November 2010 E.V.


Caliphakes hide; I reveal myself. A beggar cannot hide his 

Finally!  Something new, well, relatively new, uploaded to the Castle of the Silver Star!  Fascistic, hypocritical pseudo-thelemites have tried many times to shut the Castle down, a few times in the past managing to have it blocked from view for a day or two before I explained matters to its host.  However, the real problem is not the various pseudo-thelemites nor the fundamentalist (conservative) christians; the real problem is our economically based society.  I am not selling laughable magick lessons, phony degrees or fake grades, nor am I collecting money from hard working individuals for dues or fees in a sham occult fraternity that makes a mockery of magical and mystical aspirations.  There is a price to pay for honesty and ethics in this judao-christian society that thrives, sickly, on hypocrisy, and for me that means working an exhausting nine-to-five to simply tread the murky economic waters and avoid drowning in debt.  Again.  And don't let the pseudo-thelemic groups fool you.  They are an integral part of the judao-christian hypocrisy that you and I must deal with every day.  The slave religions and the pseudo-thelemic, pseudo-magical groups have a symboiotic relationship that supports one another through apparent antagonism, using, victimizing their flock, their brethren, to gain greater strength and influence in our extremely sick, honesty-deprived society.

And my apologies to those whose letters and e-mail messages I have yet to respond to, publications to read and comment upon.  It is only that I do not seem to have enough time these days for many things.  I am not ignoring you, well, most of you!

But let's enter the Castle now.  New to this web site is Gillian Green's review of A Biography of Led Zeppelin: When Giants Walked the Earth by Mick Wall, to which I may add a few words when I can find the time to read the copy of the book that I have obtained.  What's also new to the Castle is proof positive that I, G.M.Kelly, am not a poet ... with the possible exception of "The Fool".  These poems, such as they are, were originally published in The Newaeon Newsletter, but I have never pretended to be a real honest to goodness poet.  And poems that don't rhyme ... I just don't get that.  Wouldn't that be prose?  Still, sometimes the spirit moves one to make a fool of oneself, and so from time to time I've knocked out something on the typewriter, word processor and finally the computer that passes, more or less, for poetry. 

So here they are!  The, um, poems that will never make me famous.  And somehow I will manage to find the time and energy to continually add new files to the Castle from which I hope you may obtain some amusement and perhaps a glimmer of insight.