The Question of the A.·.A.·.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


It has been said by the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. and some other individuals desperate to create and run their own cults that I am trying to start my own little "personality cult".  If this were true, and it absolutely is not, I would baby people who write to me, reassure them that they are wonderful people who just need a little guidance, do everything I could to satisfy and gratify their egos, flattering them.  If I were interested in having my own little cult I would encourage anyone who would follow me blindly to join said cult.  However, I am a Thelemic magician, and I want people in this world to stand on their own two feet.  I have always encouraged people to think and decide for themselves, and to follow no one blindly, not even me.  Besides, I would hate to be surrounded by sycophantic people fawning all over me.  If a man or a woman can intelligently disagree with me, I would rather that person disagree than to agree with me in an obsequious manner.  So as you can tell by this exchange, I certainly do not aspire to be a cult leader.  It is pathetically easy to create and dominate a cult and there are already too many of them in existence, in the religious community as well as the occult community.

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Care Frater Kelly:

Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. (sic)

I write to you again for guidance and hope you’ll respond.   You helped me a couple of years back (see below) and I stuck to your advice regarding OTO.

Considering that group work is now out of the question, I inquired into the AA since it is supposed to be more for the solitary practitioner with only one person to account to in the up line, no dues to pay, and independent study.   There are several AA groups claiming to be The One authentic lineage from Crowley down to present times and I really couldn’t tell the difference based upon online presence.   The alleged AA with authentic lineage is    I applied, passed the exam, and was offered probationary initiation/reception based in Indiana by one calling himself Kenneth/Ken Campo.   Do you have any information regarding this AA lineage and person based out of Indianapolis?   Is there anything else I should know?   Any advice?

Love Is The Law, Love Under Will. (sic)


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Well, first of all you failed my test.  "Change not so much as the style of a letter" the Book of the Law commands and you wrote "Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" and it SHOULD be "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Notice "wilt".   Likewise it should be "Love is the law, love under will."   It may seem trivial to you, but it is not so trivial.

Rule of Thumb:   they are all fakes.   By the sound of it the individual does not even know what the A.·.A.·. is and like everyone else who is blinded by the dust Crowley threw into the eyes of those who are not and perhaps cannot be A.·.A.·. he/they ASSUME it is a group of individual egos just like every other outer fraternity, order or cult and it is NOT an outer, temporal order.  It is an inner, supernal order.

Kenneth/Ken Campo sets off alarms, especially as the group has a British address - I checked out the site the link leads to - but I know of no one by that name.  However, there is a Gerald del Campo (phony) and Kenneth Grant (lunatic phony, deceased).  Furthermore, it all sounds very nice, but the Publications page shows the covers of a lot of books and you are given a reading list.  Chances are they make their money by selling you those books they say you'll need.  If you right click on a page then click View Source you'll see the codes behind the page that make it appear the way it does.  At the top of the HTML document you'll see an identification - - THEY SELL BOOKS.  See for yourself.

This is not how the A.·.A.·. operates, XXXXXX.  Play along a little further if you are curious, in fact it probably can't hurt, but the minute the money comes up, they offer to sell you needed "text books", run.  And be very careful about what personal data you give them or him.  I suspect that Kenneth Campo is not even the individual's real name, but a fake name used to make contact with people.  Just a feeling.  May or may not be del Campo - his rubbish book I reviewed on the Castle.

What is this horrible need everyone has for a "support group", for that is all most of these so-called "fraternities" are ... at best.  At worst a "cult" that is merely taking advantage of people's interests.  Why not start your own study group with like minded people and see where that takes you?  Compare notes and experiences.  Discuss possibilities when it comes to these groups, etc.  Two heads or more are generally better than one.  For instance, another person could take the test offered by answering very differently than you, and if he too passes you might learn something.

There are more fake O.T.O.s and A.·.A.·.s out there than you can shake a wand at.  It's history repeating itself.  Jesus.  His teachings.  The corrupt authoritarian Vatican.  The various Christian sects.  None of which are true to the original teachings of the Nazarene.  And people going right along with the program and accepting them or at least one of them as a legitimate representation of the original Teacher's teachings keeps the vicious cycle going.

Play along.  Say NOTHING about this message or what I said in it and wait for the sting.  When it comes tell this Ken Campo to perform an anatomically impossible act and try to get over your need for a "support group".

