inability to work within the economic system.  But of course this is all beside the point since David R. Jones (who of course is NOT participating in a Caliphate conspiracy to discredit me) is, simply put, a lying sack of undifferentiated fecal matter.

Take for instance his last sentence:  according to Jones I "can't keep a job".  Hell, sometimes I can't get rid of a job!  I may be an "old man" to his way of thinking (but then shouldn't he respect his elders?), but in those two-score and eleven years I have never been fired from a job, my performance on the job always praised.  My last job was as manager of an apartment building in the college "ghetto" I so happily escaped.  I did the work of a realtor, superintendent, plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc., and even security guard, putting at least one thief behind bars and seriously kicking or scaring the crap out of others.  I held that job for the better part of the fifteen years that I lived there.  A new owner took over and immediately began cheating me out of money, the old owner was too trusting and left me no legal recourse, it was time for a change anyway, so I went out and got a new, better job, and for a few months worked both jobs until I could move to a bigger, nicer flat in a better community, then I quit that job of about fifteen years.  I had the opportunity to take two or three other jobs that would have paid me about $4,000 more a year than I am currently making, but as much as I need the cash, I didn't need the negatives these jobs had to offer.  I am now going into my third year on the "new" job, working with the State of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh and other "partners" to help individuals unemployed and underemployed find employment.  Why, I've even been given my own business card.  Can you imagine that!  (Of course everyone there has a business card, but that's beside the point.)  And I appeared briefly in a television commercial currently running here in Pittsburgh.  (No autographs, please.)  Oh yes ... and the fellow that David R. Jones says cannot keep a job, that's him, er, I mean me below shaking hands with the Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, Mr. Tom Murphy.  Who does David R. Jones rub shoulders with?

Love is the law, love 
under will.

As I have said, and let me say it again since it's just too "cute":  David R. Jones is a lying sack of undifferentiated fecal matter, and as a member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., fanatically attempting to discredit me with lies everywhere he can on the Internet, I think he has aptly proven my point and disproven his own claims about me.  And typical of the pseudo-thelemites I comment upon, he believes himself to be quite clever.  Amazing, don't you think?

One last note here: www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/7069 was the original URL of the Castle, which still may be found on the Internet.  However, it is an old, static version of www.gmkelly.com.

Love is the law, love under will.