The Sword of Horus

by Frater M.E.D
49 = 13 = 1


"I am the warrior Lord of the Forties:  the Eighties cower before me, and are abased.  I will bring you to victory and joy:  I will be at your arms in battle and ye shall delight to slay.  Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!"
                            - Liber AL vel Legis, Ch. III, V.466

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It has been suggested, by those that we have criticized, that we of Newaeon approve of no other but ourselves; that we feel that we alone are true and sincere while the rest of the world is naught but fools, beggars and thieves.

This is not true.  However, at this early, infantile, time of the New Æon of Horus, and during this period of the Eighties, which some believe will be a kind of "dark age", we are hard pressed to discover any individual and/or group that is truly and sincerely following the Thelemic Path in a conscious way.

We think that we have amply proven that men like Marcelo Motta, Kenneth Grant, and Grady McMurtry, have neither the authority nor the wisdom and experience to claim leadership of anything, particularly of the O.T.O..  These men have also claimed, in one place or another, in one way or another, to represent the A.·.A.·., yet it has been proven that they have no real contact with their own Holy Guardian Angel, that they are not true Thelemites, and so have proven themselves not to be in contact with that Most Holy Order that they claim to represent.

Is there a legitimate O.T.O., on this plane, at this time?  Perhaps.  But it is certain that Messrs. Motta, Grant and McMurtry do not have any legitimate authority in this temporal Order.  [NOTE:  At the time of this writing, both Sr. Motta and Mr. McMurtry were still alive.]

Is there a legitimate A.·.A.·.?  Most assuredly!  Yet those mentioned above are obviously beggars and slaves that serve - as far from the true Order as any being can possibly be.  The true member of the A.·.A.·. is the individual who is truly one with his/her Angel; one who Real-izes that "Every man and every woman is a star."  "Success is thy proof" ... "a beggar cannot hide his poverty."

Still, there is more to consider than the A.·.A.·. and the O.T.O..  There is, in the "occult community", a phenomenon taking place.  Various fraternities and other groups are coming to accept the Law of Thelema or being born upon the foundations of Thelema.  Unfortunately, most of these groups are using Thelema for ego gratification, in several ways, and not truly, sincerely, accepting the Law and working in accordance with the Law to achieve the goals of Thelema.  This is a sorry state of affairs.

There are also those who are sincerely aspiring unto Thelema, but who suffer from faulty leadership, are surrounded by false Thelemites, and/or are misinformed and misled by faulty sources of knowledge - books written by false or ill-educated Thelemites.

The willing conversion of already existing fraternities and the birth and development of new Thelemic groups is very much encouraged and it is our fondest wish that organizations do develop that will practice, sincerely, the Law and Magick of Thelema.

Although we do hope for, nay, will, the growth and development of Thelemic groups and individuals, we cannot be blinded by our desires and ignore imbalances and insincerities that would eventually ruin these and possibly tarnish, in the public eye, the Holy Name of Thelema.  We must do our Will of Adjustment - Adjustment through critical analysis and by more subtle means - thus rebalancing the Scales and bringing to the "occult and Thelemic community" Justice.

We must do our Will.  We shall do our Will.  We are Thelemites.

Our Work has made us unpopular in some circles, but this is to be expected.  We are not participating in a popularity contest.  We are fulfilling our purpose for existing.  We are true Thelemites actually practicing what we preach, a thing very rare in these times.

It should be understood that these are still very immature times and that a "dark age" is upon us.  It is only natural that certain aberrations will be developing - aberrations that may seem to be beneficial to Thelema.  What may seem favourable, upon closer examination, often proves to be of great harm, poorly disguised by a thin illusion.  In most cases, during these trying times, we can expect Thelema to be misused by those who wish to further their own egos.  These "black magicians" will use, are using, Thelema as a vehicle for the self-aggrandizement of their egos, and this can do much harm to the image of Thelema.

We have only to look at the history of Christianity to see what could possibly be in store for Thelema if this continues.

There was a man who became an Initiate, one of several World Teachers.  He taught his apostles the public and secret teachings, the Law of his æon and the methods of the science and art of his age.  After this Initiate's death a dogmatic religion developed.  It became known as Christianity, after the name of this man's True Self.  It grew and became powerful, overthrowing its enemies.  Unfortunately it also became schismatic and the most materially powerful groups, those following the perverted interpretations of the original teachings, persecuted the true followers of the World Teacher, the Gnostics, and promulgated the so-called "orthodox Christianity", i.e. the warped and perverted teachings of the Slave-God, the demon Jesus, distinct from the historical and mystical persona known by the name of Jesus.

