Is There Really Much Difference?

Or:  If I Disappear...

by G.M.Kelly

27th of August 1999 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


[Please see Editorial Comment following this review and commentary.]

Before I begin, the following should be considered by you, the reader.  I do not slander anyone.  I am not personally motivated by love or hate for the individuals and groups that I write about.  In point of fact, I personally don't care one way or another about the David Berssons or the Bill Breezes in the world.  I am, however, motivated by my love for the memory of Aleister Crowley and Thelema, and my sense of duty to my True Will and thus to presenting to you, the reader, student and aspirant, information, news and an alternate point of view, my point of view, regarding these individuals and groups which claim to be Thelemic.  My purpose is simply to further establish, protect and defend Thelema in society and to assist you in forming your own uniquely individual opinion based upon a choice of viewpoints rather than solely upon the personal propaganda or organizational party line which is the only information that such individuals as Mr. Bersson and Mr. Breeze wish you to have.  Ultimately, it is up to you to decide wherein the truth lies:  with the person or group written about, with the writer, or somewhere in between.  My only goal here is to give you information which would otherwise be hidden from you as well as to share my personal and professional insight and opinions.

It should also be noted that I have never sought to restrict such individuals or groups in any way, whereas the pseudo-thelemites have threatened to sue me, i.e. to legally restrict me, they have in some cases threatened my life, i.e. to very seriously restrict me physically, and they have done such things as to violate this web site to not only restrict my Freedom of Speech, guaranteed to me by the United States Constitution as well as the Thelemic Rights of Man, Liber OZ:  LXXVII, but also to restrict your right to information and an alternate point of view intended to help you make your decisions and walk more surely upon the Path of the Wise.

Furthermore, I am not in competition with the pseudo-thelemites.  I do not represent one "cult" trying to push other "cults" out of my way in some sort of power play.  Time and time again I have stressed that Newaeon is not an initiatory body.  I am not trying to take dues-paying members from these other groups so that they may send their money to me.  At a future date there may be such an initiatory body sanctioned by Newaeon, but such an organization, at this time, would be improper, in my opinion.

And finally, I concentrate primarily upon those pseudo-thelemites and pseudo-thelemic groups that I view as causing the greatest harm to individual students and the Thelemic movement in general.  From time to time, for the sake of the amusement value and as an example of some point I am trying to make, I may mention an individual who may seem quite small and insignificant.  The most current example would be a fellow who calls himself Sparky.  Before the Castle of the Silver Star was ready to be launched into cyberspace, he had, without permission, published the main portion of a Newaeon Encyclical Letter on his site, the one dealing with the Abbey of Thelema.  At the time I was working with the public library computers and teaching myself how to use the technology so that I could work with this site that an unhappy Caliphate member actually initiated for me.  I was told via e-mail what Sparky had done.  I visited the site and found that he had made numerous errors in the text, gross errors, but instead of chastising him and demanding he remove the EL from his site, I voiced some annoyance and then set about the awesome task of correcting all of the errors he had made in presenting my article and even went to the trouble of pointing out some errors he had made in his use of Greek and how he might correct these so that he did not make himself look bad.  Sparky, instead of being grateful or even cordial, e-mailed back with the tone of a testy little spoiled brat.  My EL article was no good anyway, a friend of his agreed, he said, and he had no intention of making any changes in it.  I dropped the subject and let him go his merry way, knowing that soon I would have the Castle on the Net, with the Encyclical article properly presented.  Not long ago I visited his sight


and there found under "Web Resources" the following:

Encyclical Letter by "one" GM Kelly.
Removed - anyone who knows the eminent Kelly will know why.
"I see you took the bait GM ;-). Keep reading the page mate!!!"

As I have said, I did not insist that he remove the EL, although I am rather glad that he has.  Then again, if he had left it on his site and readers compared his version to my version of my work Sparky's reputation would have suffered as a result.  This is probably, more than anything else, the main reason the EL was removed from his site ... not because of anything I did or said.  Furthermore, now he is trying to take credit for the EL article with photographs appearing here on the Castle, pretending that he baited me and that I took the bait, as if he were some supreme puppetmaster and I were but a puppet under his control.  However, the fact of the matter is, it was always intended that the article and the accompanying photographs be republished on the Net, and I told him as much when we exchanged e-mail messages way back then, as I worked with the library computers, before another dissatisfied member of the Caliphate provided me with the first computer I could use at home.  As for reading his page:  I don't.  He has some interesting old anti-Crowley articles on his site that one may wish to download - hopefully they can be trusted to be accurately transcribed - but beyond that I did not find much to interest me on his web site.

And why do I even mention this petty Sparky affair in this overly long preface?  As always, to make a point.  There are dozens of people like Sparky doing similar things, but unless mention of them might serve some purpose I generally ignore their idiocies.  Primarily I concentrate only upon those individuals and groups who are or are becoming a great liability to Thelema and possibly your magical career.  In cases such as that of David Bersson, it does not mean that he himself is anything special or great in anyway, but only that he can be grossly misleading and may be potentially dangerous.

With all of that said, let us proceed now with the two individuals who are the main focus of this article.

David Bersson

David Bersson, A.K.A. Frater Sphinx, who styles himself "Frater Superior of the Entire World" of the S.O.T.O., a pseudo-o.t.o. that can barely be said to have an actual existence outside of Bersson's warped imagination, continuing the idiocy and madness of the late Marcelo Ramos Motta, is, if nothing else, interesting in the degree and odd twists of his insanity.  Elsewhere on the Castle you can find articles about him, so I will not here repeat myself.  Suffice it to say that he was quite unhappy about those articles and to "get even" he began, under the name of Clifford Steven Maverick, an "eGroup" misleadingly called "thelemitesunite".  To find these eGroups you need only go to www.egroups.com, type in "Thelemite" and click on the yellow Search button.

Here David was having a merry old time employing numerous names and e-mail addresses to praise and defend himself.  The fact that most of the individuals participating in his eGroup were really Bersson himself using various pseudonyms was quickly obvious to myself and others due to the fact that he seems nearly illiterate.  Bersson's command of the English language is so bad, so twisted and tortured in some cases, with odd, quirky turns of phrase, misspellings and misused words, that it is practically impossible for him to disguise his style.