Good luck.


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Care Frater Kelly:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law (sic)

Thank you for responding back—you are truly a gem.  I deeply appreciate the time and effort taken to guide me through this labyrinth of mirrors—nothing will be said about our correspondences and I presume cooperation in reciprocating the agreement.

I regret failing your test (didn’t know that I was being tested) and hope this does not seriously tarnish any perceptions of me; however, thank you for correcting me.  In my previous email a couple of years back you’ll see that I actually used “Wilt” and not “Will.”  I am fully aware of the salutation and was careless.

You say that “…they are all fakes….”  Is this really a universal absolute when you say ALL?  I was under the impression that Jerry Cornelius is actually one of the few good guys that broke from the “Will Windy” lineage and then wrote a book about it that almost got him “taken out.”

As for buying books…I download everything for free or borrow from friends when possible, and last resort buy.  I didn’t have to purchase any books yet outside of the reading list and so far I have not been directed to do so.

Why does the British address set off alarms?  Wouldn’t England be the place of origin for the AA anyway?  Were you or are you an AA initiate?

As for Campo…I too think that it is a pseudonym and if I choose to complete the probationer’s initiation I’ll find out then.  Will you please provide an internet link to the review you did on Campo’s book?  Also, is there anything I should be concerned over regarding the initiation process as probationer that may be deemed “unethical/alarming?”

The need for a support group is that, since there are so many charlatans/fakes out there, many would be practitioners and aspirants are confused and mislead, and do not want to waste time learning from the “unintelligentia.”  Many desire to be formally trained by a legitimate, trustworthy source (I know these words beg a huge question in general); but it is often like the blind leading the blind if one just does a study group (I’ve tried a couple over the past few years and they too can be cultish as well).  I have a friend that took the same exam as I and has not been summoned into the same AA order—our answers were like apples/oranges when we compared exams despite being in the same study group.  Look, even me asking you to help is a type of support  You seem to know what’s going on because of your tenure and experiences, and I have blind faith in your opinion since it previously helped me to sort things out a few years back.

As for “the sting”…you now have me more concerned about him having a disproportionate organ that will allow him to perform said anatomically impossible act—then what?  Is there a plan B?  :-)

Once again, thank you for the insight.

Love is the law, love under will (sic)



Re. not telling people about what I've written:  I am only suggesting you not tell this Ken Campo or anyone connected with this so-called A.·.A.·. so that you don't alert him that you have doubts causing him not to treat you the way he would normally treat people without being carefully on guard.  And he may just drop you like a hot potato if he finds you've been communicating with me and you'll learn nothing.  That would defeat the purpose of even seeking my advice.  If you wish, you can report anything I've said to the news media for broadcast, but it would be unwise until you get Campo's number.

I was joking about the "test", but not the necessity about being careful and quoting the Book of the Law accurately.

Rule of Thumb does not mean everyone or everything is - it means that you should approach everyone and everything as if they were, and test their claims.  However, so far no "lineage" of the O.T.O. or advertised A.·.A.·. has proven to be anything but fake.  Jerry Cornelius I have no definite opinion of.  It's been a very long time since I've even seen a copy of Red Flame, I believe his publication was called, and I am not aware of any book he has written.  What is the title of that book? apparently deals in e-books primarily.  BTW, one of the problems with the e-books available, as well as recently published paper editions, is where they come from.  Don't doubt that there may be some tampering with the texts.  Bill Breeze is already changing words in the Book of the Law.

England is NOT the "origin of the AA".  You keep thinking that the Order is a group of individuals, a group of egos that you have to join, and that is NOT what the A.·.A.·. is.  It's origins are shrouded in mystery and probably goes all the way back to the beginning of humankind.  The A.·.A.·. is what others have called the Great White Brotherhood and many other names, all of which are misleading because it is NOT an outer, temporal order.  It is nothing like an outer, temporal order.  I have explained this in more than a few places on the Castle and I suppose that one who is "without Understanding" finds it difficult to comprehend.  The mere fact that some individual or group is advertising membership to the A.·.A.·. pretty much proves that that individual or group does not even understand the nature of the Supernal Order, the True Order, Atrekes Atrapos.  The British address indicates that this individual or group (more likely an individual stringing along a lot of puppets, i.e. members like you) is either directly connected to Kenneth Grant's insanity or draws from it.  Many reviews of Grant's work on the Castle.

