by G.M.Kelly

Editorial Comment

1st of September 1999 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Originally this Editorial Comment was attached to the end of David Bersson and William Breeze:  Is There Really Much Difference? and everything was fine.  The complaint was lodged, falsely accusing me of making defamatory remarks, I explained matters to the host, all was again well, then suddenly the article's end, this Editorial Comment, disappeared part way through the second paragraph.  I deleted the file, uploaded the original, same thing, although the HTML page was still complete.  Separating these is an attempt to solve the problem, a problem that is quite suspicious in nature.

The Castle of the Silver Star is once again being besieged by those who would restrict your access to information and an alternate point of view which opposes the party line.  I have just received a warning that a complaint has been lodged, alleging that my articles may be considered "defamatory".  Two guesses as to who it is who is trying to have these files pulled off of the Internet and the first one doesn't count.

I have, of course, responded and explained matters as well as I could to my host, Yahoo! GeoCities, and trust them to exercise good judgment and not allow themselves to be used in an effort to silence me, to deny me my First Amendment Rights under the United States Constitution, my right to speak as I will, given to us via The Rights of Man, Liber OZ: LXXVII, and the ideals of the Internet itself, so that every viewpoint may be heard on any issue and not simply the point of view of one particular individual or group that seeks to silence all opposing points of view, to restrict others while preaching that "the word of Sin is Restriction".

It should be noted that this and other articles on the Castle of the Silver Star are not "defamatory".  They do not "attack the good reputation of" another, but rather reveal the truth behind the façade of a good reputation that is being fostered upon others through propaganda and lies in an effort to provide you with more than one opinion so that you may make a more informed choice in life.  The articles which are here published are composed of verifiable facts as well as the personal and professional opinions of yours truly, G.M.Kelly, and occasionally others.  The "others" are in most cases previous members of these groups who have freed themselves and come to agree with my opinions.  Yahoo! Geocities is not responsible for the content of the Castle of the Silver Star and does not necessarily share my opinions.  In fact, understandably, I suspect that they are not even interested in the subject of this web site.

I give you the freedom to accept or reject my opinions as you will, and I do not try to restrict others from expressing their opinions, restricting your access to information.  By the very act of attempting to restrict me, to silence me, to forbid me to have my say while they demand the freedom to speak as they will, such people who would try to use my host and others against me, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to be everything that I claim them to be.  Let us hope that Yahoo! GeoCities and others have the wisdom to understand this.

Love is the law, love under will.