The True Crown was abandoned by humanity, generally speaking, and the false crown was accepted.  The True Sun of Glory was obscured by the dark clouds cast by the Black Brotherhood.  Once more humanity fell from grace and lost the Supernal Eden.

Today there are few who follow the true teachings of the Initiate Jesus, who was one with his Angel, the Christ.  Yet, approximately 2,000 years later, due to the influences of this New Æon, many are seeking the true teachings which "orthodox Christianity" has hidden and perverted.

But look at all of the suffering that has been caused during this past æon, and even now, because of this perversion, this twisting of the truth for politico-religious totalitarian rulership of the planet.

Do we want this to happen to Thelema?  Will we allow the ill-educated apostles, the fanatic converts and the false prophets of this age to twist and pervert the original teachings of Our Father the Beast 666?  Can we not learn from the mistakes of our predecessors?

What are some of the aberrations of this æon?  What are some of the perversions of the teachings of Thelema?

One such aberration is the organization called Q.B.L.H..  Whether or not this organization's motives are sincere is difficult to ascertain.  Perhaps some of its, mostly nominal, members are sincere in their aspirations, but surely some of them are also seeking only ego-gratification via Q.B.L.H. and Thelema.

It will be noted that in TNN I.3 we reviewed a book produced and published by Q.B.L.H., Liber XIII, and that in TNN II.4 we advertised it.  It was thought that it should be read by sincere Thelemites as a test to see which could spot and avoid aberrations and which were blind and not ready for travel upon the most difficult Path of Thelema.  By reviewing Liber XIII and advertising it we had also hoped to help Frater Damon :: [William W. Webb, who usually follows his "magical name" with a square rather than a triangle of points], who we think to be a rather decent chap and who we hope might someday see the true Light.

How Thelemic is Q.B.L.H.?  Not very.  This group accepts, as their foundation, the so-called "Restored Paths" of the Tree of Life as given by Charles Stansfeld Jones, Frater Achad, which were rejected by A.C..  The Book of the Law itself states, via Chapter I, Verse 57, "All these old letters of my Book are aright; but Tzaddi is not the Star."  [The actual Hebrew letter should be where "Tzaddi" is here written -ED]  This, the very heart of Thelema, states that there is only one change to be made upon the Tree and that all else is as it should be.  By following the insanities of a fallen man can Q.B.L.H. expect to do anything else but fall and fail as Charles Stansfeld Jones did?

While their wanderings on the Path are their own affair, it concerns Newaeon when they claim to represent Thelema, and, in fact, represent only a twisted aberration.

Liber XIII:  A mass of poorly written misconceptions which should not have been given this title, for Liber XIII is already the title of a book by Our Father called Graduum Montis Abiegni, and which can therefore only lead to further misconception and confusion, two of the greatest weapons in the arsenal of the Black Brotherhood.

Thelema:  One of Q.B.L.H.'s latest instruments of confusion.  This is the not-so-original name they have chosen for a newsletter which first appeared on the 10th of April, this year.  Its articles are of such a trite, pointless and nonsensical nature that they are hardly worth mentioning.  Quotations from Liber AL are liberally used throughout, quotations often irrelevant to the article in which they appear, in an effort to give the newsletter the appearance of being Thelemic.

Q.B.L.H.'s newsletter is an obvious imitation of Newaeon's newsletter form, and though imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, we are not flattered.

But please do not take our word for any of this.  Investigate the group for yourself ... but try not to waste too much time and money in doing this.  Contact Mr. Webb at P.O. Box 1166, Ramona, CA 92065.  [Editor's Note:  Whether or not this address is still valid I cannot say, but no doubt if Q.B.L.H. still exists it has a web site - everybody has a web site today! - and you can find it by way of a search engine.]

Q.B.L.H. is merely one of the perverted aberrations of these times - there are more and more developing.  Let us combat this disease with critical minds and sincere aspiration.

As for Mr. Webb's loosely organized group, unimaginatively called Q.B.L.H., it will soon crumble and collapse for its foundation is unsound and faulty.

It is, obviously, very unthelemic.

Love is the law, love under will.

[TNN.III.3.6-8, 7/23/80 E.V.]