Almost immediately he started to use this eGroup as a forum for trashing yours truly.  I was informed of this fact and attempted to find out for myself what he was saying, very much behind my back, however, coward that he is, he also managed to lock me out so that I was not even permitted to read his lies about me.  One or two other individuals joined his eGroup, but they voiced some irritation at his constant attacks upon the infamous G.M.Kelly, having hoped to have found a forum where they might discuss matters of a Thelemic nature.  Bersson, as Maverick, then began another eGroup which he named "shootthebastard", subtitled "G.M. Kelly is NOT a Thelemite".  The welcoming statment provided by the group moderator, i.e. Maverick/Bersson, read as follows:

The purpose of this E-Group is to discuss the lies and madness of one G.M. Kelly, an evil Black Brother and basher of better men.  Those who have the time to bash this idiot and have been slandered by this insect.  Come [sic] stomp on him with us.  We hate his guts [sic] his New Aeon [sic] Newsletter proves that he is not a Thelemite at all [sic] but a Roman Catholic Jesus Freak who hates Aleister Crowley and the Law of Thelema.  So drop us a line and keep us informed of this asshole's latest madnesses [sic].

Note that any messages about G.M. Kelly should be sent here AND straight to the dickhead's E-Box to show him that he's being watched and we won't tolerate his lies and bullshit anymore!

Unfortunately for David, he wasn't able to encourage more than one or two individuals, if even that, to participate in his campaign against me.  I never received a single message in my "E-Box" and in all likelihood the idiotic lies oft repeated in "shootthebastard" were all written by Bersson himself, talking back and forth to himself, using his plethora of pseudonyms.  That, however, did not discourage David Bersson.  Obsessively, compulsively, he continued on with his personal campaign to "get even" with me for merely presenting to you information which I thought you had a right to before deciding whether or not to associate yourself with the likes of him, and finally he angered an individual named Frank White, A.K.A. Frater Christos.

Frank began an eGroup simply called "frankwhite" and subtitled "G.M. Kelly is a Thelemite".  I've been meaning to speak to him about that.  I mean, after all, "frankwhite"?  Bersson named his "shootthebastard", so I think that Frank should have named his site something like, um, let me see ... how about "deifythesaint"?  Well, never mind.  Frank's heart was in the right place.

Mr. White's statement, opening his eGroup, reads as follows:

I know Kelly would not like me doing this.  But for those who have been touched and saved by Newaeon Newsletter and Kelly's willingness to help others selflessly from frauds like David Bersson and others please stand up and let me know.  For those who oppose and hate Kelly ... post something I welcome all opinions.

And unlike Maverick/Bersson, Frank would do just that.  You see, if someone said something on "thelemitesunite" or "shootthebastard" that Bersson did not like or asked an embarrassing question, he would delete that particular posting.  Of course this led to some difficulties as the header would remain and the few actual individuals who checked out his eGroup would notice that messages had been deleted and they asked why ... and never received an answer.

I would have never suggested that Frank create this eGroup, but I wasn't upset with him.  It seemed like a good idea, a means of counter David's attempts to misinform and mislead others, however I thought it would be too self-serving to participate.  I later changed my mind.

Since, as G.M.Kelly, I was locked out of Bersson's eGroups, making my way into one of them at least, later, I decided to create my own alternate persona, Jack B. Nimble.  Now of course I was not trying to seriously deceive anyone.  If I had wanted to be truly deceptive I certainly would not have chosen a name out of a well known nursery rhyme.  Part of the reason I chose this tactic was to parody Bersson's use of numerous names to praise and defend himself.  I felt quite certain that my unique sense of humour would, in Jack's messages, be obvious to all intelligent individuals.

At first Jack merely posed a few questions, was never answered, and then his messages were deleted, especially when he dared to point out that what was being said in the eGroups about G.M.Kelly were lies.  Then at some point Jack brought up the fact that someone had driven past Kelly's apartment building and fired a shot that nevertheless missed his, er, my apartment [while my lights were on, I was not home], taking out the windows of another tenant's car.  Jack, that is to say I, mentioned that this was, so soon after "shootthebastard" was created, rather an unusual coincidence, especially as Bersson is known to have ordered his few slavish followers to do things any ethical person would never do.  Sometime after this, Bersson as Maverick posted the following message on "shootthebastard":

Hi everyone!
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law [sic]
I just heard that Gary M. Kelly was involved in a drive by shooting.  Unforuntely [sic] whoever was gunning for Kelly was too bad a shot to get him and to my disapointment [sic] he wasn't hurt or killed.  Whoever was responsible for this PLEASE keep trying.  It would of [sic] made my day if that dick had been killed.
Love is the law, love under will [sic] Cliff

And yet a bit later:

Dear Cliff
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law [sic]
You say someone took a pot shot at G.M. Kelly.  Well, how could anyone miss a fat ass like him?  I agree that his death would make ones day.  I've had bronchitis.  Nearly killed me.  But I'm good now.  And I'm ready again to say nasty things about that false Thelemite, G.M. Kelly!  Kiss my ass, Gary [sic]
Love is the law, love under will [sic] William Bailey

Pardon me if I point out that I do not have a "fat ass", but a rather nicely shaped, slender posterior.  I could, however, stand to lose a few inches or so from my now 48-year-old waistline.  However, that is hardly important in this place.  Yet note also how Bersson/Maverick/Bailey/etc. is constantly using the name, Gary, that I do not use, that even my sister does not call me by, to copy testy little Caliphate members who wish to rob me of my identity and believe that they are in some way insulting me.  The degree of pettiness, especially in individuals pretending to be "kings of the earth", is often astounding.

Well, Jack, in a posting, pointed out that the very name of the eGroup, "shootthebastard", and postings such as those above, violate Internet rules against promoting violence, but he, that is to say I, did not attempt to contact the eGroups hosts regarding this matter.  I did not wish to restrict Bersson, especially in such foolishness as this which only further exposed his unthelemic childishness and insanity.  Nevertheless, something happened.  The eGroup, "shootthebastard", was pulled off of the Net, and I have little doubt that Bersson blames me for this, as you shall soon see.  I don't exactly feel bad about this, and the whole eGroups thing has become so very tiresome, but I was content to leave "shootthebastard" on the Net as Bersson was doing a wonderful job of exposing his pettiness and insanity to the world ... or what small portion of the world who could even find the eGroups.

Then I started to receive the e-mail messages from Bersson, again trying to hide behind various pseudonyms, even when using the same e-mail account.  Every day something new, something stupid, trying in vain to make me angry, to "get even".  At one point he sent me a URL that led to what was supposed to be a "guestbook", but it was a simple HTML page on which he trashed me, using different names, as he had on the eGroups but now with more control over the content.  It was idiotic ... and boring.  Then he sent me the following URL:


And you will please note that whenever Bersson has trashed me he has not provided you, the reader, with the URL to this site so that you could read my side of the issue and decide for yourself.  He merely smeared his lies all over the wall and expected, demanded that you accept them on faith.

