To and From G.M.Kelly

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Letters and, more so these days of living in cyberspace, e-mail messages sometimes carry the most amusing and interesting information, often more than articles written for a specific purpose.  Now of course the information that passes from one person to another in "private" correspondence is a matter of two individuals expressing their personal opinions and while one cannot disagree with the validity of ones point of view, one may debate the accuracy of the opinions expressed.  Those opinions should be carefully weighed by way of reason, possibility, probability and research.  And, as I have always advised, decide for yourself what to accept as truth and what not to accept.  The consequences of your decision are yours alone to live with.

My original plans for this section of the Castle of the Silver Star have had to be somewhat modified over the years.  A great many letters, actual letters written upon paper (remember them?), that were going to appear on this site have been desroyed in what I humorously call "The Great Basement Flood of '09".  It was at that time that most of my correspondence on paper, boxes and boxes of letters, finished and unfinished manuscripts, rare occult magazines and many of my personal and magical journals were stored in boxes, on pallets or skids, in a basement storage locker.  Unfortunately, a new tenant in my building who proved to be a drug dealer, when the water had been turned off somewhere down the line, had left a bathtub faucet on.  The new landlord wasn't on the ball and the basement drain was clogged some feet down.  The long and the short of it is, the water came on while I slept and the drug dealer was out and by the time he returned and discovered it the basement was flooded well above the height of the pallets upon which my property was stored.  Almost everything was destroyed below the water line and the loss cannot be calculated.  Fortunately some of that material was saved and I had some letters and documents stored in a metal file cabinent upstairs in my apartment office.

From time to time I will go through those letters and e-mail messages that were not destroyed and if I find something I think you might benefit from or be amused by I will place it in this section of the Castle.  However, because some people may be unnecessarily embarrassed by something they have written, or to protect someone who might be targeted by a vindictive individual or group for some honest opinion they may have expressed, some names will be changed or withheld.  It is a pity that one cannot feel free to express ones honest opinion in the United States of America, but it seems that while one can enjoy Freedom of Speech, one is not guaranteed protection from those who wish to restrict that Constitutional Right.  And what kind of person or group of people would do this sort of thing?  Those who are un-thelemic in their behaviour, even anti-thelemic.  Individuals and groups with things to hide, unamerican and uncivilized philistines who have absolutely no trouble slandering and critizing others but who, themselves, cannot take the criticism levelled at them ... because it's true.

So, if something happens to this section of the Castle of the Silver Star, if the web site itself disappears from the Internet or if something actually happens to me, you will know that in all likelihood one of the individuals or groups that may have been commented upon on this site, may be responsible and what was written was perhaps not only true ... but an understatement.  It will be to them that the authorities will be directed if lines are crossed.

July 2013 E.V. The Question of the A.·.A.·.

Love is the law, love under will.