Just go to and look for the book reviews section for the review of del Campo's book and you can find a lot about Grant in the Sword of Horus section ... you've never gone through the Castle before asking my advice?

The initiation process?  It all depends upon what that entails in Campo's idea of "initiation".  If it's all online you only have to be concerned with requests for money and/or information.  If you are to travel somewhere for a physical "initiation" anything is possible.  But please keep in mind that ALL INITIATION IS SELF-INITIATION.  No One, absolutely No One, can "initiate" you.  A ritual of initiation is only a recognition by those who have been initiated of the initiation you yourself have achieved.

Your search for a support group is laziness and insecurity, to be blunt about it.  How can you be certain any group is worth being associated with, how can you be sure any person presenting himself as a teacher is really capable of teaching, how can you even be certain my advice is worth the time it takes to read it here UNTIL YOU HAVE FIRST SPENT A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY STUDYING THESE MATTERS FOR YOURSELF?

As for a study group being the blind leading the blind:  perhaps, but when you are each helping one another, this one thinking of something the other one didn't, another considering a factor that escaped the rest, you are more likely to get somewhere than if you end up following a sighted man who has a secret death wish and leads you to a compound in Waco Texas or some such thing.  More people putting their heads together can add to critical reasoning.  And you get a kind of support group out of it that you seem to feel you need without putting yourself into the hands of a cult leader.  Yes.  Of course a study group can get "cultish", it can even develop into a cult, but of course that's one reason I don't particularly care for study groups for myself.  I would have to know well the people I developed such a group with and be fairly certain there were no would-be cult leaders among us.

But I don't know what else to tell you here, XXXXXX, you are afraid or too lazy to walk the Path in the dark, finding your own way, determined to have someone guide you by the hand, and so where you end up will be entirely up to your guide and your ability to choose a good guide, which will not be very strong without the kind of study and investigation you seem unwilling to do to be able to choose a true guide.  You've studied a few years?  Study thirty years!  You've studied thirty years! Study sixty! You don't stop, you never stop studying and learning, and whether or not a "teacher" comes along your constant work will have benefit.

If you have a friend who took the same exam, passed and was accepted, but his answers were very different from yours, XXXXXX, it MAY indicate that any damn person at all, except possibly for someone obviously antagonistic to this Ken Campo, can pass and be accepted, and that would indicate that YOUR magical and spiritual progress is of no importance to this individual or group, that you will just be used to satisfy his or their ego ... maybe only to have followers to prove to himself or a group that they are leaders, something to brag about and massage their egos with - maybe for other benefits that would not benefit you.

[NOTE:  Shame on me.  This fellow did say that he had a friend who answered the questions very differently than he had answered them and that individual was not invited to join this group calling itself the A.·.A.·.  Of course it is very possible that the other fellow's answers displayed scepticism or cynicism or possibly other characteristics that made it clear that he would not be a wide-eyed lamb ready for the slaughter.  And of course to be honest, perhaps I am simply full of crap!  Perhaps all of this is a load of hogwash, from everyone, about everything in the occult community.  Perhaps the entire world is lost in a delusion and nothing is true.  However, in all likelihood, the other candidate probably did not appear to Campo to be as willing to submit to a "master" as XXXXXX apparently is.]

As for following my advice blindly:  DON'T!!!  I never asked you to.  I don't want you to.  You have to learn to stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions or you will achieve nothing on the Magical/Spiritual Path of the Wise, XXXXXX.  Maybe I'm the madman and I simply have a good line of bullshit.  If I were delusional, would I think and speak otherwise?  You have no way of knowing absolutely UNTIL YOU ACHIEVE UNDERSTANDING, or come much closer to it in your Magical, your Spiritual career.

I'm not sure if his organ is disproportionately large.  :-)  If you find he's full of shit and you tell him to fuck off, what is your Plan B?  Plan A!  Study, study, study and study some more.  Even if you live your life studying alone, learning, developing your critical faculties, gaining Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, you will end up further ahead than if you had chosen some ego-maniacal master to lead you slave-like down the road of his choosing, for his ego's benefit, at your expense.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark!  Everyone who sets foot on the Path steps onto that Path in the darkness of ignorance.  You want a big powerful flashlight and neon signs indicating every single pitfall and the absolutely correct way to go ... and if you can be chauffeur driven along that Path in comfort and style you would like that too.  That is NOT what all of this is about, XXXXXX.