Having failed to get an angry response from me, Bersson sent another message with the following URL:


For the sake of a review of David Bersson's personality and work, let us here quote this bit of nonsense which appears on both of these sites, the title of which, as it is stated in the HTML codes, is "G.M. Kelly has an inferior intellect to David Bersson":

*  *  *

Gary M. Kelly is a slimy traitor An essay by Sir David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of this essay (which I'm going 40 bucks to go to 400 search engines) is to expose publicly a dog by the name of Gary M. Kelly. Also know as G.M. Kelly. Also known as "Gary the gullible".

Kelly (which I'm told he prefers to be called) has a website called the Castle of the Silver Star. I would suggest he change it to the Castle of the fallen star. And I do not mean this in the mystical sense in Our Holy Books!

Kelly is the type of mind that speculates on how bad everyone is. His theories on people are not based on the raw data of truth and observation. They are all ego based. He wants you to believe his intelligence is higher than yours. And yet, a careful study of his reviews shows a arrogant and stupid egotist bent on destroying people for no better reason than to justify his meager and petty perception of his sick perception of the universe.

Kelly wants us to believe that his cause is for the Law of Thelema. And he tries to mimic Marcelo Motta; but only according to a low man perception of Him.

I have been tested with an IQ of 152. Anyone can check at anytime with Tulane University. I have schooling that greatly exceeds G.M. Kelly's 10th grade education. And yet Kelly dares to speculate and even lie about my person.

I urge all to avoid G.M. Kelly who is a traitor to his higher self. An uneducated amateur who pisses the vomit of lies.

Mr. Kelly, you didn't count on me, did you? For I am exposing your stupidity to the world. You are nearly 50 years old and you tar driveways. How is it that a loser like you would think you are greater than me?

You forget who I am Kelly, I survived 10 years of discipline from Marcelo Motta. I am stronger than you and smarter than you.

Yea, not only am I superior to you in intellect, I am superior to you magically.

I strongly suggest Kelly shut down his website before I decide to shut it down for him.

Love is the law, love under will

David Bersson

*  *  *

The above is exactly how he presented his "essay", although I have slightly altered his HTML codes to conform to those on this page and naturally the colours of text and background are different.  Otherwise, this is precisely as he presented his work ... and now, let's review it.

Note first of all that in his title he has knighted himself.  He is now Sir David Bersson.  And following that, do you see the same mistake that both Cliff Maverick and William Bailey consistently make?

Paragraph 1:  It is amusing to hear that Bersson spent $40.00 to do something he could have done for free.  Oh yes, his intellect is so superior!  And "Gary the gullible"?  Rather infantile, don't you think?  And it is not at all accurate.

Paragraph 3:  Do I have "the type of mind that speculates on how bad everyone is"?  I am not exactly sure what he means by this, however, it is, of course, sheer nonsense.  I view the world and the people in it as objectively as possible, and while I see a lot of characteristics I do not like, such as bigotry, elitism, intolerance, insincerity and blind hatred, I also find in my fellow beings characteristics such as honesty, compassion, and nobility.  If I did not perceive as much of the positive in humankind as I do the negative, I would not now be writing this for those of you who possess a preponderance of the positive characteristics or qualities.

My "theories", or rather my opinions, are based, in fact, upon the words and deeds of the individuals and groups I write about.  Case in point is this very review.  And nothing I do is "ego based", or I am not an ego-centric individual.  If I were I would not be doing such personally unprofitable work as this, but would instead be turning most of my attention to other things that would increase my bank account and generally make my life a lot more pleasant than it is.

Of course I don't want you to believe my intelligence is higher than yours.  I don't want you to believe anything!  I want you to experience and come to know the truth - the truth of yourself, who and what you really are and what your True Will or purpose for existing is.  Some of you are far more intelligent in some ways than I am, and in some ways I am more intelligent than you.  So what?  It is David Bersson, here, who is asserting that his intelligence is superior to mine, or rather that mine is inferior to his, as he states in the HTML's title.  Furthermore, it is Bersson who is constantly trying to make others believe that his is the superior intellect.  Once more we have that interesting psychological twist of an individual falsely accusing another of the very thing that he himself is obviously guilty of.  Amusing, don't you think?

As for my reasons for such articles as this, please refer to the Preface above.

Paragraph 4:  How I am supposedly trying to "mimic" the late Marcelo Motta I don't know, for there is no resemblence between me and my work and he and his.  On the other hand, interestingly, it seems to be Bersson who is successfully mimicking his mentor, Motta, especially in his madness, although he may yet surpass Motta in this area.

Paragraph 5:  "My IQ is bigger than your IQ ... nah, nah nah, nah, nah!"  That's the way Bersson's words sound.  Well, first of all I sincerely doubt his Intelligence Quotient is quite that high, and chances are until I wrote it here, he probably didn't even know what IQ stands for.  If indeed he does possess an IQ of 152, it pretty much shows the worthlessness of IQ testing!  Secondly, how does he know his IQ is bigger?  He does not know my IQ.  As for Tulane University ... I sincerely doubt it.  Does anyone want to take the trouble to check?  And this bit about his "schooling" greatly exceeding my "10th grade education":  on his eGroups he was spreading the lie that I quit school in the 10th grade in order to show everyone what kind of a "loser" I am.  He is so stupid he can't even invent a really good lie.  It is a simple matter to prove this a lie.  I graduated from Avonworth High School, then in Ben Avon, the old school's been torn down since and a new one built in the North Hills, class of '69.  I have a high school diploma, and for the record, I was not much interested in school, graduated with a C-average, although I excelled in art, typing (always wanted to write) and senior high "humanities" where I distinguished myself by writing Thelemic essays before I had even heard the word Thelema.  Also, if you are wondering, my IQ was tested in my senior year and years later I asked for the results out of curiosity and found that my IQ is only slightly above average.  I don't have much faith in IQ tests, and I never personally cared for formal education as I have always had my own unique way of learning and doing things, therefore I decided not to attend college - a great relief to my father who couldn't quite afford to send me.  I am, however, an eternal student.  Not being quite as perfect as Mr. David Bersson, I am on a never ending quest to increase my knowledge and perfect my intellect.

And of course I have never lied about David Bersson, presenting his own words to back up my expressed opinions.

Paragraph 6:  Please note how he is constantly advising others to "avoid" me.  And why is that?  Does he wish to protect you?  No.  Of course not.  He simply doesn't want you to have the chance to evaluate my opinions as you are supposed to accept whatever he says on faith.  And this all the while he rants and raves about the terrible "Christists".

How he figures I am a traitor to my "higher self" I do not know.  Does David Bersson propose that he knows my True Self, my Holy Guardian Angel, better than I do?  Preposterous.  It proves that he knows nothing about the subject of one's Daemon, one's Genius, and one's relation to or with That.  By the way, he now not only calls me a "Black Brother", without in any way explaining what it is that makes me that (once again you are to accept his word as "gospel fact"), but also a "traitor", and yet again he does not explain what it is that makes me a "traitor".  I've given this some thought.  I cannot be considered a "traitor" because I have betrayed either Bersson or Motta before him, for I was never associated with either gentleman, nor have I ever taken any vows or made any promises to them that were then broken.  I can't, by any intelligent being, be considered a "traitor" to Thelema, for a little reading in this web site alone will show that I am not only a staunch supporter, promoter and defender of Aleister Crowley and Thelema, but perhaps the staunchest.  And so, the only thing I can think of is this:  while I am obviously not the "Roman Catholic Jesus Freak who hates Aleister Crowley and the Law of Thelema" as he lied on "shootthebastard", I was baptised Roman Catholic when I was about 3 and had come to live and be raised on my paternal grandparents' farm, a virtual Garden of Paradise I did not then appreciate as I do now, living in the city.  They were rather relaxed Catholics, more pagan in some ways than Catholic, and although my first eight years of school were at St. Mary's in Glenfield, PA (that school too is now torn down and no more, making me feel very old at times), I never took the religion seriously.  The baptismal water rolled off me like, well, like water from a duck's back.  And I bedeviled the nuns at times.  Having to put up with more catechism than any human child should ever endure, I once reminded Sister Jerome, I believe it was, that in general science class she insisted that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time.  Then I reminded her that she had just told us that God is everywhere.  Well, I persisted, if God is everywhere he must then be eveything and everyone.  This proved too metaphysical for Sister Jerome and she somehow quickly changed the subject or called recess, I forget, but that was pretty much the end of the discussion.  So, revealing anecdote aside, I suppose that Roman Catholics might be able to legitimately refer to me, a follower of the Antichrist, the Beast 666, Aleister Crowley, as a "traitor".  But, oh my!  What does this mean?  If David Bersson calls me a "traitor" does this mean that he is really a Roman Catholic?

Paragraph 7:  Bersson is delusional, believing himself so tremendously great and threatening to the rest of us, when in fact he is an incredible clown.  He thinks he is "exposing" my "stupidity", but in fact he only succeeds in exposing not only his own stupidity, but also his insanity.  Furthermore, oh horror! I am nearly 50 years old - 49 this upcoming March to be more precise about it - and I "tar driveways" for a living, he says.  Oh what a "loser" I am!  Well, for the record, any job performed with conscientious dedication is a noble profession.  Bersson is once again exposing his elitist thinking here, his very unthelemic and ego-centric sense of superiority, looking down on you if you happen to tar driveways for a living.  However, this is another stupid and idiotic lie that he pulled out of his ... well, you know ... and has no relation whatsoever to the facts.  Elsewhere on this web site you will find a Post-Gazette article partly about me and in it the reporter, ignoring the fact that I am a struggling novelist, mentioned my current employment.  I have never tarred a driveway in my life, and I hope I never have to as that is very hard work.  Currently I manage an apartment building, the one I live in, and I do everything from showing apartments, filling out leases and supervising servicemen, to hands-on electrical work and plumbing, plastering, painting, and yes, I even mop and vacuum floors.  If Bersson is going to lord his assumed superiority over me, at least he should get the facts straight.  I have also worked in a warehouse filling orders on a line and loading trucks, for the Pennsylvania Library Association as a Clerk-Typist, and before this for the now defunct national newspaper, The Pittsburgh Press, plus a host of other jobs.  The job that a person does to earn an income does not necessarily make that person a "loser".  On the other hand, at the same time Bersson is claiming I quit school in the 10th grade and I tar driveways for a living and these make me a "loser", he is also claiming to have a medical degree and to have graduated at the top of his class ... yet he's slinging hash in a local Station Square restaurant.  If I had a medical degree I'd be practicing medicine, even if it were in some backwater third world country, in fact that would probably be by choice.  So I ask you, then, who is the "loser"?

Paragraph 8:  Note how desperately Bersson is constantly trying to prove that he is stronger and smarter than me.  Isn't it rather pathetic?  I think he must know for a fact that his IQ is much lower that what he claims it to be and that David Bersson is suffering from IQ Envy.  As for the 10 years of discipline he claims to have suffered at the hands of Motta, one fellow named Shelton on the "frankwhite" eGroup suggested an amusing Bondage & Discipline scenario with Bersson wearing a dog collar, if memory serves me right, and licking Motta's boots.

"I strongly suggest Kelly shut down his website before I decide to shut it down for him", Bersson wrote.  Such a sense of self-importance - what an incredibly delusional personaliity he has.  I rather hope he keeps his web sites on the Net to further expose himself, as it were, for the lunatic he is, but even if his sites did not accomplish this task I would never threaten to shut his sites down.  Here he is acting exactly like the Caliphate psuedo-o.t.o. which did succeed in having a key file pulled off of my site for a day in an effort to intefere with my Will and my rights as an American and a Thelemite.  I got the file back up on the site that very night, having made a minor change in it, explaining matters to my host.  Just because these people occasionally squawk "Do what thou wilt", it does not make them Thelemites.  Judge them by their actions and a closer study of their words, not by anything superficial.  That is one of the lessons I want you to learn here.

Well, enough of David Bersson - oh please, enough!  Although I do not expect this to be the end, while I have quit responding to the moron, one of the last e-mail messages Bersson sent to me was a single word:


No doubt the implication is supposed to be that soon he will destroy me, as he has so often threatened to do.  Or does it mean that soon he will be institutionalized?  We can only hope.  My reply to this was:


And how could any rational and intelligent person believe otherwise?

William Breeze

Bill Breeze, A.K.A. Hymenaeus Beta, so-called "Caliph" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. - he is a more serious problem for Thelema.  As you can see from the graphological analysis of his handwriting elsewhere on the Castle (link below), Breeze is not a madman like Motta.  He is as sane as the average person.  In fact, he is so mediocre he is boring.  He's not much fun to play with, and he threatens the future of Thelema and therefore society in his ego-centric efforts to profit from the works of the Prophet.  Rather than to repeat myself I refer you to The Rape of Thelema (see link below).