What, exactly, do you think the treading of the Path of the Wise is all about?  Do you think you'll develop into Dr. Strange and have all these magical powers to whip around, fighting demons and destroying black magicians?  Do you expect someone to give you a magical helmet to don and become a Dr. Fate, floating and flying in the air, using your magical powers in all kinds of really cool ways?  The Path of the Wise is the path that is taken only after you have become fully human.  Being born in a human body does not necessarily bestow upon you humanity.  Humanity is something you must learn, develop and achieve.  You are born with a brain but that doesn't necessarily mean you automatically know how to use it.  Again, training, learning, developing.  Then setting foot upon the Path of the Wise you are setting out to perfect your human nature, to make it a worthy vessel, so to speak, of the True Self.  What all of this is doing is uniting the Divided Self, the subconscious with the conscious, naturally at war with one another, within your psyche, so that you can make contact with and eventually Become One with the supraconscious self or mind, i.e. your True Self as opposed to your divided ego, the false self.  You may never develop magical powers, beyond those of the reasoning and intuitive mind, but those powers alone can perform wonders and have in so many people who consciously know nothing about the "Path of the Wise".

If you can't simply be happy with being the best person you can be, to put it very simply, if you desire more - powers, abilities, control over others, etc., etc. - then you do not wish to travel the Path of the Wise.  You wish only to gratify the ego.

Plan B is Plan A, and Plan A should never be to run out and look for a teacher because if you do, you WILL find one ... but what will you be taught?

I have just explained to you more about Magick and the Path of the Wise than you are likely to find in many books if any.  Think about it.

93-93/93 Kelly

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Care Frater Kelly:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. (sic)

I appreciate the brutal honesty and after much deliberation I concur with what you say regarding some insecurity; yet, you’re overly assuming in other regards.  I assure you that I am far from lazy, do not need neon lights, a chauffeur, and I’m very motivated and willing to do the work; yet, the exhaustion I endure wandering the dessert (sic) needs an oasis for sustenance in order to continue the journey—and for some alien reason, you have been that oasis, and not some mirage.  I am a bit fearful because of the wacky things I hear about “AA” initiations.

Yes, from what I’ve surmised I thought the AA was exoterically run by actual people in an temporal outer order—see what group study does, and if it wasn’t for GS I wouldn’t have applied to AA and would not be writing you now!  BTW: my friend did not pass the exam; and what I was trying to indicate is that this particular AA group was not accepting anybody.  Anyway…thanks for clarifying the true AA for me.  I always thought it was something more on the lines of the Great White Brotherhood and even P. F. Case spoke about the AA in this manner regarding Master R.

I will be traveling to the Midwest for a physical initiation—no online stuff, no money involved other than travel expenses.  I am fully aware of what initiation means regarding the psycho-spiritual aspects but I’m addressing the more mundane, physical aspects.  As you state:  “anything can happen” and this is why I inquired about initiation—still not sure what this means.  A flashlight doesn’t stop anyone from entering or falling in the pit, it just highlights them; and you still have to choose to go down it if you want to see what’s in there—nobody likes surprises that jeopardize their physical and psychological well-being.  However, what I do not understand is that if the AA is an esoteric order and not temporal, then how and why in the world would a physical initiation be conducted and needed anyway?!  Surely, there has got to be physical Masters to conduct matters at hand—no?  Otherwise, what is the whole point anyway?  I believe I’m starting to understand your point; and I assure you that I am far from being a puppet or slave—strings will be severed at the first indication of those moving me against my True Will.

Cornelius’ work “The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley” expounds upon his journey in the OTO and is spot on regarding the OTO and AA, echoing and somewhat confirming the information you stated.

Yes, two years ago I scoured through The Castle but cannot remember everything I read then—after all, that’s how I came to writing to you a few years back?  (sic) I will re-read your work to clarify further information.