Restriction is not only the word of sin according to The Book of the Law, but it is Bill's modus operandi and standard operating procedure.  You are expected to accept the Caliphate party line and if there comes into existence a viewpoint which seriously challenges that he and his minions, in the tradition of Scientology, which he admires, do their utmost to silence that voice of opposition so that you are not provided with the alternate point of view you need and deserve in order to make informed decisions.  It was not long ago that his "man", and I use that term loosely, Kjetil Fjell, violated this site and also, several times, had the "Yohonza" Rare Crowleyana site pulled from the Net, restricting your access to information you had every right to and which the site's owner had every legal right to give you free of charge, asking not a cent for his countless hours of work.  And recently an acquaintance in England sent me an e-mail regarding "Amazing Cheek!!!" and attached to it was an excerpt from thelema93-l@hollyfeld.org in which Kjetil finished the message in which he tried to parade his superiority by pointing out that someone had made a typo and wrote WWII when he should have written WWI in reference to Crowley's involvement with the Fatherland and International magazines thusly:

For those of you who would like to check out the International and more in pdf-format may see them at:


The very site he was before instrumental in having pulled from the Internet more than once, denying people this material!  "Cheeky" doesn't even come close to describing the nerve of this twerp.  (7/11/07 E.V. Note:  Since the original writing of this article the Yohonza Rare Crowleyana site went down apparently for the last time--its owner tired of dealing with the Caliphate nonsense.)  But back to Bill Breeze.

On one of Maverick's/Bersson's eGroups, "Jack B. Nimble" pointed out that Bill Breeze proved himself superior to David Bersson, who was always exposing himself on the Internet for what he is.  At least, I pointed out, Bill Breeze had the good sense to hold his tongue and affect a façade of indifference to me and my work.  However, it appears as if that façade is cracking and crumbling away.  I had imagined that Kjetil Fjell, if nobody else, so closely watching the Castle for his master, would have informed Breeze of it sooner, however it appears as if he only recently read The Rape of Thelema.  Had I known it would have taken him so long I would have e-mailed him the moment I put it up.  It was always my habit to send complimentary copies of The Newaeon Newsletter in print form to individuals and groups written about, but with the Internet, free and available to virtually everyone, I just assumed that he would have become aware of this new article sooner than this.  Be that as it may, I wish to share something with you here.  I must preface this by admitting that he is right, and I cannot, at least at this time, prove that he really did send the following message to me.  You will note in the graphological analysis of Breeze's handwriting indications that he "has a tendency towards secrecy", and indeed, such as in the case of the violation of the Castle and the cyber-terrorist attacks on the "Yohonza" site, Bill Breeze and his cohorts at his command are constantly attacking people in secret, working under cover of anonymity, and otherwise skulking about in the background of things like sneak thieves, to silence opposing viewpoints and otherwise manipulate circumstances in a most unthelemic manner so that he and the Caliphate may achieve a position of dominance, much in the way the Roman Catholic Church did in mediæval times, hampered, however, by the inability to convert by sword and stake.  However, while I cannot prove that the following really did come from William Breeze, I think it should be clear to all that the tactic, the mode of expression, et al, is consistent with his and that in all likelihood Breeze, A.K.A. Hymenaeus Beta, did send this message to me.  Whether I can prove it or not is actually a moot point, for the law enforcement agency to which I have sent a copy of it along with other messages I have received containing explicit or veiled threats, an agency well beyond the local city or state police, has the means of tracing this message back to the original sender and identifying him.

First I received this e-mail message:

To:  [unknown], gmkelly
From:  Hymenaeus Beta, INTERNET:confidential@ziplip.com
Date:  8/26/99, 5:55 AM
Re:  [No Subject]

You have received a secure and confidential email through ZipLip.com.

FROM:  Hymenaeus Beta
SUBJECT:  [No Subject]

To read your message, please open the following URL:

(DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE.  It will not reach the sender.)

Send secure,snoop-proof email for FREE at

----------------------- Internet Header -------------------------------
Sender: Confidential_Sender@ziplip.com
Received: from ziplip.com (mail.ziplip.com [])
by spdmgaad.compuserve.com (8.9.3/8.9.3/SUN-1.3) with SMTP id FAA05044
for [gmkelly@compuserve.com]; Thu, 26 Aug 1999 05:55:52 -0400 (EDT)
Received:  from ziplip.com ([] verified) by ziplip.com (Stalker SMTP Server 1.7) with ESMTP id S.0000238517 for [gmkelly@compuserve.com]; Thu, 26 Aug 1999 02:55:43 -0700
From:  Hymenaeus Beta[confidential@ziplip.com]
Subject:  [No Subject]
Message-Id:  [S.0000238517@ziplip.com]
Date:  Thu, 26 Aug 1999 02:55:44 -0700
Apparently-To:  [gmkelly@compuserve.com]

The only thing I changed above are a few brackets, replacing angle brackets with flat ones since HTML code uses angle brackets and I do not wish to confuse the computer.  I cut and pasted the long URL to my browser and immediately connected to a site called ZipLip.com, called "Snoop-Proof Email!"  I immediately printed it out and also copied it to disk.  The first two lines are common for ZipLip.com, behind the word "From" there is a field to be filled in as well as behind the word "Subject" and a large message field under "Your Confidential Message", and this is, copied directly from the HTML document, the message sent to me:

Successfully opened your ZipLip mail...

This message will self-destruct in 24 hours.

From:  [Hymenaeus Beta]  Subject:  [No Subject]

Your Confidential Message:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I am writing to you by this means in order to prevent you from using my words or carefully edited selections of my words in your vendetta against me.  You have no way of knowing or proving that this letter is from me so it is worthless for that purpose.  It may just as well be the product of your own creative imagination.  I have finally gotten around to reading your latest screed, and I thought I would share some friendly observations with you.  Either you are right about me, in which case you've angered a very dangerous man and are likely to suffer some serious consequences soon, or you are, as I contend, wrong about me, and therefore in no danger from me whatsoever.  On the contrary, I wish you well, though I'm not optimistic that such long-entrenched delusions can be easily overcome.  Having created an elaborate fantasy out of gossip and lies, with your own particular brand of innuendo and distorted reasoning thrown in gratis, you have further proceeded to cast yourself as the hero of the piece, the noble nemesis to my evil ganglord.  But as I am no such thing I have nothing to fear from you.  There is nothing for you to expose, except that another unsuccessful paranoiac has fixated upon an object of envy.  I know that the fact that you are lonely, unable to form long-lasting and intimate friendships, and generally underachieving in life, is all evidence to you of your immense worth and supreme destiny, but just consider, it might in fact be evidence of your need for psychological treatment.  I hope you are able to recognize that and take the proper steps.  Good luck.

Love is the law, love under will.


There was a button below this to click on when one is "Done" reading the message but instead, after reading it, printing it out and copying it to disk, from which the above was taken and so it is an exact quote, I e-mailed several of those friends I supposedly do not have and cannot form long-lasting and intimate friendhsips with, as well as some professional acquaintances and not only sent them copies of this message but gave them a copy of the initial e-mail message so that they too could go to the ZipLip.com site and read it there for themselves, print it out and download a copy to disk.  Until now I never heard of ZipLip.com and being an honest and straightforward person, such things do not even occur to me.  The encrypted URLs on rare-ac.html here on the Castle are beyond my ken.  I even had trouble until recently figuring out how to cut and paste to my browser.  The above message was certainly not written by me.  I'll take a polygraph!  But seriously, let us look at this message more closely now.

The mere existence of the message indicates that Bill Breeze is starting to feel the effects of Newaeon and the Castle, although he is hoping to bluff me, throw me off balance, cause me to doubt and be unsure of myself.  He does not understand the man who has experienced the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel then, and so obviously he has not himself achieved this experience.  My conclusions are sound and logical, supported by evidence, more so than I even publish, and corroborated by others, many of whom were members of the Caliphate gang before they were either expelled, or in most cases, simply realized the nasty truth of the Caliphate and William Breeze and quit the "order".  Bill Heidrick and Bill Breeze as well as others in the core group have created a great many enemies with their unthelemic behaviour, and soon they will have more righteously angry enemies than the false number of members that they claim.

He didn't do a very good job of preventing me from using his words against him, did he?  And his message was short enough that I saw no need to edit it, and would have never carefully edited it anyway to make it appear to say something that it did not say.  That is clearly not my style, as anyone familiar with my work knows.  It would be dishonest and unethical, and that is certainly not G.M.Kelly.  As for casting myself as the hero and Bill Breeze the "evil ganglord", if indeed those are the roles we play then it is Breeze who cast himself in his role and forced mine upon me, due to my sense of duty to Thelema.  This is not what I want to be writing tonight, but this is what I must write for your sake and for the sake of Thelema.  If indeed I am a "hero" I am a reluctant hero.  But what can I say?  It's my nature to step between the innocent and those who would harm them.  It's the reason I have put myself in harm's way to prevent a rape and several robberies.  I'm certainly not going to don spandex tights and a cape and go looking for trouble, but if I see trouble and I know I can do something, anything to put a stop to it, I am compelled by my nature to step forward and do my duty.  Sometimes I think people like Breeze are right and that I must be crazy, especially when so many would rather just turn away and pretend that they saw nothing.  Sometimes.

He says that I have no way of knowing that this message came from him.  Again I must point out that he obviously has no experiential knowledge of the communion one experiences with one's Daemon at a certain point on the Path of the Wise and the kind of "ingelligence" that this imparts, the kind of certainty that is bestowed upon the magician.  He grossly underestimates me, judging me by his standards rather than mine.

He uses the word "friendly" but he is not at all being friendly nor does he feel friendly towards me.  His "friend" Jack Hogg, for instance, revealed how he has thrown temper tantrums in my honour, and he has often sought in vain for grounds upon which to sue me.  There is nothing truly "friendly" about this fellow.

Now of course he knows that I believe that I am right about him, and so Bill Breeze is assuring me that I have "angered a very dangerous man and (am) likely to suffer some serious consequences soon".  He is threatening me, pure and simple.  I can imagine him sitting about for hours upon hours to compose this one brief message, thinking it so much more clever than it is, while, admittedly, it is far more cleverly worded than someone such as David Bersson could have ever managed.  However, I don't believe I am in any serious danger from Bill Breeze.  Death threats I have received from members of the Caliphate have been, for the most part, laughable, and more often than not, the individual threatening isn't as likely to carry out his threat as the individual who remains silent until he strikes.  Be that as it may, I am confident of two things:  One, my intelligence and experience as well as my Angel is all the real protection I need.  These people who try to threaten me with words, for instance, or even a drive by shooting, continually misjudge me by their standards, imagine that what would frighten them would frighten me, and can't seem to get it into their heads that I am the fellow who was held up at gunpoint, had a loaded revolver held right to my torso, the would-be robber threatening to shoot me if I didn't give him my money, no one about to give assistance, and I laughed in the armed robber's face and dared him to shoot, confident that before I died, if I died, I would certainly kill him.  I could provide you with numerous anecdotes like this to press my point home, but suffice it to say that I am not easily frightened, and when I am frightened it is worse for that then pisses me off and forces me to be even more aggressive than I normally am.  As to why this is so, well, it's a long story and this article is verbose enough as it is.  Two, bullies, and that's what Bill Breeze really is, an overgrown schoolyard bully, are usually more bluff and brass than actual guts and toughness.  And this particular bully is more likely to attack me with a subpoena than with a gun, and while defending myself against a man with a gun would be a lot easier and a lot quicker, I have proven more than once that I perform surprisingly well in a court of law.  There are a couple of thieves behind bars right now whose lawyers didn't have a chance once I coached the prosecuting attorneys and took the stand.  I am not bragging here, but simply relaying a fact that, believe it or not, surprised me more than anyone.  I even had one Judge O'Toole, the prosecuting attorney and others in the court wishing me happy birthday when I answered on the stand that I was 42 that very day.  It was almost embarrassing for me, and the thief I had caught dropped his head in abject misery, knowing that his proverbial goose was cooked.  I would have become a lawyer if it wasn't for my scrupulous honesty.