Any type of online, asynchronous communications is rife with problems of the blind leading the blind—it’s the nature of the beast.  Do you believe yourself to be, and are you, a delusional madman full of bullshit (which is an uncommon psychiatric condition)?  Have you been diagnosed as erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic, or a combination thereof; or schizophrenic?  If so, then perhaps you are a delusional madman full of bullshit—I still beg to differ!  If one gives advice, saying not to follow it to hedge and abdicate from the responsibility of providing it, then this indicates one’s own insecurities and is still considered advice—otherwise, say nothing.  There (sic) mere fact that you’ve offered me advice indicates a sincere effort to assist me in standing on my own two feet; and if I choose to follow it so be it—once again, I thank you.

Character profiling does not seem to be your forte, and assassinating the target without knowing it is fruitless—I am far from ignorant and sincerely come in peace.  I sincerely do not want to wear out my welcome, and if I am a bother, please forgive me, tell me so, and I’ll move on—you’ve been more than kind.  I respect and surmise that what you have to say is meaningful and helpful because I have tested it, and I have spent a lot of energies the last two years studying Thelemic work not AA (although they look awfully alike)—which is why I still have not joined a lodge but do solitary work on my own; but even solitary work leaves unanswered gaps open in practice, and having someone like yourself, who is willing to stick their neck out to guide aspirants, is useful.

Love is the Law, Love under Will. (sic)



"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."  The final L is capitalized to quote CCXX accurately.  There's something said about someone who simply cannot get such fine details right.

I'd be surprised if you accepted most of my "brutal" honesty, XXXXXX.  That doesn't make my "assumptions" wrong.  Time will tell.

An "oasis" would not be found in a group that you would probably lose quite a lot of time involved with.  An "oasis" on the Path would be a hobby, good books, good movies.  While you should be focused, one-pointed, you should not find yourself with a single interest.  A.C. wrote poetry, dabbled in painting, climbed mountains, etc.

Technically speaking, you didn't hear whacky things about A.·.A.·. initiations because chances are the groups you were hearing about were not A.·.A.·. and they weren't initiations, they were initiation rituals.  While I think you sort of understand the part about the A.·.A.·., it seems to me you still don't get it in regards to initiation.

Group study is not to blame for misunderstanding the A.·.A.·. to be a temporal order.  Don't try to use that as a reason to avoid the study group idea.  Quite a few people cannot grasp the concept of the A.·.A.·., which I suppose is only natural.

You are simply not getting it, XXXXXX.  The "true" Great White Brotherhood is the same as the "true" A.·.A.·.  Any group calling itself the GWB is just as much in error as any group calling itself the A.·.A.·., although the latter name makes it even more clear as to what the "Order" is.  And there is nothing wrong with investigating any of these things.  I have always encouraged people to investigate groups, anything that seemed promising to them, but to do so with extreme caution and skepticism.  If Group Study has led you to investigation there is nothing to "blame" a Study Group for.  That's a good thing.  But your words betray a lack of healthy skepticism.  Sure, you are a bit skeptical, but I can see through your words that you would not be too difficult to fool.  Although I suspect you will again claim that I am assuming too much.

I too am not sure why a physical initiation ritual would be "necessary" for the A.·.A.·.  That's the point.  You don't get it.

Again you are thinking "temporal order" in regards to the Master.  Ultimately your only true Master is your own True Self, your self "in the future", your perfected, fully initiated self.

No physical ritual initiations, no physical master, what's the point anyway?  I could explain it until I've run out of words, but it is only experience, if you should be so diligent and lucky, that can make such matters clear to you, XXXXXX.  I'm saying study, study, study, work, work, work, and you want answers today from a person that only years of experience can make clear to you.  You are fixated on the goal when it is the journey you should be focused on.  The destination is irrelevant, in a sense because the destination can only be achieved and understood by way of the journey.

Well ... most people who fall under the spell of a cult leader are pretty intelligent and absolutely certain that they could never fall under the spell of a cult leader.  Fact.  And unless you truly know your True Will, which people rarely do, including the people who are certain that they know their True Will, how will you really know if someone or something has made you go astray from that Will?  If you knew your True Will you probably wouldn't be so eager to join a group, find a master, et al.  You would be too busy with your True Will.