Well, of course I am not suffering from delusions, but Breeze no doubt figured that if he cannot make me doubt myself, at least he might be able to piss me off.  He failed miserably.  As with David Bersson, Bill Breeze imagines that I am, like him, ego-centric and moved in the same ways that he is emotionally moved.  He is very wrong.  And naturally I have not created an elaborate fantasy out of gossip and lies, my reasoning is anything but distorted, and one only has to follow that reasoning, put the pieces together for themselves, and talk with as many ex-members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. as I have talked with to know that, if anything, in Breeze's case I have understated the matter.  Returning for a moment to the matter of a court of law, it should be noted that I am not too concerned about being attacked with a subpoena because (a) Bill Breeze would have to drop his façade of indifference and admit that I am indeed having an effect upon his game, (b) he can get nothing from me if he were, as unlikely as it is, to win a law suit against me since I legally own nothing, not even this computer that I am working on this very moment, and (c) if I were to take the stand I just might open more cans of worms than he is prepared to deal with.  Not everything ends up here in print, you know, partly because it is always wise to hold your best cards until they can do the most good.

When a man goes out of his way to send you a secret message to tell you that he has nothing to fear from you, then you know one thing for certain:  he feels he has something to fear from you.  But really, I don't care if he fears me or not.  It is not in the least important to me if Bill Breeze fears me, hates me, loves me, admires me or whatever.  Once again he fails to understand me because he believes that I am, like him, ego-centric, and I am not.  I don't want him to fear me, I could care less about such petty things.  I simply want him to stop misrepresenting Crowley and Thelema, to stop restricting access to information so that students and aspirants may find their own Way on the Path of the Wise, discover their own True Will and not allow themselves to become the "slaves" that "serve".  Oh, and of course he also hopes again to throw me off balance, make me feel unsure of myself, and appear to be uneffected by anything I do or say.  Okay, fine.  Then why didn't he just keep his mouth shut, proverbially speaking, instead of proving to me that I am having some effect and showing me that his façade of superior indifference is crumbling?

If he believes that there is nothing for me to expose, then perhaps it is true and he "doesn't read Kelly", as he's often lied!  It sounds to me as if he merely hopes to discourage me because I may be coming a little too close to some things he is afraid I will expose, or that if I push matters further what I have exposed will go beyond the confines of the occult community.  Well ... too late for that!

Let's see, he basically calls me an "unsuccessful paranoiac", and yet again he proves himself ego-centric and without understanding.  Oh sure, I've not sold a book yet, some short stories, but they hardly count, and I am certainly not financially successful, lacking the luck on one hand and the desire to walk all over others to get what I want on the other, but what he simply cannot understand is that no matter how I end up in life I am successful and feel my success.  I have, at 48, achieved things he cannot even conceive of, things that he has supposed to have achieved and hasn't.  I know my Self, I know my Will, and until I started writing this earlier today I was dead tired, listless, not feeling well, and by the Gods, it is 3.41 A.M. and I feel as if I have the strength of Heracles right now, energy pouring into my being by doing that for which I was born to do.  Perhaps the closest he can come to understanding this is to compare it with the rush he may get upon frightening another voice of dissent or buying from some poor desperate individual a rare book for a pittance that he will turn around and resell for hundreds of dollars.  However, what he may feel in such a case as this is as nothing to the sense of raw power I feel when I am in a position to do what I do best ... and this is nothing to the strength and and sense of power I experience when I am writing what I really want to write.  No, Breeze fails utterly to understand me.  He fails to understand that I fully realize that I may die poverty stricken, that I even joke about this and how, after I am dead, I will be posthumously honoured and praised ... or would that be posthumoursly?  Yeah.  Me and how many others before me?  So what if I die with hardly a penny in my pocket like Edgar Allen Poe?  People will be reading the works of Poe until there are no more people to read.  The man was successful beyond imagining.  I'm no Poe, to be sure, but I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know why I am.  I truly understand the nature and meaning of True Will, and that alone is more than most of the members of the Caliphate know.  Success?  It is relative.  And if, as The Book of the Law says, success is your proof, then I have proven myself to others and more importantly to myself and I am therefore, intellectually, magically and spiritually successful.  Nothing else really matters, when it comes right down to it, and success in anything else without those forms of success are meaningless and empty.

Paranoid?  No.  That would imply that I believe that "everyone is out to get me", and in point of fact, while I have naturally incurred an enemy or two for speaking my mind honestly as Crowley spoke his, I feel for the most part that the majority of people in the world are not out to get me, that, in fact, most people don't care about me one way or another.  In fact, it is one of my concerns that too many people at this early stage of the Æon of Horus are far too fixated upon their immediate desires, what they want right now, regardless of their needs or the needs of others.  My concern is not that "everyone is out to get me", as the paranoiac believes, but rather that too many people have become desensitized and apathetic, detatched from society as a whole and far too wrapped up in petty personal concerns at the expense even of what is best for themselves.  Breeze thinks he is quite clever, that he is the master manipulator, but he does not understand me in the least, and I have been candid enough to, in theory, make that extremely easy.  Go figure!  Never underestimate how blind to the obvious an ego-centric individual can be - I guess that is the lesson here.

And such ego Breeze has displayed here!  According to him I am "fixated upon an object of envy", i.e. him since he has cast himself in the role of my archenemy, when in fact my real archenemy is the ignorance in the world from which is spawned bigotry, intolerance, violence against others, and so forth.  My real enemies are abstract concepts, not individuals, and as for envying Bill Breeze:  Why?  Does he, in his narrow little ego-centric world really believe that I would want to be, like him, the king of the Caliphate dung heap?  Do you want to know who it is that I really envy?  I envy the man who lives in a nice log lodge, out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a forest, by nature, with a lake just outside his front door, a good woman by his side, surrounded by his books, writing his novels and then sending them to his agent or publisher via e-mail, his visitors only those people whom he invites to his country place for weekend get togethers.  This is the man I envy.  This is the man I would like to be.  That which I am doing right this instant has been thrust upon me.  Should I ever assume a position of leadership it would be very reluctantly, while dreaming of that country lodge and spending a moring in my little workshop out back on some Native American craft, or maybe hiking, climbing or making love with my lady in some grassy meadow.  That's the guy I envy, that's the dream I have - no fantasy to be king of the creeps, nor to master or control others in any way.  It has always been my personal desire to leave others alone and be left alone by them, so you should realize just how much I do not like this part of my True Will which dictates that I incur the wrath of others by commenting upon them as I do.  And yet, there is my sense of duty and the knowledge that I am doing something that must be done and doing it better than most can do it for I was, my persona was, constructed, in part, for this very purpose.

Bill Breeze does not understand me in the least.  He says, for instance, in a torturously twisted sentence that he knows for a fact that I am "lonely, unable to form long-lasting and intimate friendships, and generally underachieving in life".  Aside from the fact that he is simply trying to anger me as well as attempting to make me feel small and insignificant in comparison to him ... and failing miserably ... he is also pretty close to dead wrong.  The "lonely" bit, well, everyone feels lonely a lot of the time, even if happily married and surrounded by terrific children.  It's part of the human condition.  On the other hand, if I were so desperately lonely, why would my fondest wish be to live in a nice country cottage, surrounded by nature, isolated, and with few people about?  I can even forego the companion as being surrounded by nature, away from the city, back to my roots, as it were, with my books and the ability to write even if I were not published, would be more than enough to make me a happy man.  I'm a farm boy, I'm a simple man, so simple that it amazes me that I can write so many words and yet still not be understood by someone who seems to be fairly intelligent.

Women?  I have had plenty of them in my life.  Wonderful women.  Horrible women.  Each one a teacher.  Each one an initiatrix.  Every one of them the source of beautiful memories, even when they themselves, beneath a façade of beauty, proved not to be so beautiful.  I was just talking about that the other night when my friend Lane called long distance from West Virginia.  I am currently sending him photographs of many of my past romances which I recently scanned onto 47 disks.  I'm the bane of every beautiful woman:  a man with a camera!  And let me see....

According to Bill I am "unable to form long-lasting and intimate friendships".  I think he must be guessing here, assuming that if I am so harsh with him I am by nature harsh with everyone.  I am, however, whatever I should be in relations with others.  With good people I am very good, extremely friendly, very helpful, a reliable acquaintance or friend.  With bad people ... well, I can be one hard son of a bitch.  From me, people get exactly what they deserve, although I am by nature a compassionate man and tend to go easier on an opponent than I sometimes should.  I could, in fact, go harder on Breeze than this and if goaded by him I just might.  Be that as it may, Bill Breeze here proves himself something less than intelligent.  If he looks at the earliest copies of The Newaeon Newsletter published in 1977 E.V. and then to the No File Page that one gets on this site if I have not yet added files to those sections, one will see some of the same names:  Frater Paulos, Soror Jeanne Anubis, and others, people who have been good, close friends of mine for over two decades.  Friends who have helped me through rough times, and there were many and will likely be more.  Individuals with whom I have formed long-lasting and intimate friendships, here in Pittsburgh, in Canada, in Washington, D.C., in West Virginia, in Texas, England, Europe ... why if those little grey guys from outer space really do park one of their flying saucers nearby I expect I'll soon after form a long-lasting intergalactic friendship!  My problem in life has never been a lack of friends, but often just the opposite.  I view friendships as things that need to be carefully and frequently tended and nurtured, and so a lot of friendships means a lot of work, and while it may be a labour of love, work is work and it takes time.  Therefore I have always preferred to have a small number of really good and true friends as opposed to a plethora of fair weather friends.  I am not like so many people in the world, desperately afraid to be alone, ready to cling to any and all relationships out of a fear of loneliness, and this is something someone like Bill Breeze simply cannot understand.

Underachieving?  Okay, let's give him that one ... provisionally.  The condition is that this applies only to my writing career, such as it is, but that this is not a desperate matter for me.  My writing gives me pleasure, it gives pleasure to all of those friends Bill wishes to believe I don't have, and it accomplishes an important task for Thelema that will one day be more clear than it can be today.  As for those dang novels and short stories and the ones as yet unwritten, well, I may yet get them published, but really, the most important thing is getting them written.  Breeze's sense of success and achievement is all tied up, bound to the concept of making money and surrounding oneself with luxury.  If you don't know him personally, just study that graphological analysis of his handwriting.  My sense of success and achievement is not that simple, not that material.

As to my worth and "supreme destiny" - again he fails to understand me.  We all, every single one of us, has a "supreme destiny", no more and no less important than the destiny of others.  Unlike the members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. or the few transient members of Bersson's S.O.T.O. and others, I am not an elitist.  I feel as if I should be in a tent right now, wearing a white suit, my arms outstretched to my congregation, affecting a Southern accent:  "My friends, I am a sinner just like you, and you, and you - no better and no worse.  But we, all of us, have within us that Divine Spark, oh yes, brothers and sisters!  I say that within all of us is the Kingdom of Heaven!  Can I get an Amen on that, brothers and sisters?"  But seriously, as if I wasn't being serious, in case Breeze missed it:  "Every man and every woman is a star."  And he calls himself a Thelemite, hell, the Caliph of Thelemites!

Ah yes, and getting close to the end he suggests, as if I might actually be so unsure of myself that the suggestion might take root in my subconscious, that I may be in need of "psychological treatment".  Well, why not?  Everyone, without exception, is a little off centre, a little off balance, just, at least, a little bit crazy.  It's part of the human condition.  It's part of what makes us human.  If it were not so, then we would not be studying and practicing magick, following the evolutonary Path of the Wise, the Way of Perfection, trying to reintegrate the warring conscious and subconscious aspects of ourselves, our mind and psyche, to achieve better balance, to become less crazy and more sane.  So long as one is incarnate as a human, one is at least a little imperfect, at least a little crazy.  I worry about the man who says that he is absolutely sane, for one can then be sure that he is very seriously disturbed in some way that will one day manifest spectacularly.  On the other hand, whenever I've had the occasion to speak with people in the psychiatric field an odd role reversal occurs and they become the patients while I, without thinking, assume the role of psychoanalyst.  Now what do you suppose that means?

Well, what I have recognized is not that I am seriously deranged, but rather that Bill Breeze is, after all, no wiser than David Bersson and just as desperate to prove his superiority over me and discourage me from continuing to "do my thing" because ... Ouch! ... it's starting to hurt and I'm getting way too close to those vital areas.  He's a little concerned that I just might grab and squeeze and make an end of all his future plans.

Ah, but of course, especially now, after all of this, Bill Breeze will deny he wrote to me secretly via ZipLip.com.  Well, that's okay.  It doesn't really matter, because since he had unwisely inserted a veiled threat it and other threats I have received have been turned over to ... ah ... but that would be telling, wouldn't it?  Suffice it to say that the matter of these threats, the attempted Internet scam and other such things, has been turned over to the appropriate authorites, well beyond the local yokel city cops, and, well, hey, if Bill Breeze is absolutely innocent he has nothing to fear!  However ... well ... we'll see.

Bill, with as much sincerity as you poured into the words let me here wish you "Good luck", for by Horus you'll need it.

Love is the law, love under will.

Post Script

The graphological analysis elsewhere (see below) was prepared and finished at least a few days before receiving the note allegedly from William Breeze, and until that note via ZipLip.com was received there was no intention of writing more on the subject, at least not for some time.  Thus the message invoked the article above.