I found that book by Jerry Cornelius on amazon along with another, but they have only 1 copy of each available for about $45 each ... a bit too much for such a book for me.  But thanks for the information.  Should I find a cheaper used copy somewhere I'll pick it up to read through.  I recall corresponding a little with Jerry, I think, way way back when, and I was good friends with a friend of his for quite a while, although we've lost touch with one another.  It's amazing how many friends and friendly acquaintances I have among those who were once involved with the Caliphate and broke away.  The Castle on the Net was even started with the help of past Caliphate members and my first computer was put together and given to me by a refugee from the Caliphate, which gives you an idea about what people who were once members of the Caliphake think of the group after having the personal experience of membership.

I'm trying to get it together to add new files to the Castle.  I am really tired of the pseudo-thelemites, though, but I suppose I cannot avoid thinking or writing about them until they are no more, and that's something I cannot effect.  It must be done by people becoming too wise to be fooled by their idiotic lies and con games.  I can only assist in awakening their critical faculties.

If I were a madman given to delusions would I believe I were a madman given to delusions and eagerly say yes I am?  That would make me REALLY crazy!  It is all for you to decide for yourself, XXXXXX.  Would you ask a liar if he were a liar and expect an honest answer?  Would you ask a delusional man if he is given to delusions and expect him to say he is?  The point is, DO NOT FOLLOW ANYONE BLINDLY.  ACCEPT NOTHING ON BLIND FAITH.  Accept nothing and no one 100%.  Reserve your judgment to some degree.  The human brain, the mind, the emotions are so easily fooled and tricked. now I am insecure because I am telling you to be very critical even of me, to learn to decide matters for yourself, to NOT follow my advice blindly?  Fine.  Then join whatever group you choose to join.  Follow any master you may later find yourself enslaved to.  You are not listening to what I say, but looking for excuses not to follow the advice YOU asked for.  It's your life, XXXXXX, your way, I simply refuse to hold your hand and tell you that this and that is ABSOLUTELY true or false and then accept the blame for any dissatisfaction you may have later.  It's all on you.

What makes you think I am assassinating anyone's character without knowing it?  You are not listening.  I give you probabilities based upon 62 years of a great deal of experience.  What are you?  20-something?  30-something?  That is, chronologically, the limit of your experience.  The fact that you are asking the questions you are asking proves your experience to be very minimal.  You ask for advice from someone much more experienced, it is given, and then you desperately look for reasons to ignore it rather than for ways of understanding it.

You have spent two years studying all of this?  Two Whole Years?  Wow!  I'm impressed ... NOT!

I've spent the better part of Sixty-Two years and only now am I starting to Understand the whole thing.  Gosh, XXXXXX, you're a better man than me.  You don't need advice from me.  Two Whole Years!  Gee...

Thelema and A.·.A.·. look awfully alike?  You know, that doesn't even deserve a comment.  You would only say I am ridiculing you.  :-)  And you might be right!

I really don't know what else I can tell you that would be helpful, XXXXXX.  With what I told you and perhaps a few more years ... or decades ... of study and work you might get it.  Batting words back and forth won't help much.

Something I've found very useful is picking up Magick In Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley something like once a year and rereading it.  With every reading I seem to find new insights, new information, new things that open my mind just a bit more.  Of course the printed words haven't changed (although I'd advise looking for an edition from the 70s in case some of the latter editions have been fouled or altered by it's editors) -- what's changed is my perceptions by way of experiences and the objective reasoning necessary to correctly interpret those experiences.

But enough.  I have some other e-mail I need to respond to.  I look forward to hearing about your initiation ritual experience.  Um, one last thing though.  In a genuine occult fraternity one does not take a test, maybe exchange a few e-mails, and then soon after undergo an initiation ritual.  Again, the initiation ritual is merely intended to recognize the initiation experience that you have already undergone, and in a genuine fraternity this would only occur after a fairly long period of study with that fraternity or order, usually at least a year.  My something more than two years of experience tells me that this Gerald Campo is not to be trusted.  Good Luck.

CCXX II.48: "Pity not the fallen!  I never knew them.  I am not for them.  I console not: I hate the consoled & the consoler."

CCXX II.58: "Yeah! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other.  Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve.  There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up: all is ever as it was.  Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King.  A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty."


P.S. "Love is the law, love under will."  Details, XXXXXX, the devil's in the details.



Love is the law, love under will.